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審査済み この字幕は審査済みです
  • One of the top chefs from Pasta Palace has been kidnapped by operatives from Burger Bazaar, hoping to learn the location of their secret sauce recipe.


  • Little do they know that a third partySausage Saloonhas sent you to take advantage of the situation.


  • As their top spy, your skills range from infiltration and subterfuge, to safe cracking and reading faces for signs of deception.


  • You've tracked the captors to where they're holding the chef prisoner.


  • From your hiding spot, you can see him on the other side of the glass, while in front of you an interrogator wearing headphones speaks into a microphone.


  • "We already know the recipe is on the 13th floor of the bank vault, in a safe deposit box numbered between 13 and 1300.”

    「レシピが銀行の 13 階の金庫室にあり、13 から 1300 までの番号の貸金庫にあることは既に分かっている。」

  • "Now tell us, is the number less than 500?”

    「さあ、その数字は 500 未満かどうか教えろ。」

  • You can't hear the chef's answer, but you can see that he's lying.


  • The interrogator, however, falls for it.


  • He follows up by asking, "Is it a perfect square?”

    彼は続けてこう質問します。 「その数は完全平方数か?」

  • Again, you can't hear the answer but can tell the chef is lying, while the interrogator takes him at his word.


  • He then asks, "is it a perfect cube?”

    そして彼は 「その数は完全立方数か?」と聞きます。

  • This time the chef answers truthfully.


  • The interrogator thinks for a minute and says, "Good. now if you just tell me whether or not the number's second digit is a one, we'll be done here.”

    尋問者は一瞬考えて、「よし、2 桁目の数字が 1 かどうかを吐けばおしまいだ。」

  • But as the chef starts to answer, the interrogator stands up, blocking your view.


  • Within moments, he rushes out of the room, announcing that he's got the answer, and is sending agents to retrieve the recipe.


  • You know that the Burger Bazaar people have the wrong box number, but can you figure out the right one and retrieve the recipe yourself?


  • Pause the video to figure it out for yourself.


  • Answer in 3

    答えまで 3

  • Answer in 2

    答えまで 2

  • Answer in 1

    答えまで 1

  • The key here is to work backwards.


  • We don't know what the chef answers to the final question or whether he answers truthfully.


  • But we do know that by the time the interrogator asks it, he's narrowed the options down to two numbers - one where the second digit is 1, and one where it isn't.

    しかし尋問者がこの質問をするまでには、選択肢を 2 つにまで絞っていたことを分かります。1 つは 2 桁目の数字が 1 で、もう 1 つはそうではない数字です。

  • Our goal, then, is to find answers to the previous questions that lead to just two possibilities.

    つまり、我々の目標はそれまでの質問に対して、選択肢が 2 つに限られる答えを導き出すことです。

  • Of the three constraints offered, the one that narrows our options the most is if the number is a perfect cube.

    これらの 3 つの制約の中で、我々の選択肢を最も狭められるのは完全立方数である数です。

  • That leaves us with only eight answers between 13 and 1300.

    これで 13 と 1300 の間にある 8 つの数字に答えが絞り込まれます。

  • So let's assume the answer to the third question was a truthful yes.

    よって、3 番目の質問に対する返事は真実であったとしましょう。

  • Now, let's look at the second question.

    では、2 番目の質問を見てみましょう。

  • If the chef answered yes to the number being a perfect square, it would narrow the interrogator's options to just 64 and 729 - the only numbers in our range that are both a square and a cube.

    もしシェフがこの数字が完全平方数であると答えたとしたら、尋問者の選択肢を 64 と 729 に絞ることができます。平方数であると同時に立方数である数はこれらに限られるからです。

  • But neither of these has a 1 as the second digit.

    しかし、どちらの数字も 2 桁目に 1 はありません。

  • So the given answer to the second question must've been no.

    つまり、2 番目の質問に対する答えは 「いいえ」であったに違いません。

  • And that also means we can eliminate these two squares from the interrogator's list, leaving only six numbers.

    だから、これらの平方数は尋問者のリストから消去でき、あと 6 つの数字しかありません。

  • Now for the first question, which allows us to divide this list.

    さて、1 番目の問題からこのリストを分けることができます。

  • If the chef answered yes to the number being less than 500, we'd have four options, which is too many.

    もし、シェフが数字が 500 未満であることに「はい」と答えたなら、4 つ選択肢があることになりますが、それでは多すぎます。

  • But a no leaves us with two numbers greater than 500, one of which does have a 1 as its second digit.

    しかし、「いいえ」によって 500 より大きい数字が 2 つ残り、そのうちの 1 つは 2 桁目に 1 があります。

  • We don't know which of these numbers the interrogator thinks is correct, but that doesn't matter - remember, his conclusion was based on lies.


  • You, on the other hand, are now in a position to reconstruct the truth.


  • First, the chef said the number was greater than 500, but lied, meaning it's actually less than 500.

    まず、シェフは数字が 500 以上だというウソをついたので、実際は 500 未満だということになります。

  • Second, the chef said it wasn't a perfect square, but lied again, meaning the number is indeed a square.


  • And finally, he truthfully confirmed that it was also a cube.


  • And as we've already seen, the only number under 500 that's both a square and a cube is 64.

    我々が見てきたように、500 未満で同時に平方数と立方数なのは 64 しかありません。

  • You find the secret recipe and are gone before anyone's the wiser.


  • Corporate espionage is not an easy game - but sometimes, that's just how the sausage is made.


  • Don't take a break just yet - the world needs you.

    休憩はまだまだ - 世界があなたを必要としています。

  • An evil syndicate is primed to use its powerful death ray.


  • Use your espionage skills to infiltrate their secret lair and save us all.


One of the top chefs from Pasta Palace has been kidnapped by operatives from Burger Bazaar, hoping to learn the location of their secret sauce recipe.


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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なぞなぞ 秘伝のソースレシピを探せ! (Can you solve the secret sauce riddle? - Alex Gendler)

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