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Good morning gamers. Welcome back to Minecraft, today is a very sad day.
Joergen is no more. We only have peepee poo-poo. HEY peepee poo-poo
Literally no one cares peepee poo-poo
Today is the day where we bring our boys back, okay?
Sven is stuck in this portal and I don't-
I don't- What the frick? Oh my gosh.
I don't have arrows
This is bad
Sven, can you move please?
Sven I cannot stand losing another pet, please
Come follow me Sven!
Oh my gosh
How do I make him go through?
Stop sitting
How did you- how did you even get here?!
Okay, my dog is stuck
Okay, apparently mine carts work
I'm coming IKEA bird! We have to get him back!
A very important day.
Don't worry Sven
We're gonna get you out of-
Why can't I place the minecart? Do I need to actually place it on-
Ugghhhh, Sven!
What about a boat?
Okay, Sven here we go. Don't be scared.
I don't think it's working.
Come here. You shmiley- smiley pie lee. Come on
Jeebaleeba. Listen, we've been looking for a DJ a long time
Sven, you're the new DJ.
Now stay there.
I have to go find- We have to go find Dinnerbone
Ride like the wind peepee poo-poo
Ride like the wind
Okay, maybe not.
Look who became fast all the sudden, isn't that right peepee poo-poo?
I never seen a...
Just randomly. That's so weird. What are you selling?
blu- bubble coral!!!
Nautilus sell?! That's perfect!!
I just need that. Okay, you- you don't go ding-dong sming-mong
Go down. go down- you're in the hole. Stay with peepee poo-poo.
I need that super bad.
How do I do this? Okay peepee poo-poo you stay there.
(HUUUHHHH) Oh my gosh, how do I do this?
*Minecraft Llama Noise*
*Villager "HURHE" noise*
I've been waiting for a "nau-tic-u-las sell". There we go. Stay there and pee-pee poo-poo
you stay as well
I know IKEA bird
I don't like doing this but I need- I need the cash.
Daddy's short on cash.
Don't ask questions.
Gosh, please don't despawn. Please don't despaaaawwn
They better still be here.
Yes, yees!!
What are you doing with your llama, dude?
s i c k
*Felix mocks villager "hEURRR"*
Okay... Epic.
I won't say anything about you and the llama doing the- chiki chiki bang bang
Sh- Are you scared?
You want me to---
FRICK I forgot the shells. I gotta run back
If only I had a horse or something!!
If only there was a horse just like Joergen!!
Do you know how long I wanted to make this?! Ever since I saw that you can make it.
I want to make it. Okay?
Do you know h- haha..
I want to make it for a very long time
Okay, so now we can finally make, FINALLY.
I should have a couple.. bing bang bong bong
Uhh, a conduit
Am I right or am I right?
whoa, whoa whoa whoa
I don't- I think this makes it?
So that we can breathe underwater.
Damn. That was expensive dude.
I don't want to die with this on me.
Gosh I miss Joergen.
There will never be another Joergen.
Okay pee-pee let's go
How does conduits work?
I have no idea.
Oh like, you know how to make a conduit pee-pee poo-poo?!
You didn't even know how to wipe your own butt, okay?!
Can you shut your pee-pee?!
I'm trying to get there!
Oh, you think there's a more efficient way to go?
By all means pee-pee poo-poo, by all means!
Look here's water
I'm sick of your attitude, peepee poo-poo!
Yeah, that's right.
This better- ahh it doesn't connect... okay, uhhh
Ah frick.. Alright. Would you- Get out.
Just get out.
We're gonna freakin' find him, douche.
What happened to this minecraft series, pee-pee poo-poo?
It used to be so simple.
Now it's just you and me left- and no one
As in you're the only dispensable character that I dare to bring with me at this point
Wha- you really wanted me to say it out loud, didn't you?!
Don't- Stop crying pee-pee poo-poo.
My god
Whoa, that was awesome
Yeah, you can't do that even if you've lost all your weight, pee pee poo poo.
Don't even pretend like you're someone that you're not
Whoa! That was awesome.
Okay, so now we're gonna use the conduit
I don't want to waste it.
So I might do a little google-snoogle just to make sure I know what I'm doing.
Frick, if it wasn't for all this...
Sea stuff...
It wouldn't even be a problem.
All right
Eh- Con...
Pee-pee poo-poo, you stay in the boat. I need you to hold down the boat
slurp, slurp, slurp.
Alright, let's find this dude
Whoa! A.. dolphin helping me. Thanks dolphin.
Alrght. We gotta look as well. That's the issue.
Get rid of all this sea stuff!! Gosh damn, I'm fast
And I'm slow.
Alright, let's try and place the conduit.
Wow, that is sooo cool
Wow guys I'm soo glad I did this.
I'm so...
