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Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
We got a very very...
episode today where we're going to be...
Basically, we bought a bunch of...
cheap stuff on Amazon and AliExpress.
Well, depends on your definition of cheap, but...
compared to the typical violins.
So we've got some gadgets that are meant to help you
learn and get better at the violins.
We also do have a small toy size 1/8 violin,
- and we also bought a... - A...
- full size violin because... - full size.
some of these gadgets, we're not putting on our instruments.
- Yes, I think we- yeah! - I refuse to do that.
I don't wanna take that risk.
So should we start with the violins first?
- Yes, let's open it. - We'll now open it.
So this is... I believe, the 1/8 size violin.
at an affordable price of
Oh wow!
Dude, that's...
- Help! - Take it out.
Wait, wait... No, no, no.
Oh yeah...
Here we go, guys. We're opening it.
OH MY...
- Dude... - Dude, it's broken!
- No, the bridge is packed here. Is that the bridge? - Oh...
- Why are the strings like packaged on this side? - Packed down.
- That's so weird! - It smells funny.
The D string is off its grid.
- The grooves are just- - They were wrong.
They look like someone just scratched it
- with a freaking nail. - Dude, this violin is not a violin.
- That is not a violin. - It's not even wood.
Dude, this looks horrible.
It looks... not good.
This colour is artificial AF.
What is this?
- It's a million- It's got glitter! - No, I think it is wood.
- It's just painted. - Wait, it's glittery. Don't...
Do you have glitter on you hands? Oh...
This comes with no manual.
How is a beginner meant to figure out how to install a bridge?
- I know. - Something luthiers trained years and years for.
I also get a feeling the pegs are gonna snap.
Dude, there's no...
HA HA HA! There's no-
- There's no string um... - It's so flat! It's the flattest bridge I've seen!
The flat bridge society, guys, there you go.
There's no string grooves!
We need to get a knife.
- No, we have to do it as it is. We have to do this as it is. - We cut it open.
- This is a scam. You can't play this. - Yeah.
Dude, the bridge is not cut well. Look at that!
- That's a wrong- Yeah, that's a wrong shape. - That's not a bridge.
Here they kinda shaved it off,
but here they shaved even more, so it's so uneven.
How is a beginner meant to know which side to install it?
This is not a bridge.
By the way, the G string side is the higher one,
- but I don't think this is right. - I don't think they knew.
Half a millimeter off bridge placement affects the sound,
and then you expect-
- Is it gonna snap? - ...break.
- Should I do the pegs a little bit? - Yeah, do the pegs down. It's gonna snap.
I'm scared it's gonna snap, like, pop in our face.
Dude, can you hear how the note goes...
Do you wanna get the bow out while I tune this?
Disaster of an instrument.
This bit is missing. There are meant to be grooves here.
Dude, the leather is not made well.
It's like they just cut it.
You know, it's not like melted on.
- It's just cut. - It's just put on. Yeah.
I'm scared this will pop.
Is there a rosin?
Looks like pee.
I'm not tuning the E string any higher. It doesn't feel right.
I'm gonna put some rosin on this... fantastic bow.
This bow is not even varnished.
That's so dangerous.
- Ha ha ha ha! - The wood could like scratch you.
Ugh... This is disgusting!
Wait, what? I can't see.
- It's weird. - Look at the wood, it's not cut properly.
Alright, I'm done with this violin.
Oh, you forgot to use oil, not rosin.
This is how Henry Lau does it.
Wait, don't- Get outta shot!
Oh! Sorry!
Can I try your bow on this? Cos it might be a rosin thing.
I don't know if I want my bow touching that monstrosity.
Alright, have fun.
It's not playable!
It sounds like a dying...
Dude, the bridge's too flat
You can't play it.
People quit!
You just quit!
- This is what you hear when death approaches you. - They wouldn't even try! Yeah, it's like...
- Alright! - Moving on!
Moving on. That took a while.
Here we have the full size violin
that is at the price of
- Wow, what a bargain! - What a great bargain!
I can't wait to see what they...
And just to give you some context,
student violin typically begins at around 400 USD?
- Yeah, I'd say 400, 500 to... That's like just playable. - And it's up to like 3, 4000?
