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  • Hi this is this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 94. Today the word origin is

  • Christmas tree. So this video is going to try to cover the idea of like you know,

  • where did the Christmas tree come from ? Because obviously you know, Christmas is

  • supposed to be the birth of Jesus. So where did the ...? Where did it exactly did

  • the Christmas tree come in? Why is it associated with Christmas ? How did that

  • come about ? So this is what this this is the origin of that. Okay. So let's look at

  • the first note here. The Christmas tree is a decorative tree put up each year to

  • celebrate the Christmas season. Okay. Some people may set up a real evergreen tree

  • that must be replaced each year. Or some people simply put up an artificial tree

  • that can be stored away. You know, probably in somebody's attic or

  • something like that. And put back up again the next year. Okay. The custom

  • putting up a Christmas tree is said to have started in Livonia which is

  • present-day Estonia. You know, in Eastern Europe. So that's where they think it

  • first started. The customs soon spread to Germany and I think Germany popularized

  • it even more. Let's continue. Many believe the custom may have been related to the

  • idea of the Tree of Paradise you know like in the story of Adam and Eve. The

  • trees were originally decorated with apples to represent the forbidden fruit.

  • Remember-, the forbidden fruit of the tree . Remember like with the snake that

  • convinced Eve to bite the Apple. So and the wafers to represent the Eucharist.

  • The Eucharist you know, that's the you know, the body and blood of Christ. And

  • every Sunday when they go to Mass that is the Eucharist. So they put wafers on

  • there too. And the Redemption, the Redemption you know, the fact that you

  • know, Jesus rose again after three days. All right. Let's continue. The Protestant reformer

  • Martin Luther you know , like a one sect of the Christian religion is Lutheran.

  • Some people are Lutheran. So Martin Luther was the first one that started

  • that. That's where Lutherans come from. So the Protestant reformer Martin

  • Luther is believed to be the first person to add lighted candles to the

  • tree. So they actually put real candles on trees you know, you do wonder about

  • that. It sounds very dangerous, but anyway that's what they first used. Because this

  • was done long before the invention of electricity that they started putting

  • lighted candles on the Christmas tree to make it look more beautiful. Let's

  • continue. The tree was eventually moved into the home and Christmas bulbs

  • replaced the apples which made more sense because you know if you put it up

  • especially for Christmas season I don't know if the apples can last through the

  • whole season. And Christmas strings of electric lights

  • were used after the introduction of electricity in the homes. And that makes

  • a lot of sense anyway because if you put lighted candles on a Christmas tree

  • that's a real fire hazard. You don't . You won't want to do that with a tree

  • inside your home. Okay. Let's continue here. All right. The practice of placing

  • gifts around a tree became popular in 1846 after Queen Victoria and her German

  • husband Albert were drawn in an illustration of the London news in front

  • of a Christmas tree with four children and many gifts. And of course today just

  • about every house that celebrates Christmas

  • whether you're Christian or not. A lot of people it's still an American custom.

  • Many people do it and around the world now many people will put up a Christmas

  • tree even if they are not Christian too . So the Christmas tree is you know, all over

  • the place. It's ubiquitous. It's everywhere. It can be found around

  • Christmas time. Okay. Good. And of course. We just give one example

  • of its use. So they placed a star on the top of the Christmas tree.

  • Yeah. Very often a lot of Christmas trees may have a decoration of a star put on

  • top as well. And that you know, that's supposed to you know, be symbol a symbol

  • of you know, the star they the three wise men followed,

  • you know to find Jesus to give him some gifts at his birth. Okay. Anyway, I hope

  • you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 94. Today the word origin is


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