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  • Welcome to the first edition of CNN 10 in 2020, and a very happy new year to you.

    2020 年最初の CNN 10 ニュースの時間となりました、皆さん明けましておめでとうございます。

  • Hope your holidays were amazing.


  • I'm Carl Azuz, and one new place you can find CNN 10 throughout this new year is on YouTube.

    私カール・アズズがお届けする CNN 10 ニュースですが、今年から Youtube 上でもご覧いただけるようになりました。

  • You can subscribe to our official channel at youtube dot com slash CNN 10

    オフィシャルチャンネルの で、チャンネル登録していただけます。

  • All right, first topic this Monday, January 6th.

    さて、1 月 6 日月曜日、早速最初のトピックから始めていきましょう。

  • There's an international standoff happening right now between the United States and Iran, and no one knows what's going to happen next.


  • Military action between the two countries has been taking place in Iraq, which forms part of Iran's western border.


  • Militias that are supported by Iran have conducted a number of recent attacks on military bases in Iraq.


  • One of these assaults killed an American civilian contractor and wounded several members of the U.S. and Iraqi militaries on December 27th.

    12 月 27 日の攻撃では、アメリカ人の一般市民労働者が犠牲となり、アメリカ・イラク両国軍の兵士も数名負傷しています。

  • In response, the U.S. launched air strikes against the Iran supported militias, and on December 31st hundreds of protestors tried to storm the U.S. Embassy compound in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

    これを受けて、アメリカはイランからの民兵軍に対して空爆を実施し、12 月 31 日にはイラクの首都バグダッドにあるアメリカ大使館に、抗議活動グループが大勢押し寄せました。

  • They smashed windows and burned some areas, but no one was reported to be killed or seriously injured.


  • U.S. officials said this attack was made by supporters and members of a group trained by Iran.


  • And on January 3rd, the U.S. launched an air strike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani along with several other people at Baghdad International Airport.

    そして、1 月 3 日にはアメリカの空爆により、ガーセム・ソレイマーニー軍司令官ならびに数名がバグダッド国際空港で命を落としました。

  • Soleimani was considered to be Iran's most influential military leader.


  • The U.S. blamed him for hundreds of deaths of Americans and U.S. allies, and President Donald Trump says he ordered the air strike against Soleimani because the Iranian commander was planning imminent and sinister attacks on Americans.


  • But critics have said Soleimani's death could further destabilize the Middle East, and Iran called the air strike an act of terrorism and promised to get revenge directly on American military sites.


  • Back-and-forth threats between the two countries have been made over the past few days.


  • And while U.S. lawmakers have been debating whether Congress should have been notified about the attack against Soleimani, some leaders of other countries have been calling for calm in the Middle East and making preparations in case there isn't.


  • Part of how Iran has risen to some degree of ascendance in the Middle East is its use of proxies - It's used of asymmetrical warfare.


  • Essentially not always being deliberately obviously to blame for acts that are carried out on its behalf.


  • For example, asymmetrical warfare, you could call that the Iranian attack on Saudi oil fields in 2019.

    非対称戦争の例を挙げると、2019 年にサウジアラビアの油田をイランが攻撃したケースがあります。

  • They said that the Houthis, their allies in Yemen, were behind it, but the U.S. said it was Iranian technology fired from Iran.


  • But still Iran was able to deny involvement.


  • They want to pin the blame on Iran in order to achieve something, and that is why I'm saying this is agitation for war.


  • Qasem Soleimani was really the master of that.


  • He was the man who occasionally appeared in social media, on the front line, and battlefields directing pro-Iranian militia to attack ISIS.

    前線からソーシャルメディアに頻繁に姿を現して、イラン側の民兵に ISIS を攻撃するよう呼びかけていたのです。

  • The same militia, too, that have assisted Iran's ally in Syria, the massacres.


  • The same militia, too, that have apparently also been Yemen assisting Iran's allies there, the Houthis.


