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-I want to talk about "Frozen 2," but also I --
We talked to your mom, and she sent us this photo.
-I'm sorry? -I talked to your mom.
-You talked to my mom? -I talked to your mom.
-And I asked her for a photo of you.
-[ Laughing ] Okay.
-If she had any of you at Disney or something like that.
And here's a picture of you as a little girl at Disneyland.
-Yeah, killing it! [ Audience aws ]
-This girl grew up to be a Disney princess.
-Look at that pose. I thought I owned Disney even back then.
They just didn't know it yet. [ Laughter ]
-How cool is that that you grew up to be a Disney princess?
-I was 15 in that photo.
-Wow! [ Laughter ]
Oh, my God. You look so young at 15.
But you're doing a show on Disney+.
-Yeah. -[ French accent ] Disney Plu.
-[ French accent ] Disney plu.
-[ Normal voice ] Yeah, Disney plu.
-[ Normal voice ] I'm keeping it in the family.
-It's called "Encore." -It is.
-Talk to me about this. -Listen, I think you'll like it.
Here's what it is.
I've been proud of a lot of projects.
This might be number one.
We take previous high school musical/theater casts
and reunite them to put on their show in six days.
So, obviously, that's very funny.
And also, we have casts that are millennials.
And we have casts that are baby boomers.
So some people saw each other five years ago.
Some people saw each other 45 years ago.
And the one thing that unites us all, right,
is that word high school.
We all feel a little gross when you say it, right?
Like we're going to puke. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -'Cause it's traumatic.
But to shed the labels that you had in high school
and sort of reintroduce yourself to people that you know.
It's a little bit like time travel.
And it is the most positive, uplifting show.
And I watch it with my kids. We've seen all the cuts.
And I'm so proud of it. -It's fascinating.
It's called "Encore." -It's called "Encore."
-Do people, like, hook up?
[ Laughter ]
-I didn't hook up with anyone.
-No, no, no. I mean, almost like a reunion.
-Well, yeah. I mean, there is like --
There's this beautiful aspect of --
There's this electricity when you see someone
you haven't seen in 20 years,
whether you want to make amends to them
or you need to say something that you didn't say
and stick up for yourself or it's like an unrequited love.
Maybe you were lovers in high school
and now you're not and you're both divorced.
I don't know what's gonna happen.
-Oh! See, that's what I'm talking about.
-Watch the show! [ Laughter ]
-Let's talk about "Frozen 2." -Let's do it.
-It comes out November 22nd. -Yeah.
-What can everyone expect for this one?
-This one is a much bigger adventure than the first one.
I was really proud of the first one
because we talked about self-love and familial love
when a lot of times,
you just get to talk about romantic love.
But in this movie, we delve a little bit into romantic love.
And the thing I think I'm proudest of
is the way that they represented Kristoff.
Like, the movie -- in the first one, it's, like, two females.
It's great.
But in the second movie, Kristoff has a song
that is going to blow your mind, sung by Jonathan Groff.
It's called "Lost in the Woods."
And it's about his big feelings for Anna.
And little boys don't often see representations of other boys
having really big, loving feelings.
And there's a line in the song that says,
"You feel your feelings and your feelings are real."
And Weezer just did a cover of it.
And someone you might know is in the video.
[ Laughter ]
-You just winked. -I did, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -It was something in my eye.
But it's me. It is me. -Yeah, you're in it.
-And he also has two lines that I love
where he rescues Anna at one point,
and it's in the midst of battle,
and he looks at her, and the first thing he says is,
"I'm here. What do you need?"
He doesn't say, "Stand back. I've got this."
And I was like -- I stood up when I first saw it.
I was like, "Do you know how profound that line is?"
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-And then, in the end, Anna apologizes for something.
And he says, "It's okay. My love is not fragile."
[ Audience aws ] -Wow.
-I know, right? [ Laughter ]
-I got to say, the -- What do you call it?
The animation in this movie is something
I've never seen anything like it.
-So great, right? -Get ready.
