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I think flirting is so dumb.
But it definitely is a thing that people have or they don't have.
I wouldn't say I'm good at flirting.
I am excellent at flirting.
"Smiling, leaning forward and touching someone, and making eye contact can suggest romantic interest."
Eye contact is big.
It's the first intention of like, "Oh, I'm kind of into you."
When someone starts to turn their head away, but their eyes stay looking at you.
You don't want to look like you're just staring at them, and then they're going to be like, "Do I have something on my face?"
Smiling a lot, "smizing," if you will.
The key to flirting is to making the person feel like they're the only person in the room.
The movies have taught you that you do a little wink and you flip your hair, but I would never do that.
You saw how awkward that was... like what is this?
Does that do anything for you?
And then, I'm like, "Okay, maybe I should stand more straight."
"No, they're going to think I'm too tall."
"No, okay."
When I'm flirting with someone, my posture is the best it's ever been.
My ballet teacher would be so proud.
Because I'm supposed to have my chest out, and I'm supposed to, like, "hi."
Oh, this is what's so funny about having small boobs is they'll still do it, but I'll feel dumb doing it because it's sort of like, "And here is my necklace!"
Touch is a really great easy flirt, and you just kind of put your hand on their shoulder.
I do a lot of hand on the small of the back, which is typically a guy move.
But I feel like usually it comes off as like I'm trying to grab their ass, so I'm like, "Eh," and they're just like, "Whoa, girl."
"A survey by Jdate and Christian Mingle found that 33% of women find it easier to ask someone on a date via text than by calling them."
Texting is definitely a large part of flirting.
So less is more, though, when you're first texting with someone.
Aloof is key.
I think emojis are really flirty.
Where she's blowing you a heart kiss.
Poop emoji, boom, thinking of you.
The smiling poop.
The little smirk face where you're like, "Yeah, I just said something dirty."
"What are you going to do about it?"
The ghost keeps him guessing, and, also, how cute.
The peach emoji is the sexiest one for sure.
Social media was invented to flirt, in my opinion.
That's all I use it for.
Casually liking one or two photos.
He's going to post one that he thinks everyone's going to like.
Don't like that one, but two weeks later, you'll come in with a "like" when he only has 10, push it to 11.
You'll get married.
If I were to give advice to someone who is totally clueless about flirting, I would say, "Welcome to the club."
If you're awkward and weird, be awkward and weird, and it will be flirty in exactly the right way.
Just like, go for it and just be direct.
There such a stigma for girls that you shouldn't make the first move in that way or go up to the guy, but the worst that could happen is they turn you down, and that's not the end of the world.
Make your flirts have some sort of end game.
Otherwise, why are we on this bleak earth?
I'd rather regret something I did do than something I didn't do, so just go do it.



女子が解説!女の子の脈ありサインはこれ! (Girls Explain How They Flirt)

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