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Hey, David here. 嗨 大家好 我是David
Right now, we're in the mountains of Dongshan. 我們今天來到東山的山區
You can see all of these different coffee trees 這裡沿路都可以看到各式各樣
on the side of the road, 不同的咖啡樹
and you can hear music up the hill. 上面還有音樂聲傳來
Rumor has it that there is a coffee master living nearby, 據說這裡住了位咖啡大師
so let's go check it out! 讓我們一起去瞧瞧吧!
All these plants have been artificially shortened and brought down 四周的咖啡樹都經過人工育種
so it's closer to the ground and easier to pick. 比較接近地面 摘採也比較容易
I've got some coffee fruits in my hand. 我現在手上有些咖啡的果實
It's quite rare to see the actual fruit itself. 平常很少有機會能親眼看到果實
And these are almost ready to be picked. 這些果實已經差不多可以採收
It's almost red, but not quite enough. 幾乎整顆果實都呈現紅色
There's still a bit green to it. 還有一點綠色的部分
And these belong to Typica cultivar of coffee beans. 這些咖啡豆屬於鐵比卡栽培種
Let's try it. You can actually eat these guys. 我們來試吃看看 這些果實是可以食用的
It's actually really sweet. 吃起來味道很甜
That's very sweet. 真的蠻甜的
And once you bite into the seeds of the coffee beans, 咬破咖啡豆吃到種子的時候
you can kind of taste a little bit of that coffee flavor. 可以嚐到些微的咖啡味
It's kind of faint, but it's there. 非常淡 但是可以吃得出來
It's quite tasty actually. 整體來說蠻好吃的
I like it. 我喜歡
This is Mr. Guo. 這是郭先生
He is the local coffee master. 他就是東山在地的咖啡大師
In fact, he owns the entire coffee plantation! 其實這整片咖啡園都是郭先生的
He even runs a coffee shop nearby. 同時他也在附近經營咖啡店
I'm very curious about how coffee plants are planted. 我很好奇咖啡是怎麼栽種的
Are they planted in the mountains in this area? 是種在這附近的山坡上嗎?
The coffee plants are grown nearby 我們都種在這附近
at altitudes between 600 to 800 meters. 大概海拔600到800之間
I have a total of 3.5 hectares of coffee plantation. 我總共種了3.5公頃
There are all these different places in Taiwan that plant coffee, 其實在全臺各地都有栽種咖啡
and they all have their own flavors and characteristics, 各地的咖啡都有自己的風味和特色
but in Dongshan, Mr. Guo thinks that their coffee is especially smooth. 不過郭老闆認為東山地區的咖啡口感特別滑順
After the beans, or the fruits have been picked, 咖啡果實採收後
they have to go through many more steps. 還必須經過多道工序處理
Our processing methods include: washing, natural and honey processing. 我們有分水洗 日曬 蜜處理
Wow! There are lots of processing techniques. 哇 原來咖啡有這麼多不同的處理方式
Next, let's proceed to roasting. 接下來我們來烘豆吧
Before we roast the beans, we have to go through selection. 我們挑豆 烘之前要挑
The more efforts you put in selecting defected beans, 你挑得越乾淨
the better flavor you'll get in the end 口感 品質會越好
This is the art of picking coffee beans. 接下來就是挑豆的工作
After they have been dried, 咖啡豆乾燥後
you have to go through the beans and pick out the bad ones. 必須經過挑豆的過程 挑掉不好的豆子
We got these white ones. 我們可以看到有白色乾淨的豆子
We got these all sorts of irregular ones 有各式各樣不規則形狀的豆子
and the ones with black holes in them, 還有一些豆子上有黑色孔洞
which means they have been affected by insects. 代表受到病蟲侵害
It's a very important step before roasting 烘豆之前一定要先挑豆
to make sure the quality is high. 才能維持咖啡的品質
This light fixture is actually designed by 這個燈架是郭老闆為了挑選咖啡豆
Mr. Guo himself to pick coffee beans. 自己設計出來的
It's ingenious. 非常有巧思
Right now, we're getting ready to roast some beans. 現在我們準備要開始烘豆了
