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Everyone has been through some kind of heartbreak at least once in their life, and we know it's
never easy.
Although there's no magic formula to mend a broken heart there are a few things you
can do to help you move on!
Start by listing out the reasons it didn't work between you.
Remember the parts of the relationship you didn't enjoy and how you should search for
something that makes you 100% happy!
Chances are that even though it doesn feel like it now, you will be better off without
them in the future!
It may seem like an overreaction but removing your ex from social media is extremely important
in the journey of moving on.
This way you won't be unexpectedly confronted by details of their life without you on facebook
or instagram and it will give you the chance to heal!
Cleansing your life of physical reminders of them is just as important as a social media
Get rid of mementos and small gifts or cards by either throwing them out or stashing them
away in a place you won't look until you feel better about the situation.
Cry it out!
Its healthier for you to not keep your emotions bottled up and it's absolutely okay to bawl
your eyes out until you've run out of tears.
This will help release some of the negative energy and allow you to begin to move forward.
Treat yourself to something you love!
Buy yourself that indulgent treat or the shoes you've had your eye on.
Rewarding yourself with something small will boost your mood and give you something to
be excited about.
It's a well known joke that women tend to make drastic changes to their hair
right after a breakup.
This comes from the need to take control of something in your life!
Instead of dyeing your hair pink or chopping off your hair, try something small like rearranging
your room or buying an outfit that's a little outside your comfort zone.
Distract yourself with other things!
Throw yourself into your work or take on a project or learn something new
Remember that its important to to express how you're feeling instead of keeping it
You will never be burdening your friends by talking about how you feel with them and getting
an outside perspective and some sympathy too!
It's also okay to lean on your friends and family for emotional support when you're
feeling down.
After talking about what you're going through, tell them what you need!
It might be that they can call you to chat and check up on you or to drag you out of
the house on the weekend to leave your bubble and hang out.
Finally, use what you've learned from your experience to give back to others!
If you have a friend going through a hard time or break up as well, be there for each
other and keep each other positive.
It can feel rewarding to be helpful to someone else and will make you feel better too!
We hope these tips help you step forward from the raw heartbreak you might have experienced,
and if not, share them with a friend to let them know you've got their back!
Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.


失恋から立ち直る方法 10 選 (How To Move On From a Breakup)

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