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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
Welcome to this English lesson about gifts.
Gifts are one of the nicer things
that people do for each other on this planet Earth.
And I really love gifts,
and I love it when people give gifts.
And I love giving gifts myself.
And I thought I should do a little English lesson
for you about gifts.
I was out this morning actually buying a gift
for my daughter for Christmas.
By the way, if you want to see that watch the video
right until the end because I did take my camera with.
And I did make a video while I was buying
a gift for my daughter
where I have a conversation with a native English speaker
as I buy that gift.
It's just a short little segment,
but I think you will enjoy it.
But anyways, back to the topic.
I wanted to talk about gifts
and do a little English lesson on it.
Let me, first of all, list all of the times
or celebrations, occasions, or holidays
where we buy gifts in Canada.
I'm sure these are very similar around the world.
In fact, most of them will be the same,
but maybe you don't know all the English words for them.
So, number one, we definitely buy gifts
when someone has a birthday.
We buy gifts when people get married.
So, when we go to a wedding we will definitely buy a gift.
We will also buy a gift for someone
when they have an anniversary.
That's a pretty common time to buy a gift.
We will buy a gift when someone graduates.
So, when there is a graduation we will buy a gift.
We will buy a gift when there is a birth of course.
So, if we know someone, a couple, who has had a new baby
we will definitely buy them a gift then as well.
There's a few holidays when we buy gifts.
We buy gifts of course for Christmas.
So, we give gifts at Christmas.
We give gifts on Valentine's Day,
which is a very, very nice romantic holiday in February.
And we usually give gifts
on Mother's Day and on Father's Day.
And I think one other time when we would give a gift
is what's called a housewarming gift.
So, if someone buys a new house or apartment
and they have a party to show everyone their new place,
we will sometimes bring them a housewarming gift.
So, those I think are most of the times in life
when we would buy someone a gift.
But how do you know what to get someone?
Well, there's a couple ways
to figure out what gift to get someone.
One way is to just be a really good listener.
So, I'm going to challenge you
as English learners to pay attention.
When you pay attention to someone
it means you listen to what they're saying
so you can figure out the things that they like.
So, sometimes for a week or so before someone has a birthday
you may need to pay attention to what they are saying
so that you can figure out.
When you figure out something it means that you
determine or discover something.
So, you need to figure out what they want.
Once you've figured out what gift to get
you need to go obviously and buy the gift.
A lotta times these days people buy gifts online,
but you may go to a store and buy a gift.
Another option instead of buying a gift
is you could make a gift.
In my family we try to make a gift
for each other at Christmas instead of buying something.
This could be somewhat hard if you're like me,
and you're not very good at making things.
But besides buying a gift or making a gift,
you can also do something called regifting.
When you regift it means you take a gift
that someone else gave you for a past birthday
or from a past Christmas,
and if it's something that you didn't use
you just wrap it up and you give it to a new person.
Once you have the gift you usually wrap the gift,
and you wrap the gift using wrapping paper.
If you want an easier method,
what I like to do is to put the gift in a gift bag
and you just put some tissue
on top that's a different color.
So, those are the two options.
You can wrap the gift, or you can put it in a gift bag.
When you give a gift
you will most likely also want to give a card.
So, if you are giving a birthday gift,
you probably want to give a birthday card.
If you are giving a Valentine's Day gift,
you probably want to give a Valentine's Day card as well.
Same with Father's and Mother's day,
you will probably want to give a card
for that occasion as well.
And then there's only two things left to do.
You need to give the gift to someone,
and then you get to watch them open it.
Often times when our kids are opening gifts,
especially for their birthdays,
we also take pictures of the occasion.
So, that was a little lesson about giving gifts in English.
Before you go though just stick around,
and here's a little clip of me buying a gift
for my daughter at a store.
So, let's head into the jewelry store,
and let's see if I can find some earrings for my daughter.
Could you show me where the earrings are (laughs)?
- [Employee] Of course.
They're all these different styles here.
- Okay, thank you very much.
I'll just have a look, - No problem.
- and see what I need.
- [Employee] All right, perfect.
- Thank you.
- [Employee] No problem.
- So, we have quite a selection here of earrings.
I don't know if you can see all of them.
I need to buy something that's cute
because it is for my younger daughter.
So, I think I'm going to look at these earrings here.
This is a good one.
I think I will buy this one.
Let's head over to the checkout.
- All good to go?
- I will take these.
- Perfect.
Thank you. - Thank you.
(cash register beeping)
- Would you like a little bag for that as well?
- Yes, please.
- Perfect.
All right, so your total's going to come to $18.65 please.
Thank you.
(cash register beeping)
All right, and $1.35 will be your change.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem.
There you go.
And voila.
- Awesome, thanks a lot.
- No problem, have a great day.
- See ya.
Well, hey, that was just a little English lesson
about gifts and gift giving.
I'm Bob the Canadian.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you're new here don't forget to click
that red Subscribe button below,
and give me a thumbs up if this video helped you learn
just a little bit more English.
(mellow instrumental music)


An English Lesson about Gifts and A Short Trip to a Jewelry Store

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