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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 87. Today we're going to cover

  • the origin of the term "sealed with a kiss' and X being a symbol of kisses.

  • Yeah. So let's look at the note here. I've often wondered why X is a symbol for

  • several things that we use in English and this ... this , this video will , will

  • explain some of them. So let's look at the note here. Sometimes you may see

  • letters to loved ones signed with X's and O's, meaning hugs and kisses. Yeah. I can

  • remember as a kid thinking why are X's supposed to be kisses ? Where did that come from ?

  • I guess the" O" for a hug makes a little more sense because maybe it's kind of

  • circular. You know, when you hug someone but I always remember thinking that why

  • is an X a kiss ? Well, what's the connection ? All right. Let's continue here.

  • Sometimes people may use the abbreviation SWAK.

  • I guess S-W-A- K as sealed with a kiss, instead of writing the words seal for the

  • kiss. We also cannot forget X or xxx is a symbol for a dirty movie in which there

  • is supposed to be a lot of kissing and this is another thing later on I kind of

  • wondered why did they say like an X-rated movie ? Where did this X come from ?What is

  • X have to do with sex ? Maybe you know, you you might have a thought maybe it

  • has to do with the X on the word at the end of the word sex. But no. That's not it.

  • it was connected to the idea of kissing Well let's continue. The origin in this

  • phrase and practice goes back to the Bible ironically. St. Andrew one of the

  • Apostles of Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion for spreading

  • Christianity. Yeah, especially in the early days, being a Christian was a

  • dangerous thing. It could cost you your life to try to spread the religion.

  • However, he requested an x-shaped cross because he did not consider himself worthy

  • to die the same way as Jesus. So he knew was going to be crucified , but he didn't

  • want to be crucified straight up. He wanted it to be kind of on a sideways

  • angle because he didn't think he was worthy like Jesus. So this is where the

  • X comes in. So it's an x-shaped cross. Kind of like

  • sideways. Okay Let's continue. During the Middle Ages most people were illiterate.

  • You know, most people didn't know how to read or write and could not even sign

  • their own names on contracts. In order to make the contract legal the signer

  • used an X. This is another thing I used to wonder about. You see this in cowboy days

  • where people just use an X like you used to think well how do they know the

  • difference ? I mean anybody can do an X. How do you know that belongs to

  • that person ? But that's what they used to do to represent St. Andrew. So that's

  • where the X came from. So when they didn't know how to write their own name

  • and they wrote an X, it was supposed to represent St. Andrew. And to prove their

  • honesty and sincerity they would kiss the X. Okay. To seal the deal. So this is

  • where if we get sealed with a kiss. So they wrote the X and then they kissed it.

  • I don't know how did they recognize their lip prints ? I don't know. I'm not sure to

  • seal the deal. Thus the phrase sealed with a kiss was born. So this is where it

  • actually came from. All right. And all right let's just give one

  • example here. She signed the letter to her boyfriend sealed with a kiss. Yes.

  • Some people actually write it out or they may use you know S-W-A-K and then

  • left the impression of her lips with lipstick. Yeah. So maybe she was wearing

  • lipstick and she actually kissed the letter you know, kind of a romantic thing

  • to do. So anyway. So now you know, so now you know kind of where the X came from

  • for people. You know, signing when they don't know how to sign their own name Why X

  • is connected to the idea of kissing. Yeah. Why we why we use X for X-rated movies.

  • Okay. Well, anyway. I hope you got it . I hope you found it informative.

  • Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 87. Today we're going to cover


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家庭教師のニックPの単語の起源(87)キスやキスのシンボルである文字Xで封印された (Tutor Nick P Word Origins (87) Sealed with a Kiss or the Letter X Being a Symbol for Kisses)

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