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  • Today was a lot more emotional than I thought.


  • I feel that I found a connection with snowboarding.

    理解できた気がするんだ 真のスノーボードを

  • David


  • We were up at 4:30 this morning.


  • But you see the mountains, and you see the landscape.

    だけど この美しい山々や 景色を見ると

  • It gives you energy.


  • The challenge of it, physically, mentally, emotionally,

    そこは肉体 精神 そして情熱が試される場所

  • I like to push the boundaries.


  • Climbing up was tough, actually.

    実際 山を登るのは過酷だったよ

  • We're quite high up with, obviously, altitude.


  • It took a minute to get used to it, but I couldn't not enjoy this.

    慣れるまで少しかかったけど この試練さえ楽しめたよ

  • I actually don't mind being a student.

    新しい扉を開けることは いつだって魅力的なんだ

  • - Are you nervous? - No.

    - 怖い?  - いや

  • - Not at all? - A little bit!

    - 全然? - 少しだけね

  • The mountains, the snow, everything about it is spectacular,

    山々 雪 すべて最高さ

  • so you enjoy it.


  • As soon as I'm on the slopes, I feel 18 again.

    スロープに立つと 18歳の頃に戻った気分だ

  • It's a great thing to try and learn from a world-class athlete.

    ワールドクラスのアスリートとともに 新たな挑戦ができる

  • It's been an incredible experience and I want to do more.

    これは 何にもかえがたい 経験だよ もっとやりたいくらいさ

  • What do we do next? I don't know.


  • It's like we say, born to dare.

    ひとつだけ言えることは 常に BornToDare であるということさ

  • So, we'll see.


Today was a lot more emotional than I thought.



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