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  • So, my top tip would be, first of all to 1.) Eat regular meals.

  • And number 2.) Don't skip breakfast.

  • 3.) Reduce portion sizes and eat from slightly smaller plates.

  • 4.) Have a balanced diet without cutting any particular food group, although, ensure that

  • there is quite a high amount of protein in the diet.

  • 5.) Improve your sleep patterns. Have a really good sleep habitus and ensure that you get

  • ideally eight hours a night but at least seven hours of sleep a night.

  • We know that poor quality sleep is associated with metabolic abnormalities.

  • 6.) Increase exercise. This doesn't necessarily mean having to go to the gym, but to just

  • trying to walk more or use the stairs more.

  • 7.) Drink plenty of water.

  • 8.) Decrease alcoholic intake.

  • 9.) Not to ban any particular food in your diet

  • because you know that otherwise, you'll just be craving for it.

  • 10.) Seek advice from a health care professional, whether it's your GP or your local dietician,

  • as they may be able to signpost you to the right help; to guide you through your journey

  • and help you to achieve weight loss.

So, my top tip would be, first of all to 1.) Eat regular meals.


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体重管理のためのトップ10のヒント (10 top tips for weight management)

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