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This is Daddy's last night here for about two weeks,
OK? OK, that's not long.
That's not long? So we're gonna go to Gusto's together.
Alright Dude, did you get your fries? Are they good?
Daddy's got his food...
The kids got their food, right?
We're enjoying this meal together!
We're going to my sports day. Today it's my Undoukai.
It's Sarah's last "undoukai" in youchien [kindergarten]
What are you going to do in the undoukai?
Race — do you think you can get first?
I think so.
Yeah. If you lose, lose, lose...
I won't cry! I won't have a bad attitude!
Mommy's getting ready! I am!
So I'm back in my hometown of Peoria, Illinois.
For a number of days I'm going to be getting together with lots of different people
who support us, who are partnered with us to be able to live in Japan.
And I'm excited to get to see people and hoping everything is going well back home while I'm gone.
Well Dad...
It's probably been a really long time...
I'm trying to think of the last time I would have driven this way.
Do you remember ever driving this way?
Oh yeah. As a kid, sitting in the back.
OK. My goodness.
You've got a great memory.
There she is! Bye Sarah!
Whoa! [applause]
Just had a great meeting with the team from Christian Bible Church.
They rescheduled (their meeting) so I could meet with them.
And now I get to go home and go to sleep! [laughs]
Dad's driving, not me!
Go Sarah!
Run Sarah!
Run, run, run! RUN!
I'm heading to Moline, Illinois, which is where I first worked when I got out of college.
I worked as a music director at a church.
I'm really looking forward to seeing our supporters there, our partners...
and get to eat up there too, that's gonna be great!
So we're going to go Disc Golfing here.
Disc Golfing is the bomb, wouldn't you say? Yea.
It's basically golf with frisbees.
That's right.
Jim, no pressure, but there's a lot of people watching. Alright, no problem.
He, like, puts up his best drive ever.
"Hole in one!"
Do you feel relaxed now?
I'm a happy guy. OK, good.
I'm getting good old cookout food here today...
I've got a pulled-pork sandwich and some good old chips. It's going to be good.
I'm here at the church where I first had my full-time job as their music director.
It's really exciting to be back to see everybody; to make these connections again.
I've got some friends here, right? You've gotta get in this Kevin!
Say "Hello" everybody. "Hello everybody."
Auctioning off pies!
The proceeds are going to go help kids in Tanzania.
I might be going looking in the bushes for that.
Are you Mario?
Oh look! There's a Luigi!
Those two are best friends.
Fall in Illinois has got to be one of my favorite things...
My goodness! Look at these trees!
They're awesome!
Oh yes! It's the perfect day for a barbecue!
It is!
I put plenty of lighter fluid on it. That's right! Make sure it goes!
Washed and ready to go, huh?
That sounds like everything that I'm for. (Meat and potatoes)
Get a glove. That is so hot!
I was fine until Thursday night.
And then, the kids have been sleeping with me, and I don't sleep well with them.
I don't sleep well with Nate either, but the kids are a little...
Worse. Oh wow, I'm actually better than the kids. That's good to know, at least.
I missed the pork chops coming off!
Wow! Those smell good!
That one is probably going to be the juiciest.
Is it? Yeah.
Take it Well, come here Mr. Juicy.
This is... this is good stuff right here.
Say hi! Hi!
This is what we do on rainy holiday-days. And when we're sick.
But! We started doing some crafts.
So we're painting some wood.
And then we're going to make some really cool things.
My basil is doing so well outside!
Meanwhile, since it is rainy, I baked a cake.
It should be done.
Oh, I wish you could smell it.
Oh yea, it's done. It's glorious.
Mmmmmm, chocolate cake.
Right now I'm getting ready to go on a date with Ruth.
I'm going to call her up.
It's 7:30 in the morning here, in America, and it's 9:30 P.M. in Japan.
I'm going to call her up and we're going to go shopping. I'm going to show her around.
And then she'll be able to shop from there.
We're going to give it a try.
Back in Costco in the States.
It feels so much like the Costcos in Japan I almost feel like I'm in Japan.
What are we getting ready for here, Mom?
Um, we're getting ready for an open house for Nate and, well, that family isn't here,
but it's an open house for Nate to meet a lot of people that he knows from his past.
And lots of good food!
Um hum. Thanks to Costco.
OK, what are we here to find out?!
If Aunt Debbie is having a boy or a girl.
Do you think it's a boy or a girl? Boy.
Tia Pri — boy or girl?
Girl, I think, I'm not sure. Uncle Paul?
I'm cheering for a boy.
Yea, me too! We're cheering for boys, we're prepared for girls.
So you guys ready? Yes!
Hurry, hurry!
What's the verdict? What do you guys think?
We all think it's a girl but we're all hoping for a boy!
A little suspense.
Oh my!
Yea! It's a little girl!
Yea! [Girls Just Want to Have Fun plays]
Girls all around.
Today is my last day here in the States and it's an absolutely gorgeous day.
We're going to head to church and then I'm going to finish up getting some things for packing
and maybe even enjoy some of these beautiful leaves that are out.
OK, we're heading into church.
These two weeks I've been able to meet up with so many friends, family, supporters and investors here,
and tell them about what's going on.
I really have one of the best jobs in the world, which is to be a missionary...
To go and connect other people with God's love
And connect the need with those who can help with the need.
And I get to be right in the middle of all of that, and it is just really awesome, I love it.
And I'm really looking forward to getting back to my family. I miss them a lot.
Well, it's about 5:00 AM on Monday morning.
I've got everything packed together.
And I'm going to have some coffee
I'm going to get the rest of my bags packed and heading off, back home.
Oh my goodness!
Look at this cuteness! Oh my goodness!


アメリカへの一時帰国 - Life in Japan 第30話(Away in America While the Family Stays in Japan | Life in Japan Episode 30)

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