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  • Law is more than the policemen,

  • more than the court house,

  • more than the jail where law breakers are punished.

  • Law is social control, social control, social social control

  • 12 unwritten social rules you must follow

  • Don't stop here

  • Do leave 1 urinal buffer, this is wrong, really wrong.

  • Be prepared.

  • Paying wasnt a surprise, was it?!

  • Let people out first

  • Return these to their home

  • Now wait a minute, only a jerk would act like that!

  • Maximize cars per block.

  • incorrect, correct

  • This is called the CPB rule (cars per block)

  • Put items where they belong

  • In most cases, only save 1 seat.

  • But if the theater is not crowded...

  • Don't sit here

  • Never use the community microwave for these:

  • brussels sprouts, butter popcorn, fish

  • especially fish

  • Don't be a jerk

  • Instead, be awesome to others

Law is more than the policemen,


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守らなければならない12の不文律 (12 Unwritten Social Rules You Need to Follow)

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