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Where were you last night?
Where were you last night?
I was with Adam.
that's not what I heard
What do you mean?
I heard you were at the club grinding up with some girls.
What? no.
Me and Adam were at a baseball game.
Okay. What did you do after?
We got ice cream.
Ice cre-
Yeah. Then we went to my grandma's for the rest of the night.
Okay. Well then call Adam
I'm not gonna call Adam.
Call. Adam.
Call him!
Is that gonna make you happy?
I'll call him.
Thank you.
Boy, speaker.
Yo! What up bro?
Adam! What's up, man?
Cheerilee playing Fortnite.
How's it hanging, bro?
Hey my bad I was at the shower, I was always helping my mom get out of the shower
Hey a weird question, what do we do last night? Oh and by the way did you find your sunglasses?
baseball yeah we um
Cool cool um and then where do we go after the baseball game?
What would we do after
Went ice cream no we went we wouldn't we went to ice cream
Yes, we had ice cream and then where did we go Tiger Tiger?
Tigers is doing what we do after baseball ice cream bleep tiger I
Told you stop calling me that man those days are over
Those days are smudged
tiger stop calling him that
Did I have any other nicknames um no, but do they ever call you keyboard Oh kick keyboard?
Or maybe both keyboard Pikachu elder home home elder we remember that
Pick achoo
Didn't I have like a gender? Uh nickname?. Yes keyboard Pikachu and nipple
Well then we got ice cream, then we went home well done page 637 as his other nickname
Hey, I'm actually getting another call right now, I'll call you right back buddy one sec, I don't
Mark hey any trouble look calm down calm down. What were the words
Nipples keyboards keyboard nipple pick a joke
Just gonna call you a second now
Dude is that his grandma's house could I just head tiger
After we went to the baseball game we were ahead ice cream with your grandma's house wow
Thank you so much Adam no doubt. I'll call you later. It's not being weird yeah
What what now okay? Okay?


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512 タグ追加 保存
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