Glad I spent all my-
what is-
Oh my god, does it not go away?
Material objects don't matter.
I need Pee-pee Poo-poo.
Oh my god. Are you kidding me-- You cannot be serious
It might be just 'cause it's water, right?
Yes, it's because it's water-
It's coming up.. Cool.
Where the frick am I?
You guys on the subreddit told me X minus 275- what
That makes no sense
Y minus 599
You guys... what are you slurping?
That's so far away.
It's got a fishing rod!!
Shoot him!!
Hey, can you help me?
I'm trying to find my friend, dude
Okay, 599
And then...
What is down here, dude?
Whoa! whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa that is so cool-
I don't have time to sheck this out
Okay, 599 I got to stay on this plane
I'm sorry about punching you!!
Thanks bros!!
Nine-year-olds, you did it!
Incredible job!!
Subarashiiiiiii!! Yeeess!!!
I'm so sorry- Dude your skin must be so wrinkly you've been here so long, dude
Bing Bing Bing Bing
Get me up- LET ME IN!!
That's what I'm freakin talkin about
I'll tickle you as much as I want Dinnerbone, I'll tickle you as much as I want!
I'll dig you a hole
Quick hole. Quick hole Dinnerbone-
Frick off!! Frick off, frick off!!
Stay there Dinner-spinner
..epic dinner
I gotta try something. So..
You guys have been saying this foreevveerr
That if I feed a dolphin...
and there's so many dolphins here- so I assume that has to be something.
Here little dolphin.
Oh my god, wait up
He's gonna show me the way to a treasure
Maybe I need more fish for him.
This is how we fish in Sweden by the way.
How did he survive a diamond punch?!
What- how strong are these fishes? Don't make me put you in a bucket! (Maybe you should try to put the drowned in the bucket too, Felix)
Oh my gosh
It actually worked
Dolphin showed me map to treasure.
Wow, wow, wee-a
Epic tre-- it's gravel. You showed gravel
All right, now show me the treasure
Show me the treasure, you dolphin!
Oh he's-he's sparkling.
He's sparkling, that must mean something.
He pooped up something. What are you doing?
Oh, he's playing with it
That's so awesome.
WHOA! Dolphin showed tresshure epically!
*High pitch* Thanks dolphin, you're the best! (my god)
Wow. Wooow.
What a treasure, guys.
Can't wait to show Joer-- oh...
There it is--
Gamers be jealous!!
I can't wait to show-- aw...
The speed on this unit...
I found it. I found the treasure--
I mean it's Dinnerbone. I found Dinnerbone
Boys are back.
Boys are back!
Hey Sven...
Play that music
*Minecraft music*
We're missing the two most important...
I would argue three
People of this playthrough-- the heroes...
that died for our cause-- for our country...
For our bro-land.
The heroes that will always be remembered
Everyone kept saying "Watersheep!! Watersheep!!
You built a church for Watersheep.
You built giant meatball for Watersheep.
What did you do for Joergen?"
"What have you done for Joergen?"
Well.. Today we're changing that
Today we're building...
...a Joergen memorial.
Isn't that right, Sven?
Happy times, everyone. Happy times.
Alright, I'm going to bed.
What's up gamers?
It's me.
I'm back.
What's up IKEA bird? How you doing?
Stay in hole.
Sven, you come with me.
So, I have something to admit, okay?
I've made an oopsie.
I basically added--
I cheated, okay, I cheated. I'm sorry.
I feel like-
Why does it feel like I've done something awful..
When I was memeing with the pigs
I changed the game mode so I can get more potatoes.
I didn't think it was a big deal.
I think it probably isn't a big deal for a lot of people, but-
Since some people were bothered by it and I can kind of understand the whole like..
Okay, well, if he cheated on this like..
Did he actually build the meatball?!
YES, I built the meatball!
Stop saying that!!
Even though most people don't care and they're like,
"Ayy just have fun playing the game"
Uhh...I want to stick--
I want to stay true to..umm..
...to what the...
To what the series is.
So I promise I--
This is a PewDiePie promise!
I will not, never,
not on my spare time,
not on nothing.
use it. Okay?
Just so we're clear.
I prom- I promise.
I thought today
Uhh.. That I was gonna build a memorial for Joergen...
...and show me actually building it.
So you will actually believe me that I built this thing.
Okay, so-
I know most people don't care about the--
the whole uhh..
..creative mode thing, but
I really care about this playthrough, and I know a lot of people do as well so
and I feel like it only makes sense for me to build this for Joergen
and do it the right way
I'm gonna need some spruce planks, but it's gonna be worth it.
'Cause Joergen was a sprucey guy. ;)))
Yeah, that looks good.
What do you guys think?
Hey there Sven!
We're doing this for Joergen.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can't build this with dirt. I'm gonna need to make-
I'm gonna have to make bamboo..?
