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- Do you want to know how to find the best
Kindle Publishing keywords for your next publication?
Would you like to know the best way
to do your Kindle Publishing keyword research?
Then you'll certainly want to catch
this short keyword research tutorial in today's video.
Stick around.
Welcome to Self Publishing with Dale,
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What do you use for keyword research?
Do you use a specific keyword research tool,
or do you simply guess your way
through Kindle Publishing keywords?
Drop your thoughts in the comments.
Today I'm going to make it super easy
for you to find the best Kindle Publishing keywords
without having to spend more than five to 10 minutes
researching your options.
One, open Incognito Mode of a browser.
Regardless of your preferred browser,
you should have an incognito feature.
You need Incognito Mode to research keyword options
that aren't tailored to your previous browsing experiences.
If you open a regular browser and research
Kindle Publishing keywords, then Amazon's going
to suggest keywords based on your search history,
previous history, and also bought purchases.
Here's a quick tip for the Chrome browser.
When you have the browser already open,
simply press Control, Shift,
and the letter N simultaneously.
A separate browser will open as Incognito Mode.
You'll know you're in the right place
when you see a completely black browser
with the spy-like glasses and hat.
Two, go to Amazon.com.
Select the category type in the drop-down.
For researching Kindle Publishing keywords,
choose the Kindle Store option.
Keep in mind, keywords for Kindle Publishing
don't always have the same value
as CreateSpace Publishing or print book keywords.
So if you're researching keywords for your book,
then choose the Books option in the drop-down.
Three, type in a niche-specific keyword.
The key to good keyword research
is to allow Amazon to do the heavy lifting.
Type in a word relevant to your book's niche,
but don't press the Enter key or the
magnifying glass search button.
Wait for Amazon to auto suggest options
related to your broad search term.
You'll want to be on the lookout for words
with a long list of options.
If you find a set series of keywords,
then remember to go back to them
and use them for separate searches.
Four, screen capture.
Yep, I don't like spending too long a time on Amazon,
so I take quick snapshots of the keywords.
Quick tip for you Mac users:
To screen capture an image,
simply press Command, Shift,
and the number three simultaneously.
The image should automatically save to Desktop.
Five, repeat the process.
Remove the previous keyword and begin a new search.
Screen capture the auto suggestions and then repeat.
I'll typically take about five to 10 minutes
doing this process before I do the final step.
Compile the keywords.
Open the screen capture images and type
the keyword choices relevant to your niche.
Don't bother with keywords unrelated to your book.
Using keywords with low relevancy to your niche
is a waste of time.
Remember, keywords help with discoverability.
So, you don't want the wrong audience finding your books.
That leads to low sales, poor sales page conversions,
and possibly bad reviews from accidental purchases
or dissatisfied customers.
At first, keyword research on Amazon will seem tedious.
However, much like any skill, you need to practice
to become better.
Eventually, you'll detect a pattern of words
and common phrases associated with your niche.
This is where building a brand is vital
to your long-term sustainability and business success.
One book will get decent placement in the Amazon algorithm
for a specific keyword.
But if you launch multiple books off the same brand,
then your chances of success greatly increase.
But what if you have too many keywords
and not enough room in your book meta data
to shoehorn them in?
Well, that's going to have to wait for another video
for another day.
That's it for today.
Hey, if you enjoyed today's content,
then share it with at least one other person
who's into DIY publishing, too.
Till later, this has been Self Publishing with Dale
and I'll see you guys soon.


KDP Keywords for Kindle Publishing - Get Profitable Amazon Keywords

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