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  • Earthquakes can be violent and frightening,

  • but there's plenty you can do to protect yourself.

  • From Lifehacker, this is the disaster manual.

  • Most earthquakes only last a few seconds.

  • Even the really powerful ones last less than 30 seconds,

  • although they can feel a lot longer.

  • When you feel a tremor,

  • do not run outside.

  • First, get down on your hands and knees.

  • This prevents you from getting knocked over

  • and makes you a smaller target for falling objects,

  • which are two of the most

  • common earthquake-related injuries.

  • While on the ground, crawl under something

  • like a table for extra protection.

  • As you move, use one hand to cover

  • your head and neck from falling debris.

  • Try to avoid windows, wall hangings,

  • tall furniture, or filled cabinets.

  • Once you find shelter, curl into a ball

  • and use your arms to cover your head and neck.

  • If you use a wheelchair or mobility device,

  • lock your wheels, bend over,

  • and protect your head and neck with your arms.

  • In the event that an earthquake strikes while you're asleep,

  • stay in bed and cover your head and neck with your pillow.

  • Trying to run through falling debris

  • in the dark is a bad idea.

  • Do not stand in a doorway.

  • Doorways are only reinforced in old adobe-style homes.

  • Modern homes' door frames are no stronger

  • than the rest of the house.

  • When the shaking stops,

  • look around and make sure nothing is about to fall onto you.

  • Check if you smell gas or see damaged electrical wiring.

  • Don't leave your home unless absolutely necessary,

  • and avoid calling people.

  • You want to keep the roads and phone lines clear

  • for emergency personnel.

  • And then check your home for cracks

  • in the roof or foundation.

  • It's impossible to know if there will be any aftershocks,

  • how intense they'll be, or when they'll stop.

  • It's important to be vigilant after an initial earthquake

  • so you're ready to protect yourself with these skills again.

  • As long as there's no structural damage at this point,

  • you can start cleaning everything up.

  • Hopefully, the worst is over.

Earthquakes can be violent and frightening,


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地震に遭ったらどうする? (How to Survive an Earthquake | Disaster Manual)

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