Let's go gamer. Let's make bamboo and have some shampoo
Now, where is the bamboo?
Oh, yeah, 'cause he makes scaffolding. See I know how to do this. Don't worry about it
Bing bong Bing
Bing Bang bong
So I'm following another pattern, I'll show it.
I'm gonna try to change that up a little bit
so it feels more like mine, but-
I'm not trying to pretend like I came up with this.
No- get down fro-- *laughs*
Here eat eat eat. Sit.
Sven, please
How do you get up here?
Go down.
Oh my god.
Sven.. *laughs*
Get down from there, come on!
You could seriously hurt yourself, Sven.
Sven, I have a bucket, you're going in the bucket
Come down from there, or there will be bucket.
ohmygod- I can't even build..
I can't even be in a safe spot.
Pappy's gonna push you, Sven.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be fine
Oh god.
Eat eat eat eat! EA-
I saved your life, Sven.
My goal is for it to not look like a dinosaur but---
I don't think it's working
Joergen the Dino, remember him?
You remember the dinosaur I rode in Minecraft?
You guys remember him?
Get him, Joergen!
I mean Sven.
Get him, Sven!
Go get him! Ah-
Go get him Sven go--
You did it, Sven. Good job!
I can't really see
It's.. annoying with the bamboo, like it's in the way,
but I think it's starting to come to place
It looks a bit strange but- sorry I'm eating energy crystals with G fuel.
They're really good!
I'm not gonna lie, bamboo... It's kind of annoying me at some point
It's stupid. wHAAA-
Baby saved me... I held down shift.
Thanks, baby
Jesus.. Who knew building is so dangerous?
Are you kidding me?
Sven what happened?
Sven, get dowwnn
Okay jump, Sven
Jump, Sven, it's okay
It's okay. It's okay. You can jump, it's safe
How did you get there? How?
Just go, just go. There you go.
Thank you. You're welcome
Now s-sit.
There she blows... What a beauty.
I realized that- I want the flag to go on the other side 'cause it looks more badass
So, yeah, that's an easy fix.
When you're up in the sky.
There she is...
I'm really happy, I think it's cool
I think it's dope.
What do you guys think? I wish it was like diamond Armour, but
Maybe I'll change it in the future. But that's for Joergen.
Now everyone can stop saying- right, Sven?
Everyone can stop saying that I don't care about Joergen
because I built all this stuff for Watersheep.
Okay, so
Sven you're gonna have to hold down fort. Ikea bird. What do you... what is she even-
Is Ikea bird stuck. Like I don't unders-
IKEA bird! How do I save IKEA bird?
Oh my god, please! IKEA bird, I can't do this!! I can't lose anyone else
pleheheaaase.. Sven, help me!
Sven: "Felix, you have to go back to jungle and find another real IKEA bird."
Okay, cool. I didn't know you spoke
But yeah, alright, that's uh- fair.
Ah, frick whatdidi- where was the jungle? I forgot. Sven, do you know where the jungle is?
Oh my god, what is that?!
It's a little baby one, that is so cute!
Everyone keeps saying I should take one of these and name them 'Mary Hamm'
and I'm like, I'm so mad. I didn't think of that *laughs*
It should be this portal
But it might get me to the actual-
What is wrong with me?
Does Baby save me from lava?
See, it takes me to the stronghold
Which is- which is technically in the jungle, so it's fine
Here we are, we're in the jungle baby. Okay, I need the wood
Is that an IKEA bird?
Did I just spot an IKEA bird?
Ah- It's a baby.
Do something!
Listen, I ain't got time for you.
I haven't revealed yet what I need the jungle wood for
but once you find out what I'm using jungle wood for, you're gonna cri
There will be tears shed
IKEA bird, what's up? IKEA bird friend
What is a green bird..?
JACKSEPTIC- *wheeze* Green Pewdiepie Bird!
Oh, I don't have seeds for you
Oh my god, we have to get Green Pewdiepie. Alright, I'll be one sec
Damn, that's a lot of wood
Dude, I'm freaking Tarzan, baby.
Okay, wait, what was I looking for it? Yeah,
I want melons. I need seeds. What is this?
It's like a safe haven
There's so many flowers
Oh my god, you must be like a holy sheep or something.
Hello Holy Sh- Hello Holy sheep. How are you?
Oh wow, holy sheep disappeared, that's so strange.
I have bait. Whoa!
What is this?
Why is there so many flowers?
Man, if Joergen saw this...
Boyy would he like this
Joergen loved flowers
It was his favorite thing
Hey, white dye! Is that finally..?
Pink dye? *GASP* pink dye? Orange dye?!
Wow, this is so pretty...
My god, oh my god.. Right next to jungle
block block block block block block
They are all living here in harmony, this is so nice.
