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Hey folks, it's David here. 嗨 大家好 我是David
Right now, we're in Dongshan District in northeastern Tainan. 我們現在在臺南市東北角的東山區
Dongshan is known for a lot of things, like coffee, honey, longan, 東山區有許多知名特產 像是咖啡、蜂蜜、龍眼
and one very special snack! 還有一項很特別的點心!
Let's go check it out! 讓我們一起去瞧一瞧!
If you're in Dongshan, you have to visit its old rice mill. 來到東山 一定要來逛逛這裡的碾米廠
It was built in 1934, and was renovated only few years ago. 碾米廠在1934年落成 前幾年剛完成翻修
Why don't we go and check it out inside? 一起進去裡面逛逛吧!
Right now, we're inside the rice mill. 我們現在就在碾米廠裡面
That's right. We're inside ! 別懷疑 真的是在裡面喔!
This huge machine is actually three stories tall. 這整個機器有三層樓高
In fact, this whole building was built around the machine itself. 確切來說 整座建築就是圍繞著碾米機蓋成的
This rice mill was built in 1934, which was a long time ago. 碾米廠建於1934年 年代非常久遠
Right now, it has been newly renovated and refurbished, 不久前整座廠房才剛完成翻修
so tourists can come to see how it works. 遊客可以前來看看碾米機的運作過程
Looking at it is manic. 這真的太瘋狂了
It's really mind blowing how people were able to 完全沒辦法想像1934年時的人們
build this machine in 1934. 怎麼打造這座機器
It's so complicated. 結構非常複雜
It's almost like a Rube Goldberg machine. 就像是魯布戈德堡機械一樣
There are so many gears and pulleys. 有數不清的齒輪和滑輪組
It's just crazy. 真的太厲害了
But down here, it's actually the opening. 下面這裡是入口
It's the beginning of all. 是整套工作的開始處
This is where you fill the raw materials and raw grains, 可以從這裡放入原料 稻穀
and then they would go into these bucket lifts and vents, all sort of things, 接著原料經過運輸箱、輸送管道等等的構造
and outcome the product, which is white rice. 最後產出白米
This little hole is actually an opening. 這個小洞就是入口
It's the beginning of the whole story. 也是整個故事的起點
This is where you feed the raw grains, 從這裡放進稻穀
and then it would go into this bucket lift, 接著經過輸送箱
go into this machine, and outcome the product, 進到機器裡面 最後的產物
which is rice, as we know it. 就是我們所知道的白米
While this machine is very, very complicated, 整座機器非常非常複雜
I don't think I'd go through each detail to you guys, 我不會把每一個構造都解說一遍
but I'll still talk about a few things. 但我會舉幾個重要的例子
Up there are air pumps, which are responsible for blowing 上面這裡是鼓風機
away dusts and debris. 負責將塵土和殘渣吹出
And this big machine here is actually a thresh machine. 這台大型機具則是礱穀機
What it does is that it dehusks the rice, 主要用來為稻穀脫殼
and it makes brown rice out of the kernels. 產出的粗質米粒稱為糙米
If you want your rice white and polished, 如果想要讓米變得更白更光亮
then they have to go into this machine. 就需要將米粒再放入這台機器
This machine is the rice polisher, 這台機器叫做拋光機
and like its name suggests, it polishes rice. 顧名思義 負責將白米表面打磨光亮
So the end product is the white rice we buy in the supermarket. 最終產物就是市面上販售的白米
When you walk into the mill, 走進碾米廠
you can actually smell a very nice fragrance. 可以聞到一股很香的味道
It's actually from the wooden beams. 味道就來自這些木頭樑柱
They're made of cypress. 都是檜木做成的
Here you can see the walls being exposed. 大家可以看到這塊裸露的牆壁
This is a very Taiwanese way of building walls. 這是台灣非常典型的造牆法
It's a kind of bamboo weaving. 主要是竹條編織的形式
This is not the final product. 當然這還不是成品
Normally, they would be covered in plasters. 一般來說會用灰泥包覆表層
To protect the old mill from weathering, 為了保護碾米廠免於日曬雨淋
they built this modern looking structure around it. 特別在碾米廠外打造了這個外層結構
It's rather minimalist. 設計風格屬於極簡風
This thing actually goes quite well with the old mill. 其實看起來和碾米廠風格非常協調
It's the nice mixture of the modern and the old, 這是新舊融合的最佳示範
which I quite like. 我非常喜歡
If you're into old timey stuff like me, 如果你和我一樣喜歡舊文物的話
this is a place to be. 這裡絕對不容錯過
I love old buildings. I love old machines or cars, all sorts of stuff. 我喜歡老建築、機械、汽車等等各式各樣的東西
And one cool thing about this place is that 這個地方有一點非常棒
it's so well laid out with ample signages. 就是標示指引非常清楚
You can actually just tour this place on your own 即使自己一個人來到這裡
to get good understanding of how this whole thing operates. 也能順利參觀 瞭解碾米廠的運作方式
