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  • 00:00:02,130 --> 00:00:04,490 In the security world, obviously encryption

  • is extremely important.

  • We want to be able to make sure data that

  • is sent across the internet is something

  • that only I am able to see and the web

  • servers are able to see.

  • So, for web pages we use a number of different encryption

  • technologies to be able to do this.

  • You'll see this often represented

  • as HTTPS, which is our Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the S

  • on the end and S means secure, which

  • means that's an encrypted connection.

  • So, what you're doing is essentially

  • setting up that encrypted link to that web server

  • and it's using an encryption method called

  • TLS, which is commonly called SSL, although that's not

  • technically an accurate representation of what this is.

  • But when somebody says, "I have SSL

  • encryption on my web server," that

  • is what they're referring to.

  • It's able to then do HTTPS.

  • Now, this Transport Layer Security,

  • and some people still call it Secure Sockets Layer,

  • is what's really doing the hardcore

  • encryption for our server.

  • SSL was an encryption technology created by Netscape way

  • back in the day, and it was updated

  • and a standard was created by the Internet Engineering Task

  • Force, the IETF, that updated it and created

  • a new name for it called TLS.

  • So, we can see that that's a little bit different than SSL.

  • Now, the reality is that the web servers

  • that you're connecting to are really

  • encrypting the data with TLS.

  • Even if they say on the web server,

  • "This is SSL encrypted data," it's

  • really TLS that's doing It.

  • And the way you can tell is to go to your browser,

  • and there's a lock on your browser

  • that shows you that the data is encrypted,

  • and that's the method that's being used in your browser

  • to be able to do that.

  • This technology is also used in things outside of the browser,

  • and you don't have to use HTTPS and that TLS encryption

  • in the browser, third-party applications

  • can use those as well.

  • It's an encryption technology and something

  • that's very easy to implement because the libraries are

  • open and available for anybody to use.

  • So people will sometimes use this to hide information

  • from the security folks.

  • Because they're using their own devices

  • with their own encryption certificates,

  • you don't have access to be able to see some of those things

  • sometimes.

  • So, if you see a large amount of SSL or TLS

  • type traffic on your network and you're wondering,

  • "Where's that coming from?

  • Where's it going to?

  • I don't recognize it," you may want

  • to look a little bit deeper and find out

  • what's really happening on that particular link

  • of communication between those two machines.

00:00:02,130 --> 00:00:04,490 In the security world, obviously encryption


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