(cue slaughter)
You like flowers? We got 'em!
So, what happens if I burn down the forest..?
Oh- oh
Actually, I don't know if I wanna-
I don't know if I want to do that..
(deep breath) Freakin' random holes in the freaking ground, are you kidding me?
Oh god, he's coming after me... Stop following me!
Stop following mee
ay cool, the fires out
Ha haaa ha
eh hehehe
Problem solved.
*Gasp* Melon!! Yes! Yes
I found you
Oh- I heard birdy-bird.
*Gasp* Could it be IKEA bird? Real IKEA bird?
Doko ni imasu ka (Where are you)? IKEA bird-san?
*weird attracting call*
[happy felix]
IKEA bird for real!
You're beautiful.. You're graceful...
Your honor, I have cocoa beans, do you like cocoa shmo-coa? Of course he likes cocoa, he is from IKEA
You don't eat cocoa.. Will you eat melon-o..?
Okay, that's one,
three.. How many do you want?
Like, I'd rather keep some of these
Come on, IKEA Bird, level with me
This is a crazy thing because I-
No- Oh I forgot to put the name on the nametag. Dang it.
Alright, fine
You are coming with me
we just gotta find our way out of here.
I do need more melon though
And I'm gonna have to.. I think I'm gonna have to kill the other IKEA bird.
*maniacal laughter*
I just think I- YES. melons. Give it to me.
Give me those melons. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thank you.
You see this, IKEA bird?
Staying with me has its privileges
(flashbacks to all pets deaths)
There it is. Okay
See, I told you.
I told you, IKEA bird, nothing to worry about.
Once we gotten the real IKEA fish, this playthrough will be completed
If only I could get an IKEA dog...
Come on..
Oh my god you're so hard to find cause you're so uhhh... smeakel leakel
Alright. We have a ton of melon
Damn this guy is-
a real snake, aren't you?
How much melon does he...
How much melon do you want?!
L o v e m e
Okay, you have a problem
Alright, uhh- you're gonna have to sit here for a while
Until the comments tell me what to do.
Stay back Ikea bird, what are you even-
They're spawning everywhere!
What the fr-
RUUN IKEA bird, they're crazy!!
Okay, through the portal, IKEA bird
Let's jump
Through the portal. I can't-
Oh God.
Go 10x
YES! oh IKEA bird- do not, do not, I repeat...
He jumped, didn't he?
Oh, there you are. Okay
God my hub is ugly
Okay, and now through the portal IKEA bird..
Don't be scared
Sven! Look who I have!
Yeah, you can slick my poopy.
You know what...
Stay there
Real IKEA- IKEA bird #2.
How about that?
Alright here we go.
Oh yeah
Wait a min- get away from Jorgen! Okay, I'm running.
Okay. I'm done. Time to sleep.
Okay. I know this is kind of blasphemous,
I get it.
I promise you, water sheep...
you're gonna dig this
Okay, let's make sure I do this right.
This is very important stuff
What am I building, IKEA bird? Don't worry.
Don't worry, none of your concern-ation
Looks awful. Well, just wait *Laughs*
All right I need to-
Here we go
Yeah yesssss
It's water sheep!
I love water sheheheeep
We should have water coming out of his mouth..
Oh my gosh. Yes
Is there pink material? What's a pink material..?
Do they even have pink dye? I have Allium
I have it! Oh I have one
We have peony.. *GASP* PINK DYE. pink dye. I have it. I don't have to go back to the jungle. Amazing
And then Allium might be good too actually
Oh my gosh, I love it so much
I like how I spent-
an hour and a half
Building this and I'm like, this is awesome.
I have slime so I think this is might be possible, but I've never done this before
So for this to work
this would have to be activated when it reaches this point.
Which.. big brain
Eat the melon!!
Suck it up
I feel like I should have ended this episode very long ago, but I I have to do this now. I just have to do this
Yuh- IKEA bird no!! IKEA bird escape!!
Stop him!! Stop him!!
You will never escape your prison, fake IKEA bird
Cry as much as you like
You are here forever
Does that mean I can rewire this..?
I don't see why not.. IKEA bird get out of way, please
It work
Big brain
Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay..
So put that there, that there..
God I hope this works
Let's try it, Sven
You have to acknowledge, he's spitting straight water right now.
I'm so happy. All right, we're gonna end that episode there.
Uhh.. Excuse me, DJ?
Oh, you decided to come now.
*Music Starts* (Roomie - Brofist)
You hear that Sven?
Thanks for watching
another episode of M I N E C R A F T .
Hope you guys enjoyed, smash like, check out the merch, very epic. I appreciate it. Thank you
And as always, thanks for watching
bye bye


I did an Oopsie in Minecraft - Part 21

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