But we have to preheat the machine to about 180°C 但是在烘豆前
before we can do that. 要先將機器預熱到180度
When you go get a coffee in a coffee shop, 大家到咖啡店點咖啡的時候
usually you can choose between different roasts. 通常可以選擇喜愛的咖啡烘焙程度
The light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. 像是淺焙 中焙或深焙
Personally, I like light roast because it has a little fruity acidic taste. 我自己比較喜歡淺焙的咖啡 因為喝起來帶點果酸的味道
Usually we provide customized roasts for customers. 我們平常會針對客人的需求
If they like lighter taste, we do light roasts. 比如說他喜歡淺的我們就做淺焙
If they like stronger taste, we do medium roasts. 他喜歡比較有厚實感我們做中焙
If they love espresso, we do dark roasts. 如果他想做義式咖啡 我們就會做深度烘焙
But actually coffee beans grown in Dongshan are not for dark roasts. 基本上我們東山咖啡比較不適合做深度烘焙
Most of the time, we only do light and medium roasts. 大部分我們都會做中度跟淺焙而已
Right now, we're waiting for the beans to pop. 我們現在在等咖啡豆爆開
It's kind of like popcorn. 就像爆米花一樣
So you got to wait for it before you can turn down the heat. 要等豆子爆開後才能關火
It's starting! 開始了!
You can hear it. 可以聽到豆子爆開的聲音
It's like popcorn in a microwave. 就好像用微波爐爆米花一樣
Can you hear that? 大家聽見了嗎?
I usually turn down the heat at the 60 th second. 我會在60秒的時候關火
And let the heat simmer the beans a bit more. 讓餘溫再繼續悶一下
We let the beans stay warm in the residual heat. 這個叫滑行
After this, we discharge the beans. 滑行的時候才下豆
We'll turn off the heat about 30 seconds from now 我們大約三十秒後會關火
to let it simmer and swim in heat. 讓豆子繼續再悶一下
We're getting ready to release the beans into this little platter. 我們現在準備下豆到下面這個淺盤中
OK, we're about to discharge the beans. 好 我們要來下豆了
This right here is the cooling process. 我們現在正在將咖啡豆降溫
There's a fan underneath that blows cool air up 下方有個風扇將冷空氣從氣孔往上吹出
through the vents to cool the beans. 將咖啡豆降溫
If you actually feel it, it's a bit warm. 實際摸摸看 豆子還是溫的
Let's try it. 來吃吃看
That's so good! 超好吃的!
After learning about the whole process, 認識咖啡後
we definitely have to try the tasty coffee! 當然要來品嚐美味的咖啡囉
I guess I kind of look like a real barista? 我泡咖啡應該還蠻有架勢的吧?
Let's try the coffee together! 一起來喝咖啡吧
This is Purpurascens coffee 我們現在這杯是紫夜咖啡
It's light roast coffee 我們做淺焙的
and has a bit acid and fruity flavor. 所以帶酸有果香的味道
This is light roast coffee. 這是淺焙咖啡
Let's give it a shot. 來喝喝看
It's very delicate and fruity. 咖啡味道非常細膩 帶有果香
The best way to put it is that 我覺得最好的形容詞是
it's a very elegant cup of coffee. 這杯咖啡非常的高雅
A lot of people don't like coffee 很多人不喜歡咖啡
because they think it's bitter. 因為他們覺得咖啡很苦
But this is anything but bitter. 但這杯咖啡一點也不苦
It's very, very elegant. 味道非常高雅
Plus, I made it! So it's bound to be good! 而且這杯咖啡是我做的 一定好喝!
For someone who drinks a lot of coffee, 對於一個每天都喝好幾杯咖啡的人來說
it really is a cool opportunity to visit Mr. Guo 能夠來拜訪郭老闆和他的咖啡園真的很棒
and his coffee plantation to see the entire process, 可以瞭解咖啡處理的完整流程
like how trees are planted and how coffee beans are roasted. 像是咖啡樹栽種和咖啡豆烘焙
So next time you guys come visit Dongshan, 下次來到東山
be sure to check out the awesome coffee culture around route 175. 別忘了來市道175號體驗當地的咖啡文化


Hot Tainan EP11. Coffee in Dongshan

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