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  • When the evening falls...

  • and the daylight is fading

  • From within me calls - could it be I am sleeping?

  • For a moment I stray...

  • then it holds me completely.

  • Close to home - I cannot say.

  • Close to home...

  • feeling so far away.

  • As I walk the room...

  • there before me, a shadow

  • From another world, where no other can follow.

  • Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over.

  • Close to home - I cannot say.

  • Close to home - feeling so far away.

  • Forever searching; never right.

  • I am lost in oceans of night.

  • Forever hoping I can find memories...

  • Those memories I left behind.

  • Even though I leave, will I go on believing...

  • that this time is real - am I lost in this feeling?

  • Like a child passing through...

  • never knowing the reason.

  • I am home - I know the way.

  • I am home - feeling oh, so far away.

When the evening falls...


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エンヤ - イブニングフォールズ (Enya - Evening Falls)

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