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  • Apple stores were the most profitable retail stores per square foot in 2017, beating out brands like Tiffany and Lululemon.

    Apple のストアは、2017 年に 1 平米あたり最も売り上げを上げた小売店で、ティファニーやルルレモンといった有名ブランドをしのぎます。

  • Other stores have tried to copy the formula, but these feel like imitation rather than innovation.

    Apple のスタイルを参考にしたお店はたくさんありますが、どれも革新的というよりは真似しただけという印象です。

  • Apple stores are a core part of Apple's brand and of spreading that brand.

    Apple ストアは、ブランド拡大戦略において中心的な役割を果たします。

  • Our stores are also the best place to go discover, explore, and experience our new products.


  • An Apple store is an Apple paradise, and anyone walking by can see this utopia because most Apple stores have big glass walls.

    Apple ストアは Apple パラダイスとも言える場所で、店は大きなガラス張りになっているため通りすがりの人も店内の雰囲気を感じ取ることができるのです。

  • When they see that other people are inside engaging with the product, there's this general social desire to belong.


  • That's Jim Mourey.


  • He teaches marketing at DePaul University.


  • And so there's this FOMO, like, "fear of missing out" quality of wanting to go inside and see what the new thing happens to be at the store.


  • And once customers get into the store, they tend to stick around because Apple stores are just plain cool.

    お店に足を踏み入れると、ついつい長居してしまうのですが、その理由は何と言っても Apple ストアは単純にオシャレだからです。

  • Each store's design is as sleek and modern as Apple's products.

    どの店舗も、Apple の商品と同じように小ぎれいでモダンな印象です。

  • The flagship stores even double as tourist destinations.


  • Each one is like a beacon, with multiple floors, indoor trees, and incredible architecture.


  • Apple stores wow customers with more than just the products, and the stores are filled with visual cues that get the customers' attention.

    Apple ストアのウリは商品だけにとどまらず、店内には買い物客の目を引くビジュアル面での工夫がたくさん凝らされています。

  • You can see every shiny new model on display.


  • After the using the iPhone 11, you know exactly how much better it is than your old iPhone 7.

    iPhone 11 を手に取って使ってみると、いかに自分が今使っている iPhone 7 よりも機能的に優れているかが実感できるわけです。

  • Once people have their hands on something, they're more likely to purchase it.


  • As soon as they feel some sense of ownership of the product, they actually value it more once it's in their possession.


  • And this adds a reason to go to the store.


  • Even if you're not planning on buying anything,you can go just to play with the new products.


  • The longer you keep people in the store, the more likely they are to buy something.


  • They're carefully curated, and they change seasonally to always feature our newest products and services.


  • There's this notion of the pain of paying.

    「pain of paying=お金を払う際のツラさ」というフレーズがありますけど、

  • When we know we're in an expensive store, the more we can sort of mitigate that feeling of pain, by, like, maybe hiding the price tags and the sticker shock, the better off we are.


  • Mourey explained that when you feel that a price is unfair, you actually have more activity in your amygdala, a part of your brain that processes emotional pain.


  • You can almost imagine it as like a, you know, a plus and a minus, and if the plus outweighs the minus, then I'm more likely to purchase it.


  • In an Apple store, the price tags are very small.

    Apple のお店では値札は非常に小さく作られています。

  • So even though the products are expensive, you're not thinking about the price.


  • Good for the amygdala.


  • There's also an aspirational quality to Apple's products.

    さらに、Apple の商品には他にはない独自の優れたクオリティが反映されています。

  • With Apple devices, loyal customers feel like they're getting the best of the best.

    Apple のファンにとっては、この商品は最高峰のレベルの機能を持っていると感じるのです。

  • There are no giant "sales" or "clearance" stickers that devalue the products, and the staff makes customers feel important by showing individualized attention.


  • We want to make the happy experience and the ease, the convenience as great as possible and minimize that inconvenience or that pain of paying as much as possible.


  • It turns out Apple is really good at this.

    そして、Apple はこの点に非常に長けているのです。

  • When it's time to check out, there's no line and no cash register.


  • Painless.


  • The phone you've been playing with for the past 20 minutes is now yours.

    これで、さっきまで 20 分間いじっていた携帯電話が自分のものになりました。

  • And you told yourself you weren't planning on buying anything.


  • In the last few years, Apple has created even more reason to go to an Apple store, adding free classes called "Today at Apple" on topics like photography and coding.

    ここ数年、Apple はさらに店舗に足を運んでもらうため、「Today at Apple」と銘打った写真の撮り方やコーディングを教える無料のイベントも開催しています。

  • These classes are also a part of Apple's vision for its stores as a part of the community.

    こういったクラスは、地元コミュニティに根差すことを目指す Apple の事業方針でもあります。

  • We call them town squares because they're gathering places.

    人々が集まる場所という意味を込めて、「Town Squares」と呼んでいます。

  • But the Apple store utopia might not be as glorious as it looks from the outside.

    それでも、Apple ストアの現状はいくつかの課題も抱えています。

  • In the past year, there have been reports of customers facing long wait times and overcrowded stores.


  • Customers and reporters have lamented the loss of the seamless Apple store.

    買い物客やレポーターは、以前はスムースさが売りだった Apple ストアの凋落ぶりを指摘しています。

  • Apple might have to rethink its retail strategy if it wants to maintain the store's reputation.

    ここにきて、Apple は小売戦略を今一度見直すことで店舗の人気維持を図る必要が出てきているというわけです。

  • Ultimately, Apple wants its stores to have a positive impact on its customers.

    Apple の店舗が目指すところは、買い物客にポジティブな印象を残すことです。

  • When it gets it right, it makes spending money really easy.


Apple stores were the most profitable retail stores per square foot in 2017, beating out brands like Tiffany and Lululemon.

Apple のストアは、2017 年に 1 平米あたり最も売り上げを上げた小売店で、ティファニーやルルレモンといった有名ブランドをしのぎます。

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