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  • - [Tim] I've flown past mach one

  • several times off a carrier.

  • The most exciting portion of it

  • is getting shot off the front end.

  • The body is experiencing this different

  • feel to it completely.

  • From zero to 150 miles an hour in about

  • two and a half seconds.

  • I'm Tim Hibbits, I am a pilot,

  • and I have flown faster than the speed of sound.

  • When you're sitting on the carrier at night,

  • you're right across from the island which has

  • all these big, orange, sodium lights.

  • It's this orange glow that's palling everything

  • and everybody's almost monochromatic

  • and outside of that, it's just pitch black.

  • As soon as they punch the button,

  • and you start off on the catapult,

  • you've got these lights now that were around you

  • and now they're streaking past you.

  • You body is pulled back into the seat.

  • Your hearing is now assaulted.

  • You're under these extreme forces.

  • Anything that could go wrong now

  • could be really disastrous in the next few seconds.

  • Suddenly you reach the end of the catapult.

  • And all you're left with is hanging out,

  • for an instant you can feel, hear, and see nothing.

  • Totally different experience for the person

  • who's watching it from outside.

  • So you're watching this airplane and he's

  • raging by you, but you still can't hear a thing.

  • And then he'll get four or five hundred feet past you

  • and then suddenly, (jet engine) this thunder hits you,

  • and it just rattles everything.

  • And it just compresses your chest.

  • It's a little wonky for a half a second.

  • If you just take this really quick snapshot,

  • Okay, did I die? I don't think I died.”

  • Okay, everything is cool again?”

  • Yeah, everything is cool again.”

  • And then you continue with your mission.

- [Tim] I've flown past mach one


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B1 中級

マッハ1に到達する:音の壁を破るように感じること (Reaching Mach 1: What It Feels Like to Break the Sound Barrier)

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