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- Hello.
I always start my videos like this.
What is this?
Hello everyone,
and welcome back to my channel!
In today's video, I'm going to be sharing,
seven instant outfit tricks,
that will make you look
more attractive and stylish instantly.
Already said that,
but I really think you'll like these outfit tricks,
and there's a special little bonus surprise
somewhere in the middle of this video
so stay tuned for that.
If you happen to be new though,
thank you for clicking on this video.
Consider subscribing if you end up liking this video.
Fingers crossed you do.
I think you will, but if you're not new, support.
Anyway, let's get into the very first outfit trick.
This is something so simple.
Something that everybody probably
most likely has in their closet.
It's just something.
It's like a little trick,
that a lot of people don't think to do,
and that is what I'm here for.
Very odd intro, but that is okay.
All you need is a belt and a scarf.
A scarf and a belt.
Oh goodness.
We're off to a great start.
Everybody has a belt and a scarf, in that order.
Most people they look up ways,
different ways to tie the scarf,
and that's cool.
Do that.
Great trick.
That's not my trick.
My trick is to actually,
just put it around your shirt.
We're gonna kind of morph this
into your shirt, into your style.
It's gonna just look cool.
Just put it around your neck, very simple,
and then we're gonna take the belt
and we're just gonna tie it
right around our waist.
Now the trick is, you do have to make this tight.
It needs to stay in place,
and just like that,
I've completely morphed this shirt.
It doesn't necessarily look like a scarf.
Like it does, but it just looks
like it's a part of my outfit.
This is something that I rarely see anybody do,
and it looks so good.
It really shows off your waist.
It's just flattering,
and honestly, it just looks elevated.
It looks like your style is sophisticated, classy.
It just looks really good!
So you should totally try this outfit trick.
The next outfit trick to look more attractive.
Now the title of this video was outfit tricks
to look more attractive and stylish,
but this point really hones in
on the attractive point,
and it has to do with the arches of your feet.
So I recently read a study,
where it kind of polled a lot of people
and it turned out that one of the most attractive parts
on a woman's body is actually
the arches of her feet.
That really kind of took me by surprise
and it led me to these Jessica Simpson heels,
and I realized, I can't even tell you
how many compliments I get
on these simple, basic, heeled pumps.
Like I got these years ago.
I got these recently,
so this particular style is still available.
I get so many more compliments wearing these shoes
than any other type of heel that I own,
and I honestly think, it has to do with the fact
that my arch is showing.
It's just so flattering.
It's so attractive.
Even if you have a lower arch,
this still kind of simulates
that you have a higher one.
It looks really pretty and attractive.
Now if you aren't a heel person,
that's totally fine,
because there's so many flats out there,
that are actually open on the side of your arch as well,
and again, that is so attractive, so pretty,
compared to the normal flat out there.
So if you happen to find one,
where your arch is showing, maybe try it.
I think you'll prefer it.
I think it'll look better.
Oh, and I can definitely link these below,
because they do come in a lot of different colors
and a lot of different textures.
So yeah, these are really great,
and I realize Jessica Simpson
is not the only person that designs heels like this.
I'm sure many many others have done this prior to her.
I just notice that with a lot of her shoes,
and I just think it's on purpose.
The next instant outfit trick,
to look more stylish, is to wear dainty jewelry.
That leads me to the fun little surprised in this video.
I am teaming up with Miranda Frye Jewelry
to give away five of the new Shea necklaces.
This lower necklace here
is the new Shea necklace.
If you're new, I recently collaborated
with Miranda Frye Jewelry,
and relaunched this beautiful necklace.
It's the Shea necklace.
That's me, and I just love it so much,
and so I wanted to celebrate it
and give away five of them.
So if you want to enter the giveaway for this
you just have to subscribe to my channel,
follow me and Miranda Frye on Instagram,
check the details below for the giveaway rules,
but it's pretty simple.
It's super simple,
but I just love this necklace so much
and in my launch video,
I talked about how it's a necklace
you never have to take off.
It literally can be worn with every single outfit.
It can be super dressy and formal,
or it could be super super casual
with a pair of ripped jeans and a T-shirt.
You could wear it to the gym.
You just literally never have to take it off,
and that's what I love about it.
It's just such an essential necklace.
I have it paired here with the Stephanie necklace,
another go to.
I can link it down below.
All of my favorites from her.
She's the best.
I've been saying that for years.
Highly recommend,
but I'm so excited for this necklace,
and thank you guys if you purchased it.
The launch went amazing,
but I'm just so excited for this giveaway too.
So yeah, yay!
The next outfit trick to look
both attractive and stylish, at the same time,
we're combining efforts here,
is back to shoes actually,
and it's something that I
usually hear people say it one way,
but I'm actually going a different route with it.
Most people say when you want your legs
to just look longer and better,
you want to wear shoes, that are your color.
Like your tone.
Your skin color, to elongate your legs,
and I think that's definitely a really good trick,
but a lot of times we're not wearing skirts,
or we're not showing off our legs,
so what I really encourage you to do,
is actually match your pants, to your shoes,
and again, that elongates your legs
and makes them look so much leaner, longer, better,
more attractive, more stylish.
So this example I will insert some footage.
One example shows me wearing a pair of black pants,
with a pair of shoes that incorporate some black
but it doesn't really match the pants.
It doesn't really match my skin tone.