  • Iran's grip has been successful because it had so many people relying on its aid, fighting on its behalf, confronting its adversaries without Iran necessarily having to put their flag in the dust themselves.


  • That has contributed to its, frankly, outsized reach across the Middle East and made so many of U.S. allies disproportionately fearful frankly for a country of its size and economy.


  • 10 Second Trivia.

    10 秒トリビアの時間です。

  • Which of these nations is composed of six states and two territories?

    これらの国のうち、6 つの州と 2 つのテリトリーから成る国はどれでしょう?

  • Australia, India, Malaysia, or Mexico.


  • Though all of these nations have states, only Australia has exactly six of them in addition to its territories.

    これらの国は全部州を持っていますが、6 つの州に加えてテリトリーもある国はオーストラリアだけです。

  • And four of those states have been effected by bushfires.

    そのうち 4 つの州が今回の山火事の影響を受けています。

  • There are more than 200 of them burning in Australia, which is going through a drought and still has at least two hot summer months left before the season's over.

    オーストラリアではこれまでに 200 件以上の山火事が発生しており、この暑くて乾燥した夏はまだ 2 ヶ月も残っています。

  • One of the blazes covered 23 square miles over the weekend.

    先週末には、23 平方マイルもの地域が炎に飲み込まれました。

  • That's bigger than the New York City borough of Manhattan.


  • In all, 23,000 square miles have burned.

    これまでに、合わせて 23,000 平方マイルもの土地が火災の被害にあっていますが

  • That's more than 14 and a half million acres.

    これは 1450 万エーカーになる計算です。

  • Twenty-four people have been killed this fire season, and even where the flames themselves can't be seen, an ominous red sky hangs over the countryside.

    山火事による死者は 24 人にのぼり、炎自体は見えない場合でも空が恐ろしく赤く染まって見えるほどです。

  • These aren't the worst fires Australia has ever had.


  • Those struck in 2009, killing 173 people and injuring hundreds more.

    2009 年の山火事では、173 人が命を落とし多くのケガ人が出ました。

  • But what's happening now has led to the largest peacetime evacuation in Australian history.


  • An eerie glow hangs over Eden Harbor as residents walk through thick smoke in the middle of the day.


  • This is where they've come to seek refuge from what's now known as the Border Fire.

    この街に、多くの人々が「Border Fire」と呼ばれる今回の山火事から避難してきています。

  • That's swept from Victoria into New South Wales wiping out townships in its wake.


  • One of more than 200 blazes burning across southeastern Australia.

    オーストラリア南東部一帯にかけて、200 件以上の被害を及ぼしています。

  • Unless a roaring monsoon comes through, I don't think anythings going to stop it really... so, you know, but houses can be rebuilt.


  • You know that, preservation of life is the most important thing for everyone around here, so, that's what we're trying to do.


  • Police have told residents to leave Eden on the far south coast because they cannot protect them.


  • Communities on the outskirts have already lost homes, but some are refusing to go.


  • Last night we made the decision to bring the kids down here.


  • It was the safest spot for them.


  • Louise Warren and her family have decided to bunker down on her husband's fishing vessel and will ride out the fire front from sea if necessary.


  • Have you ever seen anything like this before?


  • Never in my life. Never.


  • Other families have moved onto tugboats while some are staying in their cars and caravans near the water.


  • We can't see the fire, but we can certainly smell it and feel it.


  • And even though it started raining these last couple of hours, this is not enough to put out the blaze.


  • The fire is burning several kilometers in that direction across the bay, but the fear is stronger winds will push it closer and threaten the township of Eden.


  • Up next, for more than 2,200 years, an underground army has been guarding the tomb of China's first emperor.

    次の話題に移ります。中国では 2200 年以上に渡って、地下兵士たちが初代皇帝を守り続けてきています。

  • The warriors are made of terracotta, a type of fired clay.


  • Experts estimate that it took 700,000 people working for 30 years to create the historical treasure.

