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  • My country is being tested by this hellstorm called super typhoon Haiyan. We remain uncertain

  • as to the full extent of the damage and devastation as information trickles in in an agonizingly

  • slow manner because power lines and communication lines are cut off and may take a while before

  • they are restored. The initial assessment shows that Haiyan left a wake of massive destruction

  • that is unprecedented, unthinkable and horrific. And the devastation is staggering. I struggle

  • to find words even for the images that we see on the news coverage and I struggle to

  • find words to describe how I feel about the losses. Up to this hour, I agonize, waiting

  • for word for the fate of my very own relatives. What gives me renewed strength and great relief

  • is that my own brother has communicated to us and he has survived the onslaught. I speak

  • for my delegation, but I speak for the countless people who will no longer be able to speak

  • for themselves after perishing from the storm. I speak also for those who have been orphaned

  • by the storm. I speak for those people now racing against time to save survivors and

  • alleviate the suffering of the people affected. We can take drastic action now to ensure that

  • we prevent a future where super typhoons become a way of life. Can we ever attain the ultimate

  • objective of the convention - which is to prevent dangerous and tropogenic interference

  • with a climate system. By failing to meet the objective of the convention, we may have

  • ratified our own doom. We have to confront the issue of loss and damage. Loss and damage

  • is a reality today across the world. We cannot solve climate change when we seek to spew

  • more emissions. In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home,

  • and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days, with all due respect,

  • Mr. President - and I mean no disrespect for your kind hospitality - I will now commence

  • a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means I will voluntarily refrain from eating

  • food during this cop until a meaning outcome is in sight. Until concrete pledges have been

  • made to ensure mobilization of resources for the green climate fund. We cannot afford cop

  • with an empty GCF. Until the promise of an operalization of a loss and damage mechanism

  • has been fulfilled. Until there is a assurance and financial adaptation. Until we see real

  • ambition on climate action in accordance with the principles we have so upheld. Mr. President,

  • this process has been called a farce. It has been called an annual carbon intensive gathering

  • of useless frequent fliers. It has also been called saving tomorrow today. We can fix this.

  • We can stop

  • this madness. (Applause) Thank you Philippines for your great speech. It’s always hard

  • to attribute a single weather event to climate change, but we know that science is also clear

  • that climate change will mean more intense typhoons, potentially. Even if we cannot attribute

  • Haiyan to climate change directly, my country refuses to accept a future where super typhoons

  • will become a regular fixture.

My country is being tested by this hellstorm called super typhoon Haiyan. We remain uncertain


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超大型台風ハイヤンの後のフィリピン人男性の涙のスピーチ (Tearful Speech By Philippines Man After Super-Typhoon Haiyan)

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