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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,029 I think you're here for free clothes, is that right?
Yes, you have the best gear.
Thank you so much.
Like Ellen has very comfortable underwear.
They're very kind to your body.
Yes, and you're always posting T-shirts.
You're always sharing my T-shirt--
Yes, that's true.
--the underwear.
It's wonderful.
But it seems like you need more clothes.
Well, I mean, that's why I'm here.
Because there's a bunch of new Ellen
T-shirts in the back for me today.
That's right, there are.
All right, so the last year--
I mean, you're such a good actor.
You are so amazing.
You were nominated for an Oscar, and now you're
nominated for tons of awards.
You were just at the Golden Globes.
And Beautiful Boy is brilliant, and you're amazing in it.
Thank you.
You really are.
Thank you so much.
And I mean, really, if you haven't seen it,
it's a very important film to see.
It's fantastic, and it's Timothée and it's Steve Carell.
And it's about a very important subject matter.
And he's just beautiful in it, beautiful boy.
Beautiful [INAUDIBLE].
Is it getting easier for you to go to these awards shows now?
No, it's nerve-- this is all nerve-wracking, honestly.
But in a good way, and I'm very grateful for all of it.
But it's just a surreal thing.
I've been looking up to everyone in these rooms
basically my whole life, so it's a weird thing to be there.
And well, you deserve to be there.
You're one of those people now that everybody's
looking up to you.
But I love the way you dress.
I think you're like--
I mean, every time, you just have such great style.
And you wore the coolest thing to the Globes,
and people didn't really understand.
Who was that?
That's a Louis Vuitton like Virgil Abloh.
That's the designer who did it.
So it was fantastic, and people thought
you were wearing a harness of some sort.
Yeah, no.
I thought it was a bib.
They told me it was a bib.
And I had a friend send me a thing that--
like sex dungeon culture is a thing where you wear harnesses.
So that--
(LAUGHING) Maybe that's--
That got a lot of pickup.
I didn't do it for that reason.
Anyway, you always look so good.
And you brought your mom.
Brought Mom, yeah.
How was that?
That was great.
We don't like-- if I was excited to see Lady Gaga and Rami
Malek, and she was like excited to see Tony Shalhoub and Dick
Van Dyke.
So we're not--
Well, there was somebody for everybody, then.
Yeah, exactly.
We're not the same type of fan, I guess.
But it was great to be there with her,
and she was really excited.
That's sweet you brought her.
And yeah, it was great.
And we danced with no shoes at the after party.
And she wore Off-White, which is like--
that's like a men's street wear thing.
So I didn't tell her that was like a men's street wear thing.
Oh look, there's a picture right there.
We were having a great time, we're dancing together.
Yeah, you are.
And so you're very close, and were you a good kid?
I was-- yeah, I was a good kid.
I mean--
That took too long.
Sorry, well, I had things to make up for.
I used to go on these cruise ships with my mom.
When I was like 8 to 12 years old,
we would do these cruise ships together.
And we were pulling into port once
and she was getting out of a shower, she was drying herself.
And she went onto the balcony just
to kind of go like woo as we were pulling into port.
And just to be funny, I locked the door, just locked
the balcony door and kind of pretended
to be leaving the room, and just kind of dancing about.
And I thought it'd be really funny if I actually left
the room and gave it a minute or two minutes or something
and let her back in.
And I waited like three minutes, and I didn't have my key card
after I realized.
And we were pulling--
our balcony was on the side of--
Was she naked?
She was naked, yeah.
That's not like a weird thing though
when you're prepubescent, right?
No, no.
Maybe I shouldn't have brought that up.
But I ran the length of the ship a couple of times,
and was weeping, and truly--
and finally got a key card.
When I came back in, she had taken--
there was like a little foyer thing to put her feet,
and she had like covered herself with it.
And she threw it at-- anyway, I was devastated.
I was really devastated.
She saw how devastated I was.
But I mean, if you're pulling into port,
there are people on the dock seeing her.
Seeing her, yeah, I know, I know.
Yeah, yeah.
So yeah, you have some things to make up for.
So you just shot Little Women.
Yeah, I did.
With Meryl Streep.
And Saoirse Ronan, who was just here.
And Saoirse.
Saoirse was at Globes collecting weird stuff
to bring on this show.
Yeah, she brought a bag full of dead tulips.
Yeah, but it was a really weird thing
to see happening when she was there, because--
like at the table where everyone's sitting,
she'd be grabbing stuff and putting it in her pocket.
And she said she was doing it for me?
And she said she was doing it for you.
That was really sweet.
So I didn't know what that meant.
[INAUDIBLE] I didn't know what was going on.
It's like a scavenger hunt or something like that.
Yeah, like a little scavenger hunt.
All right, we have to take a break.
We're going to talk about this movie that you're so good in.
But before we go to break, I got you a little something.
I know there's stuff in the dressing room,
but we have more things for you.
Oh my Lord!
That's so much stuff.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
All right.
We'll be back.
Oh, man.



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