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- People always say that the girls
of this generation are so vain.
Why can't they put their brains
towards books instead of good looks?
I used to blame girls, too.
Be more than a perfect body with a pretty hairdo.
And then, I stepped out into the world.
I opened my eyes to the truth about being a girl.
I heard guys say things like,
"Dude, she was 10 times tighter
than that girl you hit and quit, Ray,"
or "I wanna pipe your sister some day,"
or "Her ass looks like a racetrack with those stretch marks,
but at least it's big like Kim K's."
I never grew up thinking of those things.
Don't blame me, but when I thought about boys,
I thought about dinner dates and soulmates,
not fuckboys that look at you like shark bait.
It breaks my heart for every girl growing up in this world.
Instead of "How was your day?" messages, we get,
"You up?
"Wanna come fuck?"
I am not an object.
I have a voice and something to say.
Do not assume that I belong in your bedroom.
I belong in a conference room,
and for anyone who thinks that this generation is so vain,
it's because us girls have been held
under a microscope day-to-day.
It's like beautiful doesn't even exist
unless you can cross everything off the checklist.
Big butt, big boobs, skinny waist,
includes small nose, plump lips, bony hips.
Hairless, careless, but still has an awareness.
In all fairness, I wanna be seen as beautiful, too.
I mean, I don't wanna be demeaned.
I mean, I'm not the same girl I was at 15.
I mean, I'm stuck in between being a girl and a woman,
growing up in a world that has taught to me to look sexy,
get a degree, maybe a little rhinoplasty,
but never disagree with misogyny.
A world that has not taught me that being a woman
is living fear that your basic healthcare will disappear,
or that your paycheck might somehow be smaller
than a man that does the same job,
or that your boss might tell you
to stop giving him blowjob bys.
If you want a raise, you gotta compromise.
Show me what lies above those thighs.
Boy, please.
The moment you misidentified everything was when you forgot
that not even a hundred years ago, I could not vote.
Look at what happens when you try to demote the very bodies
that give birth to you, please.
We are used to it all, and we are appalled,
but you see, we don't know what it's like to be free.
Equality is not just about calling someone out.
Equality is accountability that my brother knows
that I am equal to him, so equality is education
from classrooms to courtrooms
to conference rooms and computer screens.
It is using tech for good, for Me Too, for movements.
Equality is truth, is strong voices,
is breaking through the silence that exists
because silence can't exist if it's not tolerated.
It is all of you, changing the future, clearing the path
for every woman and every man.
It is raising the next generation to know
that not only does their voice matter,
but it will be heard, and that's the why we got the power
in our hands because we will not sit back and nod and smile,
while certain people reconcile the rules to be fertile.
Sorry, but it's my body, baby.
I may be a young lady, but my dad always taught me
to speak out and fight against injustice of every kind,
so here I am speaking out for all my ladies in the house.
We will not stop the fight until we hold our rights
for women of every color, size, shape,
sexual identity, and place in this world,
and that is the truth about being a girl.
(inspiring music)


女性の足かせになっているものとは?女性の現状を訴える! (The Truth About Being A Girl)

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Courtney Shih 2020 年 1 月 3 日 に公開
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