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So one of the most confusing things for English language learners is ordering food at a Subway.
Today I'm going to order a sandwich at a Subway and use native English to show you the different exchange that we're going to have.
So let's go into Subway and get a sandwich.
So, this is how you order a Subway sandwich in America, using native English.
And so, if you'll see, at a Subway, they have a "Please order here" sign.
So, you don't go and walk by the cash register when you're in the U.S.
You want to make sure you go all the way to the "Please order here" sign to respect the people who are going to help you.
And if there was a line, Americans love lines, if you in other countries you can just go up to the counter, but in the United States you have to make sure that you follow the lines.
And so here, "the line forms here" it says.
So if there's a lot of people, we would be standing here and the other person would be in front of me.
- So, hi how are you, yeah - What can I get started for you today, sir?
- Um...I'm looking at... I would love to get a six inch um - oh we've got Italian - I'll do Italian, and that's that's white bread right, Italian is white bread? - Correct.
Okay, so as you can see, the different breads here they have, Italian means white bread, and you've got flat bread and many others - you can also say wheat, but we have a lot of different breads, and you'll see that in my other video.
All right, so I'd like to get a - what I said it's Italian - I'll do your um - ooh, the Italian BMT - I'll get a 6-inch Italian BMT.
And what kind of cheese would you like today, sir?
- Um... I would like to get your American cheese (as you can) - all right, would you like your sandwich toasted?
Yes, I would love it toasted.
- And so you can see the different cheeses here they have, they have pepperoni, salami, you can get ham - is that turkey? - That is turkey! - Turkey, mozzarella cheese, mix cheese, and cheddar, colby, pepper jack, provolone, american, and we also have swiss.
- Swiss cheese, roast beef - roast beef - chicken - I have 4 different kinds of chicken: chicken breast, rotisserie chicken, teriyaki chicken, and chicken strips.
I also have tuna, and steak, and bacon.
Yay! Delicious!
What kind of veggies can I get on here for you today?
- I would love to get some spinach, some green peppers, and then if you can put some mayonnaise on? - Absolutely - And let's see... just a little bit of ranch dressing and then some parmesan cheese.
- The universal language of Parmesan - Yep - Anything else for you today, sir? - Nope, that'll be it - Excellent.
And as you can see they have all kinds of different sauces here.
You'll be able to see all the different sauces they have here at Subway.
Caesar, creamy sriracha, barbecue, mayo, veggie delight, all kinds of choices and different vegetables that you can choose from.
Are we gonna want any chips, drinks, or cookies today, sir?
Nope just a sandwich today. - Just the sandwich today, all right - I'll be paying by card if that's okay.
- That sounds great... excellent, that comes to $4.91 today sir. - Okay.
Would you like a bag?
Yes, I would love a bag.
Oh, we need to do the stripe... I got to do the stripe okay.
Sometimes the chip reader does not want to cooperate.
Would you care for your receipt today?
Yes, please.
Would you like it with you or in the bag?
Please put it in the bag.
Excellent, thank you so much. I hope you have the great rest of your day.
Yeah, you too, thank you.
And so that's pretty simple how you order at subway.
As you can see, she asked if I wanted my receipt with me or in the bag, and that's a common expression you'll get when you work or when you order food at a Subway.
And you can also see all the different foods that we ordered.
So now I'm gonna go ahead and enjoy my Subway sandwich.



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