    専門家の見解では、70 万人が 30 年かけてこの歴史的国宝を作り出したとみられています。

  • And though it was first discovered in the 1970s, excavations continue at the site in Central China where 200 more Terracotta Warriors have just been located, and they're not all the same.

    最初に発見されたのは 1970 年代でしたが、今でも中国の中央部において発掘調査は続いており、つい先頃も200体が掘り出され、それぞれが異なる形となっています。

  • According to the Smithsonian, all of the clay figures that have been unearthed so far have different features and hairstyles.


  • Archeologists have discovered another 200 Terracotta Warriors and ancient weapons at the tomb of China's first emperor.

    地質学者は、この度新たに中国初代皇帝の墓から 200 体のテラコッタ製兵士や古代の武器を発見しました。

  • It's the third excavation at the Mausoleum of emperor Qin Shi Huang who lived from 259 to 210 B.C.

    紀元前 259 年から 210 年にかけて生存した、秦の始皇帝の定陵で発掘が行われたのは 3 度目です。

  • The number one pit is the only one among the nine large scale pits that has been excavated.

    1 番目の穴は、合計で 9 か所の大規模な穴が発掘されたうちの 1 つに過ぎません。

  • It is shaped like a cross and is located in the center parts of the pits with two tomb passages each on the northern and southern sides, which signified the relatively senior military ranks of the warriors.

    十字型で穴全体の中心部に位置しており、北と南の 2 方向への通路が伸びているのですが、この事からこの兵士たちは比較的高いランクにあった将校であると推測されます。

  • The newly found artifacts were arranged in a burial area, which was a sub-alternate tomb to the main mausoleum.


  • One of the most interesting finds is an ancient gold camel, which is believed to be the earliest one of its type found in China.


  • The gold camel is a highlight as it was only found in west Asia in ancient times.


  • And it is not something that belongs to the central plains of China.


  • So the discovery of the gold camel indicated early exchanges between China and West Asia.


  • The first evidence of this extraordinary 2,000-year-old clay army was discovered by farmers digging a well back in 1974.

    この特筆すべき 2000 年前の粘土で作られた兵士像が最初に発見されたのは、1974 年に農夫が井戸を掘っていた時の事でした。

  • The majority of the number one pit has not been excavated, measuring 230 meters by 62 meters with a depth of five meters.

    幅が 230 X 62 メートル、深さが 5 メートルの第 1 の穴ですが、大半はまだ掘り起こされていません。

  • Archeologists have estimated that there are more than 6,000 clay figurines and horses yet to be discovered.

    地質学者は、これ以外にも 6000 体以上の粘土人形や馬の像がまだ地下に眠っていると推測します。

  • Well, as it is our first show of 2020, we're going to leave you today with a look at how cities around the world rang in the New Year.

    さて、今回は 2020 年最初の番組ですので、世界各都市で元日をどのように迎えたかを見ながらお別れです。

  • These celebrations went off with a bang.


  • People were having a blast.


  • You can clearly see that when it comes to pyrotechnics, "fire works," It "snaps" to attention, "crackles" with color, "pops" with pride, "sparks" new celebrations and act as an "Auld Lang Sign" of good times.


  • Even if staying up late leaves some people "genuweary," they were sure to have 2020 vision when the woke up the next day.

    夜中まで起きていた人は疲れたかもしれませんが、新年を 2020 年に向けた新しい希望と共に迎えたはずです。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.


  • This is CNN 10.

    CNN 10 ニュースでした。

  • If you're watching from our homepage, the link to our new YouTube channel should be right under the show date.

    ホームページからご覧いただいた皆さんは、Youtube チャンネルへのリンクが日付けの真下にあるのでチェックしてみてください。

  • Hope to see you there tomorrow.


Welcome to the first edition of CNN 10 in 2020, and a very happy new year to you.

2020 年最初の CNN 10 ニュースの時間となりました、皆さん明けましておめでとうございます。

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