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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
Welcome to this English lesson.
We all know someone who has a test coming up,
and there are different kinds of tests in life.
In this English lesson, I will teach you
four English phrases that you can use
to say something to someone
who maybe has a test coming up like an English test,
or maybe they have a test coming up
like a test at a hospital.
So, stick around and I'll teach you
four English phrases so you know
what to say in those situations.
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Well, hey, welcome to this video
where I'm going to teach you four English phrases
that you can use to be able to say something
nice to someone before they go
and write a test like an English test,
or maybe go to a hospital for tests
because maybe there is something wrong with their body.
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The first English phrase that I want to teach you
is "I wish you all the best"
or, there's a shorter form, "all the best."
We would use this phrase for someone
if they were going in for a medical test.
By the way, I just had a medical test
done yesterday on my heart.
I had an angiogram,
and it looks like everything is looking good,
so that's nice.
But, if you had known that earlier in the week,
you might say to me,
"Hey Bob, I wish you all the best
on your test on Monday"
or you might say,
"Hey, Bob, all the best on your test on Monday."
And that would just be a really nice way
to encourage me and make me realize that people
are going to be thinking about me
while I go through that test.
So, you could say, "I wish you all the best"
or, the shorter version of it, "all the best."
The second phrase that I wanna teach you
in this English lesson is the phrase,
"I hope things go well."
You could also say "I hope everything goes well."
This would be a great phrase to say to someone
who you know is going to do their driver's test.
Maybe you have a friend or family member
that wants to get their driver's license,
and you know that the next day,
they sre going for their driver's test.
A great thing to say to them would be,
"I hope things go well during your test tomorrow"
or you could you say, "I hope everything goes well
during your driver's test tomorrow."
That would just be a really nice thing to say to someone
because what it does, is it communicates to them
once again, that you are thinking about them,
that you care about them, and that your genuine hope
is that they do well on the test
that they are going to do the next day.
So, for me, I hope for you that things
go well everyday while you're studying English.
So, that was the second phrase that you can use in English.
You can say to someone, "I hope things go well" or,
"I hope everything goes well."
The third phrase that I want to teach you today is,
"good luck" or "best of luck."
You might have heard the first phrase before.
We say "good luck" to people a lot in English
and a more formal version of it would be to say
"best of luck."
This would be a great thing to say to someone
if you are in school and you have a little quiz
or a little test that day in whatever subject
you are studying.
You might say to your friend,
"good luck on your test today"
or you might say, "best of luck on your test today."
Basically, you are wishing them luck.
Hopefully they've studied a lot.
Hopefully luck or chance doesn't factor in
as much as you would think it would.
Hopefully, they are really prepared for the test or quiz
but you still might say to them
"hey, good luck on your test today."
Or, "best of luck on your test today."
Again, just wishing them well and letting them know
that you're hoping that they do well
on the test that they're going to do.
So, I hope that you guys have good luck
when you're studying English and I wish you best of luck
as you continue to study English this year.
The fourth phrase is a phrase that you would use
if you are a religious person.
So, let's say you are going into the hospital for a surgery.
That's something really really serious,
you certainly wouldn't want to say,
"good luck with your surgery."
That's a little too light hearted,
but religious people sometimes will say,
"I will be praying for you."
So, basically they are a religious person
and they engage in the act of prayer,
many religious people pray.
And they are saying to you,
you are going in for something serious,
what I will do to support you is I will pray for you.
So, that's the fourth phrase.
Even in Canada, people who are not religious
will sometimes say this phrase,
especially if someone is having something serious
done the next day or later that week.
They might say, "our prayers will be with you"
or, "I will be praying for you."
So, that's the fourth way to encourage someone
or to say something nice to them before they have a test
or before they have something major, like a surgery.
"I will be praying for you."
Another phrase very similar to "I'll be praying for you"
is something that's used by non religious people
and that's the phrase,
"I'll be thinking of you."
So, they'll directly tell you that when you are going
through with whatever serious thing is happening
they will be thinking about you during that time.
So, they'll kind of in their minds be thinking of you
at the same time you are doing that stressful thing or
experiencing that stressful thing.
And that is another way that they will show their support.
So, they might say, "I'll be praying for you"
or, they might say "I'll be thinking of you."
The fifth thing you could say to someone
as they head into a test or some other
stressful situation is you could say,
"Oh, I'm sure things will go fine."
This is probably the lightest most light hearted way
of letting someone know that you
are thinking about them when they go through something
that might be a little bit challenging.
Whenever my son has a test at school
and if he is really stressed about it,
often times Jen and I will say the night before,
"just study hard, I'm sure things will go fine,
I'm sure things will go really really well for you
tomorrow when you write that test."
So, it doesn't necessarily make the person
more relaxed but it does let them know
that someone else is thinking about them
as they study for and as they go through something
that is difficult like a test.
So, I'm sure things will be fine for all of you
as you go through this week as well.
Well, hey, that was five things
that you can say to someone before they have
something like a test at school
or before they have maybe a test at a hospital,
a serious medical test.
I think that these are very helpful phrases.
They are very common English phrases.
So, generally when I teach an English lesson to you,
I look for the things that I would say as a
native English speaker and these are all sentences
and phrases that I have said and do regularly say
when I am speaking English.
Anyways, Bob the Canadian here,
Again, if you're new to these English lessons
please hit that subscribe button,
thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and
while you're here why don't you stick around
and watch a couple more videos.
I'm sure they'll help you
improve your English a lot.
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5 Ways to Wish Someone Well in English! An English Lesson!

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