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These are both comedians
Mark and Torey
Hi I'm Mark
Hi I'm Torey
So you're both professional daters?
I don't date. I've quit
You've quit dating?
Until you can be bothered again
Until I can be bothered again. Thank you!
I've dated one person for roughly 9 years
But that's why I invited you today
So you're engaged
You don't date anymore
I'm committed to myself
We're doing dating vocabulary
"BAE". What does BAE mean?
BAE is "Boo" it's the same thing
Your lover
Your Boo-Boo Chicken, yeah
Your Boo-Boo Chicken
Now I do refer to my closest female friends
If I'm texting them
Often I call them "BAE"
So it's okay to use with your close friends as well
Not just a romantic thing
That's nice!
I wish I had friends
The next word is "To flake" or "To be flakey"
Flake! Yes!
Also a noun
Could be a verb and a noun
You could be "A flake"
To flake is to back out of plans
At the last moment
To fail to show up also
This is not just for romance
This can be for friends, your friends can be flakey!
When you flake
It's usually when you're careless about letting the person know
that you will not be there too
Can they be "a flake" if it's just once?
Good question
Then they "have flaked", you know
But they're not necessarily "a flake"?
Flaking does not a flake make
But if they do it over and over again
Thank you
Put that on a Tshirt!
The next word is "DTF"
This is an acronym, and what does it stand for?
"Down To Fuck"
DTF: Down To Fuck
Horned up. You're ready.
You're dressed in such a way that
advertises your body's most sexually attractive alluring features
I think we're all DTF
Yeah I'm definitely
Well I'm DTF at most times
That's a great business card
Mark Vigeant: DTF
At all times?
At most times
Not at all times. You can't be at a carwash DTF
You can be
You could fuck in a carwash
For sure!
DTF segues very nicely into a "Fuck Buddy"
This is a noun
Care to elaborate on what a "Fuck Buddy" is?
A Fuck Buddy is somebody that you depend on to have sex with
and not elevate this relationship to a relationship
To keep it casual
They're like a reliable source of sex
There are people in more open communities
There will be a couple that has a fuck buddy
And I believe those people refer to themselves as "Unicorns"
A unicorn is a person who has committed
themselves to a couple
And they don't have sex with people who aren't THAT couple
I didn't know that
I'm pretty sure that's what a unicorn is
I trust you
"Ghosting" as a noun, or "To ghost" as a verb
Well we disappear
You disappear. "To ghost' means you're gone!
You no longer wanna see them or talk to them
or date them
But you don't communicate that
and it's very of our, I would say, generation to ghost
What's the main reason for ghosting, do you think?
It's as simple as, like, there's no consequence
Yeah, there's no repercussion whatsoever
The shield of a screen protects you from the emotion of another human being
And so if you're dating somebody you met online
and you share no mutual friends
You can ghost them
You almost remain strangers
You still think of them maybe as someone you met on the internet
Which for some reason we don't treat the same way
So then you're able to like be a complete asshole to that person
I'm not defending it by the way
No absolutely not
But that's the mindset
Some people might want to just avoid dealing with the unpleasantries of
Being like "Look I don't like you"
Can you ghost in the friendship world? I guess you can
Yeah you can ghost a friend
I've definitely done that
"The Noodle Stab"
I don't know that one
I feel like it explains itself
How you test your "Al dente-ness"?
For all the people who aren't perverts!
Are you saying you're NOT a pervert?
I'm a foodie
Weird. I'm a pervert.
So how do you want to finish it? How do you wanna finish this?
The video is over now
Go and watch something else
I'm a bad boy on three cams
Bing! Bang! Boom!
Bing! Bang! Boom!
One of those is my favourite search engine


Sex and Dating Vocabulary With Comedians - ESL Vocabulary lesson

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