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Hello Heroes, today I would like to tell you about the 5 best action cameras.
They're designed to be attached to helmets, surfboards, cars and other objects, and they're
small, tough and simple to operate.
You may find links in video description.
How to choose the best action camera?
What parameters affect the quality of the video?
First of all, an image sensor and camera lens are the most valuable things in any cameras
that affect the quality of an image.
Camera lens allow light to pass through it onto the sensor.
Collecting as much light as possible makes the video brighter and colorful.
An image sensor is a sensor that detects and conveys information used to make an image.
The larger size of a sensor, the more light waves will be converted and the better image
will be.
Taking into account these parameters, we created our list of best action cameras in 2019.
Let's start.
The first camera in the list is SJCAM SJ8 Pro.
This camera has almost identical specs as the Yi 4K+ and Hero 7 Black.
It allows to capture 4K/60fps, enable six-axis image stabilization and use standard GoPro-style
There is no GPS metric and voice control.
It is a great camera capturing high quality footage with at a friendlier price.
The next camera is YI 4K+.
It is a solid GoPro alternative.
It has GoPro's best features: capturing 4K/60fps, electronic image stabilization, touch screen
and voice control.
The results are detailed, smooth and colorful, and the user interface is super-simple, but
it doesn't have GPS functionality.
It's world's best value action camera.
Garmin Virb Ultra 30 takes third position.
The camera shoots up to 4K/30fps video action.
It works better than GoPro in low light conditions.
Moreover, it comes packed with 5 sensors - GPS, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.
Data from all these sensors can be overlaid directly onto your video.
It is the best camera for tracking fitness, sports, and outdoors activities.
After that, Sony FDR-X3000 comes.
This camera is easy to use and shoot 4K/30 video.
It utilizes optical image stabilization technology.
Digital stabilization basically crops and results in a loss of resolution.
But optical stabilization leads to better image quality.
It reduces effect of the shake and create really smooth and sharp footages.
So it is the best camera with the steadiest image quality.
Finally, Hero7 Black is the best ever action camera.
This camera offers the best image quality with expanded dynamic range.
It shoots up to 4K/60fps and has new in-camera video stabilization system called HyperSmooth.
GoPro always tends to implement new features, such as TimeWarp, LiveStream, SuperPhoto,
native WaterProof, Voice Control and other.
If you want the best, the GoPro Hero7 black is your best choice.
I hope, you find this video helpful.
Have you used any of cameras mentioned in this video?
Let us know your experience in the comment section.
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this one.
See you soon.


アクションカメラベスト5!-2019ver (5 Best Action Cameras 2019)

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