Hi guys, this is Katie. 大家好 我是Katie
Dongyuan Old Street is also a must visit place in Dongshan. 東原老街也是必逛景點
Follow me and let's go check it out. 接下來跟我去逛一逛吧
There are lots of traditional restaurants along Dongyuan Old Street. 在東原老街你可以看到很多老店
Here you can try dishes that are more than 60 years old! 可以吃到一甲子的美味喔
This is a bawan restaurant. They said the it was founded 70 years ago. 這是肉圓店 聽說這間店已經開了七十年了
Let's give it a try. 我來吃吃看
Wow! It's amazing! 哇 太讓我驚豔了
It's so delicious that I can't help for having another one. 這美味讓你吃了還想再吃
No wonder people all recommend this restaurant. 難怪這麼多人推薦
Also, you can find rice cake and dry noodles here. 這裡還有米糕 乾麵
They are popular dishes among local residents. 是在地人必推的美食
You can notice the trace of history along the street 從老街可以看見歷史的紋理
and find pleasant travel memories from local dishes. 從美味可以品嚐到在地的幸福滋味
Dongshan is a place with lots of stories 東山有很多的故事
and delicacies that are waiting for you. 很多的美味等你來品嚐喔
Like I mentioned earlier, 我一開始有提到
Dongshan has a very special snack. 東山有一個非常特別的小吃
In fact, Dongshan is synonymous of duck heads. 其實東山幾乎就是鴨頭的代名詞
That's right! Duck heads? 就是鴨頭! 鴨頭?
How does it taste? 吃起來味道如何呢?
I don't know. 我也不曉得
Let's go try it! 一起去看看吧!
Oh man, options. 哇 好多可以選
I love options. 我最喜歡選菜單了
So what should we get today? 今天該點些什麼呢?
Duck meat, check! 鴨肉 來一份
Duck head, check! 鴨頭 來一份
Duck wings, check! 鴨翅 來一份
Duck tongues, and check! 鴨舌 也來一份!
You don't what? I think I'm going to just get one of each. 猜猜我會怎麼做?我要每一樣都各點一份
That's right. Perfect. 就是這樣 好極了
Sir, I'll have one for each. 老闆 每一個都來一份
It's noon right now. I'm starving. 現在是正中午 我真的非常餓
I can't wait them from coming out. 快等不及上菜了
Let's go and wait. 一起去旁邊等吧
Here we are. 上菜囉
This is a lot more than I expected. 這比我想像得還多很多
It's everything duck. 簡直就是鴨子全餐
This is the famed Dongshan duck head. 這就是著名的東山鴨頭
It's literally one whole duck head. 真的是完整的鴨頭
There's the wing. 這是鴨翅
We've got a piece of duck neck. 這裡有一塊鴨脖子
And we've got, of course, duck feet. 當然還有鴨腳
All right, let's give it a shot. 好 來吃吃看吧
It takes certain skill sets to eat a duck head. 吃鴨頭非常講究技巧
You got to be careful about it because there are pointy bones. 吃的時候需要特別小心 有很多尖銳的骨頭
You don't want to choke on that, 要注意別噎到
but once you master the skills, 不過一但掌握技巧後
it's a really tasty treat! 就能輕鬆品嚐這道美食了!
It has a very special texture. 吃起來口感非常特別
It's kind of soft and chilly outside, 外皮軟嫩冰冰的
but the bones and the skull actually become kind of crunchy. 但骨頭和頭骨本身就非常酥脆
Almost cookie like. 吃起來像餅乾一樣
It has a very rich aroma. 而且香氣非常濃厚
Of course it takes a lot of steps to make a duck head. 鴨頭的製作過程非常費工
First, you got to braise it with a very special sauce. 首先要用特製醬汁去熬煮
It's all secret ingredients, of course. 當然這都是獨門配方
And you got to deep fry it. 接著要油炸
So it's not an easy thing to make, 可以聽得出來很不簡單
and you can taste the difference. 而且也可以吃出獨特的味道
It's savory, and it's sweet at the same time. 非常好吃 有點甜甜的
It has the bit of that caramel taste to it. 可以吃到焦糖的味道
Very nice. 很好吃
Let's try the duck neck. 我們來吃吃看鴨脖子
It's actually very chewy. 吃起來非常有嚼勁
It has a lot more meat than I expected. 而且肉比我想像得多
I've had chicken necks before, 我以前曾經吃過雞脖子
and those are very bony. 但骨頭佔了大部分
But these are very soft. 這個鴨脖子肉就很多
Good texture. 口感很不錯
Besides the duck, 除了鴨肉以外
they got other stuff as well. 這裡還有別的食材
This tempura. 像是甜不辣
Tempura is very common, 甜不辣其實很常見
but this one has been braised in the same condiment as the duck, 但這裡的甜不辣用和鴨肉一樣的醬汁去熬煮
it's a bit different. 所以味道不太一樣
It's a bit sweet, but I like it. 吃起來帶點甜味 但我很喜歡
Dongshan is actually the birthplace of duck heads. 東山是鴨頭料理的起源地
Anywhere you go in Taiwan, there are different night markets. 全台各地有各式各樣的夜市
You'll see Dongshan and duck heads go hand in hand in the signs. 在這些夜市 會看到攤販招牌上的東山和鴨頭字樣總是擺在一起
Next time you guys are in town, you must try this! 下次來到東山 一定要來試試看!