They totally work with the outfit,
but what is even better,
is if you throw on a pair of shoes that match your pants,
and then your legs immediately,
instantly, look longer and better.
The next instant outfit trick,
that you can just always have in your back pocket
when you're picking out an outfit,
this seriously does work every time,
but the secret is, you want to incorporate
both loose with tight,
and you can do it in any order,
but I really encourage you not to go,
all tight all over.
Tight top, tight pants, tight boots.
Just tight all over,
and I encourage you to not go the opposite route.
Loose dress, loose shirts, loose pants.
I realize that,
and I said this even in a recent video,
that sometimes we want to hide our curves.
We want to hide our bad spots on our body
and we kind of drape things over us to hide our flaws,
but I'm telling you, you can definitely conceal flaws
sometimes by wearing a loose piece of clothing,
but I encourage you somewhere else
to put something tight,
to show off a good part on your body,
and maybe you don't even have any problem areas.
I still think that mixing loose with tight
in the same outfit,
it's like the heavens opening up.
That's the recipe for a perfect outfit.
The next instant outfit trick to look more stylish,
is mastering your tuck.
Never underestimate the power of a good tuck.
For this we shall move the camera down.
Camera man take it away.
Oh yes, stop!
Okay, thank you.
Go downstairs now.
I really can't do this when anyone is watching me,
so we are alone again.
Anyway, this is a very nice
oversize slightly T-shirt.
It's kind of basic,
but it's really not that basic.
It's actually by L&M.
It's one of my all time favorite T-shirts.
It says, "That's so Bazaar."
Kind of has like a Vogue, Harper's Bazaar vibe.
It's very chic,
and I love wearing it with a lot of outfits,
but the way that it hangs,
there's just a lot you can do with it.
I want to go over pretty quickly,
just four or five of my go to tucks.
We have the side tuck.
We tuck it in on the side.
Pretty simple, but it packs a punch.
It's nice.
Then we have the full front tuck.
Front tuck.
I like this because it kind of gives
some shape to the shirt,
but it's still loose and oversized along the side,
and then I also encourage the back tuck.
This is perfect for when you're pairing
this type of a T-Shirt maybe with,
an oversize blazer,
and you want the T-shirt to look
a little more form fitting.
Just tuck it in on the back.
Simple as that.
Nobody needs to know.
Look how much more form fitted it is in an instant,
and then if you're gonna get crazy,
another cool trick that I love to do,
is actually just take it and knot it.
This completely changes the look of a simple basic T-shirt.
So easy, so quick, totally changes it up,
but I love it.
The next instant outfit trick,
actually has nothing to do with the outfit yourself,
but it's the finishing touch on an outfit,
and can make such a big difference,
if you have the courage to try it out
and really find what works best for you.
So I know I'm prefacing,
but it's actually finding your bold lip color.
This can be a struggle.
A lot of women, even myself,
sometimes are nervous to wear
a really bold lip color,
but guys, when you find the shade
that you feel comfortable in,
and you think looks good on you,
it can just literally change your entire outfit.
Like even what I'm wearing right now,
it's pretty boring.
It's classy.
I like it.
It's all black.
I love wearing monochromatic looks,
but adding a simple bold lip,
completely changes it for the better.
So I was looking on my phone,
and there's definitely a lot of charts on here
saying if you're fair toned,
you should wear this color.
If you're an olive tone, you should wear this color,
and I guess that's probably technically true,
but to be honest, I think half the battle
is just finding a color that you feel comfortable in.
So who cares if it says,
that you should wear a deep purple,
if you are a tan person.
Like maybe you don't like that.
I think you should just experiment
with some different bold colors,
and whatever you feel comfortable in
when you look in the mirror,
that's what you want to go for.
That's what you'll actually wear.
Really just try it out.
For me, I'm gonna go grab this shade
that I recently purchased,
and we're gonna try it out together.
It might be a fail.
Okay, I am back.
I've lined my lips,
because this particular shade
is a reddish, bloody color.
That sounds really bad.
It's actually quit purple.
Here we go.
Oh my.
That is not the right line.
That's not the right color.
It's okay, it's okay.
Always line your lips, if it's a gloss,
because it keeps the formula from seeping past your lips.
It's like a barrier.
I think it'll still work.
I have a mirror right here.
Okay, what do we think?
Yeah, I actually don't mind that.
I honestly wasn't sure.
I was like this could be a fail,
in which case, I would then go find
a different color that was good.
We were going to experiment together,
but I honestly don't mind this at all
especially for the season that we are in.
This is the Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish
in the shade, So Shady.
This is actually really inexpensive,
so that's kind of what I encourage you to do.
Maybe don't go super high end.
Experiment with more affordable lip colors
and find your bold lip,
and I think my outfit looks a lot different
just with this simple change,
and I'm just gonna put this disclaimer out there
because I've been moving around a lot
and maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn't.
You're gonna probably notice it in future videos
so I'm just saying it right now,
I burnt myself really bad with a curling iron guys.
It was the curling iron.
It was nothing else.
Just wanted to point that out.
It really hurts.
I feel like it's gonna be there a long time.
Anyway though, this is the end of the video.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoyed it, please consider subscribing,
and give this video a thumbs up.
Thank you so much for watching,
and I will see you very soon in my next one.


7 INSTANT Outfit Tricks to Look More ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH!

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