- 3, 4000 is like pretty decent that has- - Professional modern violin's usually... 20 to 50k?
Soloists usually play on 1 to 10 million...
- Or half a million to like 10 million dollar, yeah. - Yeah.
- So that's the typical price range. - Yeah.
- And here we have a bargain of a $67. - $67.72!
"A natural acoustic violin fiddle craft violino with"
"case mute bow strings 4-string..."
Hey, you know what else is priced at $67?
Our TwoSet hoodie!
Oh yeah guys, that's right!
100% cotton.
- Mm... - Except ours is actually...
the best of the best quality.
You guys should see Eddy opening it. He's like-
Hurts my precious violin hand...
Hello guys! Check out the merch while we're at it.
Practice 40 hours in case you haven't.
Please... OH!
Here we go...
- It looks like a viola. - Dude, it looks like a viola. Are you sure it's a violin?
This looks like a viola case!
- It's too big! - When you pay $67, you get a viola instead.
What the f***!!
This **** again?
Hey guys, $67.72!
- Look at this. There's a freaking hair! - The bow is not even on the side.
That bow is way too long!
Hair sticking out.
Why do they always pack the strings beneath?
Is that a thing?
Again, the bridge is packed inside, so they expect you to...
- Dude, there's literally wood chips like falling- Aw yuck! - I know.
Brett: It's actually like-
- Smell it! - It smells weird. I don't wanna smell it. I don't-
I don't know if you can see there's literally wood filings...
Brett: I think I scratched myself.
It's your turn.
Ah, I don't...
Did you hear that?
That's the pegs.
Eddy: Oh my god, it sounds...
Dude, this is not gonna work.
Dude, these pegs look so big!
- Dude, they're like cello pegs in a viola. - I know.
It's gonna snap.
Nah, don't put it on.
Okay, let's see the bridge.
I mean it's a bit more curved,
but there's still no lines on it.
Dude, the height is wrong.
Brett: Dude, this is not a violin.
It's a viola for sure.
And the fingerboard is way too short!
Who is out here making these stuff?
- That's all I wanna know. - Why is this passing protocol?
- Like... you're not allowed to sell this stuff. - Yeah! It should be illegal!
Look at that great division of strings.
Yeah, cos there's no freaking bridge grooves,
- So uneven, right? - so we don't know...
Good enough!
Now, for the gadgets.
Our first one here,
"The Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid"
Okay, we just put this on the ground.
So seeing how this is wrilist-
Uh... a wrilist... I can't talk.
"Place the wrist aid on the top of wrist"
"just above your thumb."
Wait, wait, say it again.
- "facing..." - Huh?
Here, like this, like this.
- This is so- It's like some torture device, man. - Yeah, this is not how you teach, guys.
Dude, this is terrible!
- It's so bad. - I feel so stiff.
No, play on this one.
I don't think that's playable to be honest.
Not to mention I have this thing between my thumb
- which is horrible. - Dude, the fingerboard is f***ed up.
Eddy: No, look.
Brett: A ha ha ha ha! You can't shift!
- I can't shift. - That's the most horrible thing!
I guess it's meant to prevent you
- from doing this or that. - But how are you-
- But not really, I can still do this. - Not really. Yeah.
- It's horrible. I hate this. - It's so useless.
"$15.50 to never do vibrato ever again!"
"$15.50 to ruin your technique."
Let's see what else can ruin your technique.
"Arm Bow Corrector!"
Yeah, I'm not putting that on my violin.
Great number!
Look, there's a kid behind it with the direction.
Poor kid.
Probably not playing violin anymore.
Oh, you can't even open it!
Dude, that's gonna destroy the instru-
Okay well, we got something to destroy.
Can you hold this?
- Wait, is that actually meant to go on like that? - Yeah.
Dude, that is so messed up! Don't...
clip that **** on the fingerboard!
Oh guys, I'll never bow crooked again! Look at this!
Oh my god!
This is so bad.
That is so bad.
I think because this bow is useless and doesn't work,
- We're not gonna... - and it needs hours of rosining.
This time we sacrifice my bow.
Are you sure?
I can't play straight, man.
But thanks to this bow corrector, I can now.
Brett: You can see it, guys.
Too bad it's too thin, my bow won't fit through!
