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The number one question I get is how to play up your eyes.
I'm going to show you the smoky eye.
The smoky eye is layered.
Do not get a dark black shadow and put it all over your eye.
My makeup philosophy is that I like it to be quick.
I like it to be natural.
It's not about how you look.
It's about what you do look like.
Makeup is a way to change the way you feel,
make you comfortable in your skin, and enhance who you are.
I love when she smiles, you see the little lines.
And you know what?
We have lines.
And that's okay.
You have to embrace yourself, embrace your age.
No matter what color skin you have, what color eyes you have,
what color hair you have, anyone could
make themselves look beautiful.
I'm going to teach you how to cover up the little pesky spots
on your face, how to use anything from a pencil,
to a cream, to even coconut oil.
This is like an ideal treatment.
Bronzer 101.
Use a wide brush.
Dip the brush in, tap it.
Blow to get it off.
And that way, you don't make a mess on the skin.
All right.
Let's do your eyes first.
Now, make sure you're blending it.
Fingers are the best way to blend.
Oh, I love this.
I would like to demystify your makeup kit.
You need a moisturizer, black mascara, four shadows, a brush,
a pencil, and that's pretty much it.
Makeup should not be a mask.
Makeup should not change the way you look.
You don't wear foundation to change the color of your skin.
You don't contour your nose.
There is nothing wrong with your nose.
You don't overline your lips.
Makeup should enhance who you are.
She doesn't need anything else.
She looks absolutely gorgeous.
You're going to call me every day, right?
BOBBI BROWN: Yeah, every day.
I'm Bobbi Brown, and this is my MasterClass.


ボビー・ブランの美容哲学とは? (Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

95 タグ追加 保存
Courtney Shih 2019 年 12 月 20 日 に公開
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