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Hey everyone!
Welcome back to Lavendaire and happy new year!
We have made it to 2020 and I'm so excited about it.
It sounds like we're living in the future, right?
So today I want a kickstart a 10-day New Year Challenge,
and what we're going to do is:
Each day we're going to challenge ourselves –
because I'm doing it as well –
to grow a little bit and improve in different areas of our lives.
We're going to use these ten days to kickstart our growth for the year
and make sure that we're paying attention
to all the different areas of life that really matter to us.
And of course, we're going to do exercises on
envisioning our dream life in this year
and take action towards that dream.
Basically, the challenge will be done through email.
Today we're going to kick off Day 1 in this video.
I'm going to share the prompt in a bit,
but if you want to do Day 2 through 10,
then just sign up down below to join the email series,
and you'll get the challenge emailed to you every single day.
By the way, don't worry if you're watching this after January 1st.
This 10-day challenge can start anytime.
So from today – the moment you watch this video –
you can join and you'll start from Day 1,
and then tomorrow will be Day 2, and then Day 3 and so on.
The whole point of this challenge is to start the new year right,
with the right intention, the right energy, to get motivation,
and build that momentum that will keep you going
and growing throughout the year.
Some of the prompts will be easier, some will be harder.
It really doesn't matter.
All that matters is that you do your best
and attempt to do the challenge each day,
because all that matters is that you make that attempt
and you take some sort of action.
You want to keep in mind:
“All I want to do is get 1% better each day,”
because 1% might seem small and it's very easy and very doable.
But over time, that 1% will compound
and you're going to improve and grow so much.
So don't try to make huge leaps in one day.
It really is about just taking the action
and the baby steps will add up without you even noticing.
Just focus on the present moment,
the little step in front of you, and that's it.
And also, before I share the first prompt,
I want to let you know that we're also doing a giveaway
throughout this New Year Challenge
because I want to reward you with participating.
I'll be giving out four free scholarships to the Create Your Dream Life course.
This is an online course that I created to take you step by step
through all the parts to help you create your dream life
and really make it happen.
That course goes really in depth,
deeper than what I typically go into through my videos.
The first winner will be chosen down below from the comments,
after you answer the Day 1 prompt.
And then the next three winners will be chosen randomly
from anyone participating in our email series.
We'll announce the first winner next week,
and then we'll announce the three winners
from the email series on January 13th.
So if you want to be part of that giveaway,
enter the email series before then.
All right, without further ado,
here is the Day 1 prompt for our New Year Challenge:
Name the top three goals that would change your life
if you accomplish them this year.
This might sound like an easy one,
but you have to think hard
and reflect on all the things that you want to do this year,
everything you want to accomplish, and which ones –
which goals out of your entire list are the ones
that would change your life the most if you did them?
This is all about impact, which goals would have the greatest impact.
Usually we set goals without really thinking about
which ones have greater impact or lesser impact,
which ones are more important or less important.
This prompt will help you prioritize:
What are the three biggest things that you could do this year if you were to do anything,
things that would change your life?
Comment down below after you've done your reflection,
and if you did answer the prompt below,
then you're automatically entered in the giveaway
for the Create Your Dream Life course scholarship.
My top three goals that would change my life this year would be:
1) Write my book that I've been saying I've been wanting to write for so long,
but I feel like each year I'm getting more and more ready.
And the second one is 2) Eating plant based.
I'm not 100% plant based
but I definitely am trying to progress towards that direction
and I think that is pretty life changing.
And then the third one is to
3) Build a strong team around Lavendaire.
I already have amazing people around me
but I want to just be a better leader, have better systems,
maybe hire some more people that will help streamline things
or just up-level the brand, and that will change my life as well.
So that's Day 1 for our New Year Challenge.
And again, if you want to sign up for the full 10-day challenge
where you'll be emailed each day, a new challenge,
sign up at that link down below,
and I will talk to you guys more in email.
By the way, I'm also sending a bonus with the first email.
So after you join, you'll get an email that will just reiterate the Day 1 prompt,
but I'll also send you a download link to the Lavendaire Affirmations Audio,
and that is an audio tape that I created to help you
reprogram your mind for self love and positive thinking.
It's laid out in a way where I say an affirmation and you repeat it,
and it's something that you can listen to every single day.
It'll get your mind in a more positive state,
and I hope that it will help you for this year.
I'm excited to see your posts participating in this challenge.
If you decide to post on Instagram or Twitter,
I think we're using the hashtag #LaviNewYear,
and that's it!
I will talk to you guys next time.
Happy new year again.


New Year Challenge: 10 Days of Growth

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