- No, put... - Nah, I'm not... ugh...
- Ohh! It scratches the wood! No, I'm not... nah... - Ooh... okay. Nah, okay, never mind...
Alright, you know what, ABC Bow Corrector...
But it's not even fitting through. Why you-
- So dumb. - Does it wanna to meant to do like, chainsaw the wood,
like, as it plays?
Dumbest thing ever! Next!
What is this?
"3/4 Size Violin Bow Straighten Collimator Corrector"
I don't know who invented this. This is...
the dumbest invention.
For $7.99.
Oh, this needs to get on the small one
- cos it won't fit on a big one. - Oh my god...
- We don't recommend anyone- *cough* - This disgusting...
- Dude, the str... oh... That's nasty! - Oh wow... that's messed...
Got it, guys.
Eddy: Why is it in the shape of the bridge?
It's so unnecessary.
Alright, I don't know if you guys can see this.
But there's little, like, foot things here.
- That's meant to like insert into the f holes. - That's disgusting.
That is disgusting.
But I mean this violin doesn't matter. But like,
don't buy it if you have a proper violin.
Do not even... JUST DON'T!
- You're not meant to always play 100% parallel anyway. - Yeah.
And you can't change your contact point.
Yeah, what's the point?
How do you go closer or further away from the bridge?
And how do you retake? You can't go...
- ...and land it back in. Ha ha, you land it back in! - Ugh...
What if you wanted to go
from close to bridge to Sul tasto,
and in order to do that,
you need to angle momentarily your...
Ugh... this is the worst.
I'm at the bridge.
I wanna move here.
- How to do it? - Oh, it changes...
- Whoa! The sound changes! - I have to angle my bow to do it.
Let me do it again!
Brett: Yeah.
Imagine he lifts his bow off,
and has to try and aim it again.
Oh look, I wanna go closer to the bridge.
Better angle this way, so the bow...
comes closer to the br- OHHH!
Alright, next one.
I need to have a shower after. It's so dirty.
- I feel dirty. - I know.
"Violin Bow Hair"
"Universal Yellow+White Stallion Horse Hair for Violin Bow"
Why are they selling violin bow hair?
Oh, what a bargain!
Oh... that looks disgusting.
I don't think we wanna touch this.
But... Alright, let me put my violin back first actually.
Oh, Eddy, it's a new hair for your wig!
Brett: Yeah, I'll hold this. You can play. Eddy: This is so disgusting.
I'm not using my rosin.
- I'm not touching it with my rosin. - Yeah, I don't think our rosin deserves touching this thing.
Who would buy the hair from Amazon like this? Like...
This is not straight at all.
Remember our old video with the luthier...
We gotta comb the hair.
- And any luthier would not buy from this anyway. - ...not comb this. He wouldn't comb this at all.
It's just disgusting.
Wow guys, this is the package, WOO!
Wash it! Wash it! Floss your teeth, guys!
This is the last one.
"ABS Plastic Violins"
"Adjustor Hold Buddy Corrector Student Beginners"
- Dude... - Dude, that is not good.
Don't... what...
Where is that supposed to go?
I like how it's in the shape of quavers, haha.
It's too big. Is this a full size one?
- "Students Beginner..." - This is "Violin Cello Viola..."
- How is it gonna fit on a cello? - It can... violin-
No, it's gonna snap on my face, man.
I don't want to.
Guys, you get the point, just look.
Here you go.
Let me play with this.
There you go.
Best demonstrations.
At least this one has like slightly more space.
- Disgusting. - But I do not like the idea of
putting that much side pressure on the side of my violin.
The ribs of the violin do not deserve this pain at all.
Guys, don't use bow correctors.
Don't buy any of these stuff.
If a violin is cheaper than 100 bucks,
don't do it.
Probably disastrous.
If you like this episode,
- please make sure to never buy this type of stuff. - Oh yuck! Look at the bow.
Dude, that's not even glue. What is that?
Let me just throw it out.
Okay guys, please...
*cough cough*
Alright, I got a viola. I'm gonna smash it.
Alright guys, please like and subscribe.
Do not buy these stuff.
Check with your luthier and your teacher.
We'll see you guys next time.


We Try the Cheapest (and most useless) Violins from Amazon

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