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  • Hey there!

  • Welcome to The Selcouth Mind!

  • At some point in your life, you've probably taken a personality quiz of some type, from

  • the official sounding Myers-Briggs to a silly Buzzfeed quiz.

  • We're attracted to those quizzes because we want to know more about ourselves and what

  • makes us unique.

  • There's even a whole field of psychology devoted to studying personality.

  • However, the meaning ofpersonalityhas changed slightly over the years.

  • Personalityis currently defined asthe quality or collection of qualities

  • which makes a person a distinctive individual”.

  • So if you're an extravert or are forgetful or creative, those are all examples of personality

  • traits.

  • Multiple personality traits make up your unique personality.

  • Psychologists definepersonalitysimply aspersonal individuality”.

  • Back in the 13th century when the wordpersonalitywas beginning to be used, it meant something

  • more than individual characteristics.

  • Personalityreferred tothe quality, character, or fact of being a person, as distinct

  • from an animal, thing, or abstraction”.

  • It wasthe quality which makes a being human”.

  • However, it wasn't a very common word until the 18th century, when the modern definition

  • first came into use.

  • Where did we get this word from anyway?

  • Well, many languages have a similar word, but it is believed that the English wordpersonality

  • was created by combining the French wordpersonalité” and the Latin wordpersonalitas”, both

  • of which refer topersonal details or qualities”.

  • Our personalities are what make us unique.

  • My favorite part of my personality is that I'm creative.

  • Let me know yours in the comments below!

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  • I'll see you again soon.

  • Until then, stay curious!

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