They're gonna win all sorts of Oscars and whatever awards --
'cause I've never -- the water.
-The water is crazy-looking!
-It's not like "Little Mermaid" cartoon waves.
-No. -It looks like a real ocean.
-Yeah, it's terrifying. -It's unbelievable.
Amazing animation, and you just crush it.
-Not only are you great at singing,
but your voice acting is fantastic.
-Thanks. Those animators are really the unsung hero.
And I would love to take a minute just to say thank you
to all of our animators.
We have hundreds of people work on this movie.
-It's nuts. It's unbelievable. -Oh, they're so good.
And there's just one person that works on Elsa's braid.
-Oh, really? -Yeah.
But they also -- they have a lot of fun together.
And when they show us the pre-vis, like the pre-visual,
when I have to re-record a scene or slide a line in or something,
what they show us often has tricks in it like --
when we watch the pre-vis, first of all, we're nude, okay.
-No, that's not true. -And we're bald, 100%.
-You mean the cartoons are. -The cartoons are.
-Okay, thank you. -Oh, I'm not nude!
[ Laughter ]
-I've never done a cartoon, okay?
Whatever you got to do, man.
Whatever you got to do to get into character,
go for it, Kristen. -No, no.
It's a Disney film.
The characters are nude, which doesn't sound any better.
-No, it doesn't, yeah. -But there's just like white --
-There's no nudity in this movie at all, by the way.
-Or grayish body parts. No nudity.
I'm in so much trouble at Disney.
Disney people behind the scenes are like,
"What's she talking about?" -No, no.
-But we're also bald. -Yeah.
-Because they haven't done the animation.
-They haven't done the animation.
And then, often times, like, I remember trying to slide
one line into this intimate scene where Elsa and I
are sitting on the bed.
And I'm like, "It's okay. You'll always have me,"
and the animators just put in -- "Pbth!"
-Oh, my God. -Yes. Yes.
-Oh, come on. -They put in toots.
There's been times where I've been, like,
jumping from a cliff to cliff, and I don't make it.
[ Laughter ]
And you just see -- -They're just playing with you?
-Wa-wee-woo. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, they have so much fun in there.
-Gosh, it must be amazing. What a cool thing to be part of.
Do people come up to you, like, parents
and go like, "Oh, my gosh. Can you take a picture with my kid?"
You're Anna." -Yes.
Yes, all the time.
And here's one thing -- I do want to say this.
If your kid is not 7 years old yet, maybe skip it.
Because I've been in so many awkward situations
where the parent gets excited, and it's like a 3-year-old,
and they're like, "This is Princess Anna!"
And they just like shove a 3-year-old at me.
And then, I'm like, "Hi. How are you? I'm Anna."
Wait, what.
And then they recognize it, but there's this dissonance,
and they don't get it.
-They're like, "What?"
Because they're looking at, like, an old woman.
-No. [ Laughter ]
-And they're like, "That's not Anna. She's 17, okay?"
[ Laughter ]
And I just feel like they do not get it.
But at 7 years old, they can understand that
there's, like, a voice actor.
So prior to that, I would say skip the picture.
They're fine without a picture.
-Wait till 7, and then do the picture.
-Then throw the 7-year-olds at me.
-It is such a cool movie. I loved it.
I watched it with my two girls, and they loved it.
They were like, "Oh, my gosh, we're gonna go see it again."
-I'm so proud of it. -You're fantastic in it.
I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Kristen Bell in "Frozen 2." Take a look.
-Did Elsa seem weird to you?
-She seemed like Elsa.
-Hmm. -[ Clears throat ]
-That last word really seemed to throw her.
What was it? -I don't know.
-No, no. -[ Clears throat ]
I don't -- I don't know. -No, no.
-But -- -Ah. Ice.
Oh, come on.
She couldn't act out ice?
I better go check on her.
Thanks, honey. Love you.
[ Door closes ]
-Love you too.
It's fine.
-Kristen Bell, everybody!


Kristen Bell Shares Frozen 2 Spoilers and Animation Secrets

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