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everybody it's Bruce here with trapping us Bruce I just got some breaking news
Norwegian star cruise ship she's got engine problems and she's had to alter
her upcoming trip thanks by the way for subscribing to my channel giving my
videos thumbs-up so I really appreciate it
the breaking news is out of Venice the Norwegian star last week coming back to
Venice had a reported fire onboard but no one confirmed anything passengers
were tweeting that there was a Bravo code issued and the ship limped back
into port today we find out that yes indeed the ship is going to be operating
under reduced power cannot hit top speed one of its engines maybe one of its
azipods are faulty and this is not the first time so what they've done is this
itinerary you see here they have canceled these two spots down here
Mykonos and Santorini and they have upset a bunch of passengers because
these are the two most popular stops on this particular itinerary but by
reducing the amount of mileage the ship has to a travel they can get in the
seven-day cruise back to Venice and I'm not sure what they're up to are they
gonna try to repair the ship on the fly are they ordering parts into Venice or
somewhere else for the ship to go to later it was in Marseille for
refurbishment 2017 one of these azipods had major problems in December 17 they
they had problems with one of these azipods and they had all kinds of
cancellation issues but I can tell you the folks are not happy losing Santorini
and losing Mykonos because this is a top dollar cruise that Europeans are paying
for and they're not getting their money's worth we'll stay on top of this
story the ship was built in oh one so she's showing their age
we'll see how it continues on thanks for joining me today it's Bruce with driving
with Bruce join us for our group cruise the details are down below we'll talk to
you later everybody bye for now


Breaking News! Norwegian Star Has Engine Problems Cancels Ports Of Call

119 タグ追加 保存
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