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This week on The Jam we're talking Drake getting rings, Ja Morant on the ascendant,
Warriors on the wane, a rampaging Karl Anthony Towns,
NBA bound NBL rookies, Shoes News and loads more hoops hype.
The Raptors have made up for lost time with the largest championship ring ever.
Good thing they're ballers 'cause you gotta be XXL to even carry this
blimp-sized bling with six hundred and fifty diamonds.
I'm not sure if you saw the giant 'North' there,
so the players can always find their way home.
Unless you're Kawhi.
And Drake got a ring?
Hold up, is that Drake masquerading as VanVleet
in the ring queue to try and score another one?
They're not going to fall for that.
See the blinged up Raptors take on The Bucks, Sunday 11am on Kayo.
This is what's got the Hype Machine humming this week.
Ja Morant is Rookie Of The Year because he did this,
and he might do it again.
The Warriors are not making the Playoffs and Draymond says they f***ing suck.
The Warriors should blow it up. Trade everyone. It's a crisis.
Or is it?
When a team loses two of their three best players they're gonna struggle.
A bit?
NBL rookies Lamelo Ball and RJ Hampton are blazing a path to the NBA.
Catch them while you can.
Catch the NBL action on Kayo.
Karl Anthony Towns has turned into Thunder Kat as he hits this season in full beast mode.
In Shoes News, back to back sixth man of the year has launched his
Peak Lou Williams Lightning signature shoe with electric detailing
on the upper and reflective yarns to make it bright like lightning.
The F&F Kyrie 5 "Welcome Home" also dropped this week.
The shoe is living up to it's name Friends and Family,
because if you want one of the 300 pairs released you'd have to be real tight with Kyrie.
Nike KD 12 Blue Gaze colourway in Blue Gaze, Photo Blue and Blue Tint
May be a reflection of the great man's state of mind right now - out for the season.
This off season the NBA's most eligible alphas paired up to create some nuclear power couples.
And they've blown the title race wide open.
We take a look at who's sizzling and who's fizzling.
Luka Dončić and Kristaps Porziņģis are definitely euro-stepping to the same tune this week.
Sizzle Plus.
Jo Jo and Ben Simmons are getting along.
Will Kristaps and Luka have enough chemistry to win when Bron and The Brow come to town?
Lakers v Mavs at 12:30pm Saturday on Kayo.
Let's make it a date.
With Halloween upon us Anthony Davis looks lethal as a samurai.
Melbourne based artist Andrew Archer has mastered the way of the samurai baller,
and is this week's feature artist getting to work in the paint.
Remember to like, subscribe, comment, share.
Thanks for watchin' keep ballin', this is The Weekly Jam out.


The Weekly Jam - Episode 2

42 タグ追加 保存
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