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Hi, I'm Gingerpale!
And I get a lot of questions on how I make my videos
Today I'm gonna try and do a brief description of my entire process.
I'm aware there's a lot of useful tutorial videos which could probably
provide a lot more information than I can.
So I'm just gonna be linking to a bunch of those videos in the description
Make sure you check them out if you need any extra information on any part of the video.
Welcome to your 1-Stop GingerPale super video shop
Step 1: Writing
Alright, nice we're starting off easy
"GingerPale, you take forever to write scripts!"
Who are you?
Hopefully this is a simpler step for you guys
I find the most important part is brainstorming and getting all your ideas down on paper
And by paper, I mean literally any writing program
They all work just the same for the most part
I personally use Google Drive
because it makes it easier to access all your files online
and if you ever want to send your script to some friend so they can look over things
it's easy, you just get a link.
This is the most frustrating part of making videos for me
so don't be too hard on yourself
if it doesn't go well at first.
just write down every thought you have
about a given subject
and then from those choose your best points to talk about.
"Well this can't be that bad."
(Keyboard Clicking Noises)
Huh, it was that bad
Step 2: Recording
Hardware: We got a Blue Yeti. Good quality for a good price.
Pop Filter
I found it for $3 on ebay.
Here's the difference it makes
Wow! Didn't that sound slightly better!
Your going to want to get Audacity and Levelator, both are free programs.
Open Audacity and hit the red circle button to start recording
While you are reading your script make sure you take breaks between lines
you don't wanna accidentally run out of (gasp) breath in the middle of a sentence.
Nice, you're done now. Yellow square to stop recording.
Next, we're gonna reduce the background noise.
Highlight a flat part of the audio like this,
go to "Effect", "Noise Reduction", and click "Get Noise Profile."
Then, you're gonna highlight all of your audio by double-clicking it.
and then we're gonna go back to "Noise Reduction"
and hit "OK" this time.
"Wow Gingerpale, this is really starting to sound nice!"
I know, right?
Now you can export your audio and then you're gonna take that file
and drag it into Levelator.
This is gonna make all of your audio sound consistent,
even if you're whispering in one part and screaming in the next.
When it's done doing it's thing,
it's gonna automatically create a new file with the same name
except with a ".output." behind the original name.
Oh, wowee! The audio is complete for now.
Step 3: Animation
Hardware: I started on a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and it worked great.
Now I use a Cintiq 22HD
And it's amazing, and kind of over the top, and I love it.
Software: I use Animate CC, or it used to be known as Flash CC
but it's pretty much the same thing.
My project settings are 1920 by 1080 for the image size, and 30 frames-per-second
Now I'm not gonna be showing you how Flash and Animate work in this video,
but making videos becomes more fun and easy when you know your software
so, seriously take the time to go watch some of the videos in the description.
So first things first, I drag my audio onto my stage.
Now we just have to animate over it.
I "animate" my character mainly with smears.
I draw 2 positions, or keyframes if I pretend to actually know how to animate,
and then I stick a frame in between where GingerPale is just mushed around in between them.
help me...
I like to add a frame before he moves showing him leaning back to make it look like he's anticipating movement.
And when he reaches his next keyframe,
I also kind of show impact by squishing him down a little bit.
That's how most of my animation goes down.
Now if you wanna learn more about these "principles of animation,"
I really recommend "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams
It's a good read.
"GingerPale, I can't read..."
Well, it's also got a lot of pictures.
For my color palette, I just choose a base color
that I find looks nice,
like a bright yellow.
Then I take the little slider on the side
and move it towards a warmer or cooler color for shading
Don't ever just slide the brightness down.
With yellow, you're just gonna get this gross, pukey color.
Lip Syncing: this is what I get asked the most about.
All I gotta say is, once again
there's an awesome video for this.
I wonder where I may have put this link
maybe it's in the description.
Basically, I draw out all of my positions
and stick them together in a graphic symbol and drag them into scenes where I need them
That's why they look kind of consistent.
I just use a set of happy mouths, and a set of sad mouths.
Once we're done animating,
I just add a static image for the last 20 seconds of the video
and this is gonna be for our end card.
Then we're ready to export.
All you gotta do is click "File", export as movie
and make sure you do this into its own folder
because it's about to save a picture for every frame you have.
Step 4: Editing
For your software your gonna need something
that can import the images as a sequence.
I personally use Vegas Pro 13.
Just click on "File", and then "Import Media" and click on
and click on the first photo in that folder where you saved your animation as a movie.
Then there's a little check mark that says "Open Sequence."
You're gonna wanna click on that.
A little box is gonna pop up and you have to make sure
that your frames-per-second matches that that you used in Flash.
So for us we were using 30 fps.
Click "OK" and now it's a video,
so we drag it into the timeline and then we drag our audio into the timeline,
and all we have to do is fix up any audio sync issues,
add any sound effects, and add background music.
We're almost done, now we just need to render it.
Feel free to copy my settings that are right here.
Step 5: Uploading
The video just needs to go onto Youtube now
so you're gonna need a super hilarious and creative title.
Such as "Canada", "School", and "Summer."
Yeah, wow, those are really good!
Yeah, y-yeaah!
While your video uploads you can work on some sort of
clickbaity thumbnail.
This is important.
It makes people think that there's actually gonna be some sort of entertainment value to the video.
And lastly you wanna make sure that the video is unlisted.
This way, you can add all your end cards, and just make sure all the details are worked out,
maybe send it to a friend early and see what they think,
and then you release it.
start over again...
Thank you guys for watching the video!
I know this isn't exactly the normal video I do
but a lot of people were asking how I make my videos.
So hopefully this answers most of your questions
and it's all out of the way now.
No more questions about how to do stuff.
Read the description.
There's so many good links.


How to Youtube

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