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To master a new language and understand everything as soon as you hear it.
To read with just a quick glance and speak smoothly without thinking,
you need to review!
Here are our top 5 review tactics.
Number 1 listen to examples over and over again.
By listening closely and often you start to pick up the rhythm of a language as
well as correct pronunciation from a native speaker use our line by line
feature that lets you both listen and read along.
Use this tool to practice as much as possible.
Number 2 use our voice recording tool to master perfect pronunciation
Record yourself and compare it against the native speaker if
you sound different then repeat after the native speaker until you're able to
match them use our voice recording feature which makes recording super-easy
number 3 master your recorded conversations record conversations and
go over them again and again master entire conversations and repeat them
line by line use any of the dialogues available for download on our website
these come with transcripts of the entire conversation number 4 use mobile
devices to reinforce previously learned conversations constant review is the
best way to progress in your language studies download the recorded dialogue
to your mobile device and incorporate it into your music playlist quick reviews
throughout the day effectively reinforce what you've learned number 5
read with line by line notes read along with a native speaker to really master
pronunciation and natural intonation you should start slow at first then slowly
increase your speed your pronunciation will become more natural you will also
see that your ability to understand fluent speakers will greatly increase
you'll be able to improve your communication skills using these five
simple review techniques increase your understanding of your
target language and remember if you're interested in getting all these review
tools sign up for your free lifetime account no credit card required and
you'll get the best free online resources and start reviewing more every


5 Self Study Strategies for Learning English

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