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Hello, Kat.
Hi, it's me with my glasses.
I know.
Are these new glasses?
They are new.
Do you like them?
I do.
They're very cool.
Thank you.
Portia has these-- they're very in style, these kind of large,
kind of '80s-type glasses now.
She's got some.
I feel like they make like my other features look
small and like petite.
They don't, right?
Well then.
That's why the clowns wear those big ones, because their feet
look smaller.
I saw a picture of you with your kitty cat.
Was it your cat?
It's always my cat, what we're talking about?
It's a picture.
Oh, no.
Look how sad she is.
Well, she doesn't look sad.
She looks a little like where am I?
OK, here's the deal.
So this was for People Magazine, and they
were doing a thing of like people with their cats.
And it sounded fine on paper.
It's not fine.
And you bring it somewhere?
Did you bring it?
So the deal was, I was like, I will do this
because it'd be nice to have a professional photo of me
and Millie, because I mean, forget it.
Cats don't like that stuff.
They come in with a huge backdrop with metal poles,
and lights, and all this stuff, and I was fully a stage mother.
Like I can't.
She can't.
I don't think this is a good idea.
I start freaking out.
So I'm like, all right, I'm going to go get her.
I'm going to bring her in.
You're going to get 12 seconds.
They got two seconds.
Before she started climbing on my back and ran under the bed,
and I made everyone get out of my house.
And I lay on the floor giving her treats until she
would come out, and then, ugh.
Yeah, it was traumatizing, I'm sure.
It was traumatizing for both of us.
Because you wanted to be in People Magazine.
I'm a trash person.
I'm trash, what could I say?
But look at that cute little thing!
No, that's a cute cat.
That's a cute kitty.
And are you still knitting?
Of course.
It's making you sound weird right now.
You have a cat, and that you knit.
But those two things really together--
I should have spaced them out.
Honestly, it's all I have in the world.
OK, a cat and knitting.
Yes, I'm knitting.
I'm knitting.
I had a little downtime because I finished the last show,
and I was like, you know what?
I got to just watch a show that people like that I've missed,
because we don't have the time.
Maybe you have time sometimes.
I don't know.
It's my homework.
I have to watch shows.
Right, true.
Well, I watched a little bit of Outlander,
and I was so struck by the knitting on the show.
No, no.
I'm telling you right now, this woman, this beautiful actress,
I think her name is Caitriona Balfe?
I'm so sorry if I'm saying that wrong.
She's wearing this cowl.
It's called a cowl.
It's like a brown scarfy--
yes, there it is.
Look at that.
So I paused it.
I took photos, and I was like, I'm going to make this cowl.
And I googled it, and it turns out I'm not alone.
Everyone else googled it, too?
Outlander knits is like a whole community.
Oh, wow.
How many people here are part of that community?
No one.
No one.
All right.
And look who did it.
You did it!
Oh wow.
Thank you.
So the community is maybe not called a community.
It's you and maybe a couple of people.
It doesn't matter how many.
No, it doesn't.
You're right, you're right.
Let's talk about Dollface.
All right, tell everybody what that is about.
It's about a girl who gets dumped
from her five-year relationship like out of nowhere.
She's not expecting it, and she realizes
that she's kind of lost her close group of friends.
We fall in love.
We just drop everything and orbit that person,
and that happened the first five minutes.
So it's kind of a romantic comedy for friends.
It's doing very well.
People love it.
Who knows?
I hope so.
Yeah, well I'm telling you, I know.
People love it.
It's great.
I love it.
I hope so.
All right, it's on Hulu now.
I'm so bad at everything.
It's on Hulu now.
You can stream all the episodes.
All of them at once.
And it's called Dollface
Sure is.
Called Dollface.
Check it out.
And there will be a community of people--
Dollface kints next!


Kat Dennings Has Found a Home with the Outlander Knitting Community

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