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Every year we will exchange Christmas gifts to others but not face to face
There are some differences this year
What are the differences?
Are we going to exchange the gifts on the street?
Do not play on the street!
Later we can exchange the gifts at the center of the street
No I am going to bring you to a place
Follow me
A secret place?
Just follow me
Huangs' brother started their trip in Ximending (a place in TaiWan) which lead by ZheZhe who has a terrible sense of direction
Oh no..why we met Heiyu at this moment, it's terrible
I am so afraid
Hey! What are you saying XD
It is scary to see Heiyu
So scary
So you don't know how to go to the destination right?
Are you leading us by your sense?
What are the things inside the bags you are holding?
Are you asking the two bags on my hands? They are the sleeping bags for us to sleep on the street tonightXD
You will sleep here tonight?
Wow that's a great planning...(Hey are u seriousQQ)
Finally we arrived
We just made a detour to our destination
Yes...we just made a detour to here because of your "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" sense of direction
You are too great~X3
Actually the destination is just beside the point we start
I love to walk XD
Where are you going? We had already arrived, it's the second floor of this shop
Are you going to another shop again?
We can go upstairs now
Are you sure we can just go upstairs? Yes we can
Today we are going to exchange the Christmas gifts with these YouTubers
The rules are every groups of YouTubers will receive two gifts one good and one is evil
and all of us do not know who gave these gifts to us
So we have to guess who gave us the good one and the evil one
If our guess is correct we can get a special gift otherwise we will be hit by them
Today we received these two gifts both of them are huge
This letter will told us what is inside the gift!
But it said we can read this after we open the gift
Who gave this to us!
This person use a wire to tie it
What is happening now?
Maybe this person is a electrician
This gift is not bad it's not evil
It's a toy
Now it's a evil gift XD
Can we open the letter?
Yes you can
You just destroyed the gift
We can still play on it
This was bought in a online website
It was bought in a second hand online shopping website
Because I spent all the money to the good one
Oh I know who bought it
Did it's teeth break?
But there are no lower teeth
Maybe it did not have any lower teeth
You have to put on the batteries and push the dog to the back
I have to push it back?
When you take a bone from the bowl it will...
Do you have batteries?
Oh there are on and off buttons
When it has reaction the bones will boom to everywhere
What do you want to do?
What are you doing?
paper scissor stone
me first
I have to take one red bone
Are we going to take the bone by our hand?
Nope~use the clip
Pay attention to everyone's faces XD
Why did all of you scream?
Zhe Zhe was scared by everyone screamed
It's scary
Is it just like that? It will not have other effect?
What are you looking for?
It really scary when it has the reaction
Will it bite our hand?
Maybe we are scared by it's sound effect
I just take anyone of these
Don't use hand
Wow you use hand but not the clip
Nothing happen?
You don't have any bones left!
Ok! this is the evil gift which we received
It looks like you
Wei Wei,I think it looks like you
yes! It looks like you
Who will give this to us?
The main point is this person bought it in that online shop
But I think this letter was written by a male
Not much person will buy things from that online shop website
That person drew a heart on the card
It doesn't matter we can open the good one first
Is this the evil gift?
I think this gift is really good!
There's too many furnitures
We need to build up the furniture~WeiWei I want to play~ Do you want to have a cup of tea?
Do you need some tea cups? (They become crazy!XD)
That's a wine cup not a tea cup
Where is the little baby?
Oh it can be like that it's too cute~
It looks scary
It looks really scary
It will look at you quietly
It will come back if you throw it
and it will tell you....
Wow~A big car~
It's a sport car
This gift is really good
WeiWei do you want to eat cake?
I am sitting on the car
You should take the little doll out from the box
eat the cake~
Did the person think she is giving this gift to a 10 years old children?XD
It can open
Huangs' wedding car
We can also open the box below the seat
They were scared by me but actually I want to scared you XD
It can store something
We cam also take the chair away
The door can be open too
This is a door but not for the car
We can change it to convertible car
Are you sure the convertible car looks like this?
It's a wedding convertible car
This gift is really good
I know who gave this gift to us
So the person who gave us this evil gift must not be the one who gave us the good one
This is not the evil gift this is the good one
oops sorry~
I think the dog one is also a good gift
ah! your car~
Oh it's my car~
I am so happy~
Huangs' brothers were broken
So we have to guess now
We have to guess who gave us the dog and barbie
There is something on my head?
You just saw it now?
There is a board you can write on the board
The evil gift was bought from the online shop
come on you can go inside the mouth
oops we put in a opposite way
It should be the best way to put it
I like it
(They are too stressful)
In my opinion this card should be written by San Yuan
I am not really sure because I don't know if this card was written by himself or not
But I saw his handwriting before when we cooperate in a video
It's similar with the card?
I have a idea of the good gift
The barbie one should be given by Heiyu
He want to give you a wife
Actually this one is his own collection
When I went to his home I saw a lot
Which one should I give to Huangs' brothers?
This must be the best~I love it very much
It's a little story in his mind XD
The second answer is more easy to guess
I guess San Yuan and Heiyu
Are you sure?
It must not be Alisa's hand writing
If this gift was given by here you have to hit by us
Ok if it was given by her the thing I can tell is her handwriting is really ugly
We guess the evil gift(the dog) was given by San Yuan
And the good gift(barbie) was given by Heiyu
Who hit me?
The first one who hit you shows that the gift was given by her
How can you be that stupid?
The correct answer is the good one was given by Heiyu and the evil one was given by Alisa
The hand writing is easy to guess and she is the one who usually buy thing from the online shops
there is also a heart
So these words were written by you?
Are you sure these is your handwriting?
My handwriting cannot be ugly?
Can we hit him now?
Let's start to hit him
I give you to hit him because he made you cannot get the surprise gift which is a tasty cake
I can buy it for you so don't hit me
Thank you ~
You don't think it's a good gift? It's really cute~
I've got a dog which know how to bite people
Thank you Heiyu and Alisa
Sorry it's a little dog
I've just throw it into it's mouth
I return the little dog to you~
This is the end of today Christmas gift exchange activity
Heincream is the one who held this activity~ Thanks a lot~
Actually we've got two bad presents but not a good and a bad gifts
We have also prepared a good present and an evil present, the two gifts will be shown up in two other channel of these YouTubers
You can go to their channel and search where are our presents
Ok! There is a video on every Wednesday and Saturday, we are challenging to put on a video on every Monday too
Our live broadcast will not be on time every week so please one the bell beside the subscribe button
Remember to subscribe our channel, give us a like for the video and share our videos to your friends~You may also follow our facebook and instagram
See you next time bye~
I am going to let the dog to bite the barbie
this is the ending of the video
It's a bit scary
It's not suitable to watch by children
Oh no It cannot move
The camera was not straight
How can the barbie sit inside
It should be like this



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