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- Sometimes you need a really obnoxious sort of like,
"Hey you! Yeah, go"
I was going to say go f%$ yourself
but that's not appropriate.
I'm Sungwon Cho.
I'm a voice actor and I also
have YouTube channel called ProZD.
I do short skits and nerdy stuff
and basically whatever I feel like doing.
Why, Sanderoth!
You were behind all this!
Yes, it was I.
You have your mother's eyes.
I'm gonna do some voices
and try to describe how I do them.
I may not be the best guy to ask for,
"How do you properly, physically do all these voices?"
I kinda just go with my gut.
But you know, that's okay.
They already asked me here, so, too bad.
I get asked a lot to do, kinda like these
grand, old, king,
or God voices.
The first role I ever did was Zeus
in a game called Apotheon.
He's kind of this sort of gravelly, sort of old voice.
You have the audacity to invade my kingdom.
How would I describe how to do that?
I always try to have a little texture,
a little growl to it.
Going like this, uggghh.
That's the sort of growl you can kind of inject
into a specific voice.
There's was a game called A Hat in Time,
I voiced the owls in that game.
They were these, these very nervous little owls.
They were just tiny little guys.
So my voice goes up quite a bit in pitch.
Give it a little shaky quality:
ooooh, oh no, I'm very nervous about what's going on.
Because the characters were so small and nervous,
that sort of shaky quality, I felt, was very important.
Pitch-wise, you can kinda go up and kinda talk like this.
Sort of a higher, sort of,
"Hey, I'm kind of like a protagonist," kind of voice.
That kind of range, higher range, you can go up there.
And then if you go up there,
and then kind of go even higher,
and more cartoony, and then nervous,
you get that sort of little owl voice.
So I have a deep voice and so oftentimes
I'll get asked to do deep voice characters.
I voice a character named Torro in Nomad of Nowhere,
a Rooster Teeth animated show.
And Torro is kind of a,
he's like a more confident version of me.
So they wanted him to not sound super growly.
Instead, they wanted him to sound very casual.
Very, very, notice I'm doing this as I'm,
without even realizing it?
So oftentimes in the booth,
physicality sometimes comes into play.
With this, I instinctively put up my arms like this.
He's kind of a big, beefy guy.
Yes, I have, thank you for noticing
With that kind of deep voice,
and then you can kind of make it dopier if you want.
You can kind of put like a
Brooklyn accent on it.
And then he's kind of a little more,
if you're doing this kind of tone,
he's a friendlier kinda guy.
"Hey, it's me, your pal!"
But then you can also kinda go,
I don't know, stereotypical, like the big guy.
"Oh yeah, Boss, I'm gonna beat the s!%& outta you."
That kinda voice.
So a lot of times in cartoons, you hear voices,
and a lot of those voices are
actually just impressions of classic actors.
Like a very popular one is Ed Wynn.
"Butter, oh thank you, butter!"
Sort of this kind of voice.
You have sort of a lisp on your voice and a very
whimsical quality.
Pat Buttram, sort of a,
sort of a southern kinda voice.
Hush your mouth.
You can do that for like a prospector or something.
Like, "Yessiree."
You kinda add a little spittle to it,
You can make it sort of a prospector kind of voice.
Sometimes you want to play like a snooty character,
and I like to do what's basically,
it's not a British accent,
but it's more like a mid-Atlantic accent.
So it's sort of a this kind of voice.
It's very dignified, very precise
with it's pronunciation and it's diction,
so when it's time to play a character
with more of a regal presences, you have to really focus.
You have to really focus on your words.
If you wanna do like an old-timey voice,
I'm talking kind of like,
"It's the Colgate Power Hour,"
with that sort of old fifties sort of announcer type voice.
You really let that sort of texture
go on in words like voice.
When you watch old movies,
and you think everyone sounds kind of weird?
It's cause they're all doing mid-Atlantic accents.
It's like a weird, almost like,
fake accent that they're all doing,
'cause they think that's how people should sound.
There's this common misconception
that it's about the voice,
but I would say the acting is the most important part.
Even if you can do lots of different voices,
it doesn't matter unless you can also act.
I'm not sure if this was helpful at all,
but I had fun doing it.
If you feel inspired to pursue it yourself,
then I think you just gotta practice,
just gotta get out there and perform and do it.
That's the easiest way to start.
Just start doing it, so.


声優さんが教えるプロの技! (Voice Actor Shares Secrets To Changing Your Voice (ft. ProZD))

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