Hey folks, we've arrived in a pretty cool place. 嗨 大家 我們來到一個很酷的地方
It's pretty obvious that this place is about bees and honey. 大家應該可以看出來我身後就是蜜蜂和蜂蜜
Here you can actually learn about the process of making honey. 在這裡 可以學到蜂蜜是如何製作的喔
Let's go and check it out! 讓我們一起去瞧瞧吧!
Right now we're at the Donghe Bee Culture Factory in Dongshan. 我們現在位於東山區的東和蜂文化觀光工廠
And this is my good friend Mr. Lin, who's the resident expert! 這是我的好朋友林先生 他是在地的專家!
This place looks really cool. 這個地方看起來真的很有趣
Can you show us around and see what the factory is like? 你可以帶我們走走看看嗎?
Ok, let's go! OK! 一起去瞧瞧吧!
First of all, 首先可以看到
you can see this is our biotechnology production line. 我們這個生物科技的生產線
Right now, we're inside the factory building, 我們現在來到觀光工廠內
and as you can see, 大家可以看到
there are lots of different cool machinery. 這裡有各式各樣的獨特機器
In this place, they collect a lot of honey-related products. 這裡搜集了和蜂蜜有關的產品
There's honey. 有蜂蜜
There are pollens. 花粉
There's royal jelly. 和蜂王膠
This place aggregates them and processes them into all sorts of products, 這些原料在這裡會在這裡 製成各式各樣的產品
There's a climate control room behind this. 再過去有座氣候控制室
This is the mixing room. 而我面前的這間則是混合室
That's where they mix all the products together. 負責將所有產品混合
This place is really cool. 這地方感覺很有趣
What was this place for? 是做什麼用途的呢?
This is the place where we exhibit our brand story. 這邊就是我們的品牌故事區
This brand is almost half a century in the making. 這座工廠的品牌已經創立快半個世紀了
It started off in 1960s with only 20 boxes of bees. 1960年代剛開始的時候 公司只有二十個蜂箱
Now it has developed into this big, big factory. 如今已經成長到規模如此巨大的工廠了
We're all very, very familiar with honey. 大家其實對蜂蜜都不陌生
We buy it in supermarket in bottles, in jars, in all sorts of different cans. 我們可以在超市買到各種瓶罐裝填的蜂蜜
But very few people know how it's made. 但很少人知道蜂蜜究竟如何製作
Can you take us through these processes? 你可以為我們介紹一下整個流程嗎?
