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When you first come to Korea, of course you're going to hit the big dishes that you want
to eat, the Korean dishes.
But then you're going to crave your home food.
You're going to need a little bit of cheesiness.
And so, instead of going towards that American style or that pizza style that you're used
to, come and try the world of Korean pizza.
Yes, because it's different.
You will not find it anywhere else in the world.
Oh my god!
Look there's a piece of lemon right here.
What is this?
This is like too crazy.
Oh my gosh this one I got to instagram.
My name is Daniel.
And I'm Katie.
And we run a YouTube channel called Future Neighbor.
We're kind of on a mission to teach the internet how to master Korean cooking.
Today is kimchi, kimchi day!
We're very good at localizing the foreign food.
So like “jajangmyeon,” it originated from China but it's something that you will not
find in China to the same taste.
And the same thing applies to pizza.
Koreans know this thing called pizza.
It has some dough and some toppings, and just with those two variables, we have made our
own idea of what a pizza is.
So whatever ingredients are in season, they put it on top of the pizza and Koreans are
always inclined to try the new thing.
Korean culture is what we call “pali-pali”.
That translates to very fast, fast culture.
And that also applies to how we eat food as well.
So today we're going to go to Mr. Pizza.
This is the most iconic pizza chain in Korea.
And this is kind of what put Korea on the map for crazy pizzas.
Alright take a look.
This is basically breaded shrimp on the outside, beautiful shrimp on the inside ring and then
we got some squid right in the middle here.
And then the crust?
That egg tart.
Looks beautiful.
This is the one that I ordered.
It has the cream cheese as the crust outside and it's got the traditional Jeju pork.
This is famous from Jeju island.
This is uh, pizza for pets.
This is made for pets…
This is not for humans!
I mean nothing bad, it just doesn't have any taste sorry!
I Have a Dream Cafe, and they really popularized dessert pizzas.
So basically putting strawberries and fruit onto a pizza.
So the lemon in the center, we're supposed to sprinkle it over the pizza.
I'm sorry I have to eat first.
Cheese and fruit works.
I'm really amazed!
And Buzza Pizza, we used to go there when we started dating cause it's one of the more
pricier ones.
This is more towards Korean Italian fusion.
So we've taken the simple fresh ingredients that Italians like and localized it towards
the Korean taste.
Here it is this is the salad pizza, on the bottom it's uh…
It's basil pesto, a layer of it.
And then on top: rucola, cherry tomatoes, and a fresh shaving of parmesan.
How can I look decent eating this?
Pretend you're at home.
Wow it's thick.
Caramelized bananas, and then caramel sauce.
And then in the center is the vanilla gelato.
Is it hot?
This should not exist, it's too good.
A lot of people have a notion of what pizza should be.
And it's almost a religious.
It's just pepperoni.
Just a $2 slice and I'm good.
But in Korea, the cost is around $30.
So the more toppings, the more value for money, the more visually appealing, good pizza.
So it can be quite rich and heavy, but we like it that way.
We want to have a variety of tastes in one mouth.
I hope we're not scaring people off about Korean pizza.
Trust me guys, it's delicious.


These Korean YouTubers Are Reinventing Pizza

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