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"Will you marry me?" is a simple question.
But it turns out there are lots of ways to ask it.
Here are some of the most unusual proposals we've ever seen.
Instead of ending this yoga routine with namaste, one yogi opted for will you marry me.
This couple was vacationing in Hawaii, when Alex popped the question to his girlfriend, Steph, she was upside-down.
Before she knew it, he was down on one knee.
And this Canadian couple dug up the past to reveal the future.
Jennifer and her boyfriend, Troy, kayaked across this lake about five years ago to bury their favorite things.
Jennifer had no idea that Troy made a special trip in the middle of the night to plan a surprise.
So when she opened up a time capsuled they'd buried-
What does it say?
Inside the jar, written on paper, was a marriage proposal.
- Will you marry me?
And this volunteer firefighter pulled off his proposal with the help of his friends.
Marshall Griffin told his girlfriend Lia that he was filming a firefighting training video for the city and invited her to come watch.
After entering the station tower, a firefighter unfurled the banner with the words "Lia, will you marry me?"
Marshall walked out of the building and got down on one knee to pop the question.
This marriage proposal all started with what appeared to be a robbery, when a group of men pretended to start trouble with this Kentucky couple, a pretend officer, aka prankster Tom Nabe, rode up on a bike to break up the tension.
I just wanna check.
Now y'all mind might just give us a second here, please.
The officer secretly handed the groom-to-be the ring, and the group of men broke out into song.
Look at me, I'm on my knees.
- What the (bleep). - I wanna marry you, marry you.
Everything I'll ever need right here in front of me too.
And I thank God for you every day.
Will you marry me?
From a law-breaking situation, to a lawful matrimony.
Some might call this one dangerous proposal, but for this couple, it was everything but.
This reptile handler at the Australian Reptile Park invited his girlfriend to be a part of the park's crocodile feeding.
In an unexpected turn of events, he tossed his equipment and got down on one knee.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
- Will you marry me? - Yes!
This couple almost didn't get to til death do us part.
Okay, all right, I'd like you all to remain calm.
While it seemed the helicopter was malfunctioning, it was really all a trick.
When the chopper landed, Tommy got down on one knee.
I put this all together for you.
Will you be my wife?
She said yes.
And their families were there to congratulate the newly engaged pair.
However they got to yes, here's a lifetime of fun, surprises, and safety for all these adventurous couples.
Be sure to watch Inside Edition.



世界のサプライズすぎるプロポーズ (These Unusual Marriage Proposals Put a New Twist on Tying the Knot)

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