What consumers buy in the supermarket 一般我們消費者大概都是在超市
are usually completely packaged. 看到已經都是完整的包裝了
No one really knows the processes 但其實很少人知道
of honey harvesting. 蜂農採蜜時的流程
To get honey, actually you have to go through a lot of different steps. 要採集蜂蜜 要先經歷一道道的流程
First, you have to smoke the bees with the little smoker. 首先 必須先用煙燻蜜蜂
That makes the bees go asleep, so they don't attack you. 蜜蜂會變得想睡覺 不會攻擊採蜜人
Then you use a little brush to get the rest of the bees 接著用毛刷脫蜂
away from the nest. 將他們趕離蜂巢
Then you have to cut off the elder covering, which is the bees wax, 接著是割蜜蓋
to get the honey foam. 這時取得的蜂蜜上面會有泡沫
And you put it into a centrifugal machine, 接著我們將蜂蜜放入離心機
which spins really fast, like a drier at home. 離心機會高速旋轉 像家裡的脫水機一樣
It spins super fast and shakes the honey off the panel. 透過高速旋轉將蜂蜜從蜂巢板分離出來
After that, you have to fill filter it, 接著是過濾
and put into a vacuum machine. 並真空處理
Then you package it. 最後則是包裝
David, what we just saw was a simple process diagram. David 剛剛我們看的只是流程圖
Now let's take a look at these pictures 接下來我們透過一些照片
to see how honey is made. 讓你更詳細去瞭解蜂蜜製作的流程
Here we got even more info of the production process 接下來我們透過更多的照片
of honey with pictures, 來瞭解蜂蜜生產流程
so it's even easier to understand. 這些例子會更淺顯易懂
I think the coolest part is at step three, 我覺得最酷的是步驟三
which is the vacuum concentration process. 真空濃縮的過程
In the process, the aim is to decrease the water content of honey 過程中 蜂蜜中的含水量
below 20% so it doesn't go bad. 會被降到20%以下 防止腐敗
Next, we'll give an introduction 這邊我們就會介紹
of the bee family to children. 小朋友來了解蜜蜂家族的故事
In this place, it is actually designed 這塊區域主要介紹
to learn more about bees. 蜜蜂家族的成員
Here we got the queen bee, 首先蜂群中有女王蜂
which produces up to 2,000 eggs per day. 每天可以產下高達兩千顆卵
Within a beehive, there are up to 30,000 worker bees. 一個蜂巢內有多達三萬隻工蜂
Believe it or not, they are all female bees. 信不信由你 這些工蜂全都是雌蜂
And there are only about 500 male bees, 雄蜂大約只有五百隻
and their main job is to reproduce. 主要負責繁殖的工作
What's this? 這邊這是什麼?
This looks really cool. 看起來很有趣
So bees actually dance 蜜蜂真的會跳舞嗎?
to communicate? 是為了要彼此溝通?
This is a special way 這邊就是蜜蜂
of communication among bees. 比較特殊的溝通方式
This is actually very cool. 這真的很有趣
This is how bees communicate. 這是蜜蜂的溝通方式
Bees can talk, and they communicate by dancing. 蜜蜂彼此會透過跳舞的方式溝通
By dancing, they fly around circles. 跳的舞主要是繞圈
If they find flowers within 100 meters to the hive, 如果發現的花叢距離蜂巢不到100公尺
they fly on circles around the flowers, 蜜蜂就會在花叢上方繞圈
and if they find flowers further than 100 meters, 若花叢距離超過一百公尺
they do this kind of figure of eight kind of pattern 他們就會圍繞在花叢四周
around the flowers. 跳八字舞
This is so important to distinguish real, pure honey 要怎麼區分真蜜和合成蜜
from synthetic honey. 真的非常重要
A lot of times in super market, 平常在超市裡
there are all sorts of honey products, 蜂蜜的產品非常非常多元
and it's very hard to tell one thing from the other sometimes 有時候很難區分每一種蜂蜜
to see if its real or not. 到底是不是真蜜
So how do we tell the difference? 我們要怎麼區分蜂蜜好壞呢?
True honey contains more substance. 真的蜂蜜比較混濁
People think honeys are all the same, 大部分的人都覺得蜂蜜都是一樣的
but on reality they all smell very different. 但其實不同種的蜂蜜味道差異非常大
For example, this is lychee honey. 舉例來說 這瓶是荔枝蜜
And this is orange honey. 這瓶是柳丁蜜
They smell very different, but they are really good. 味道非常不同 但品質都非常好
After learning about the honey, 認識蜂蜜之後
we can try some hands-on activities. 接下來還可以DIY喔
David, do you know where we are now? David 你知道我們在哪裡嗎?
This place looks like a café. 這裡看起來像是咖啡廳
Right. You can have a taste of the local Dongshan coffee here. 對 你可以在這裡喝我們最道地的東山咖啡
Children can have some delicious meals here 而且小朋友在這裡享用美食之外
and make their own souvenirs! 還可以做DIY喔
Here at the tourism factory, after the tour, 在觀光工廠參觀完導覽後
you can take kids to the café, 可以帶小朋友來咖啡廳
and they have these DIY projects. 這裡有一些DIY活動
These guys are bee magnets, 例如這是蜜蜂磁鐵
and believe it or not, these are actually pens. 這個很特別 是蜜蜂造型的筆
It's done! 完成了!
It's not bad, right? 看起來還不賴吧?
Have a taste! 喝喝看吧!
Thanks! 謝謝!
After doing the tour, 參觀完導覽後
it gave me a lot of insight and understanding 讓我更加瞭解蜂蜜
into the honey making process. 以及蜂蜜的生產過程
It's such a common thing to simply buy in the supermarket 平常我們在超市購買蜂蜜非常簡單
since we don't tend to think about what goes in to make honey. 所以都不會想到蜂蜜到底如何製作
Next time you guys are in Dongshan, be sure to check out 下次來到東山 別忘了來瞧瞧
its honey and honey-related products. 這裡的蜂蜜和周邊產品喔


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