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- Argh, I'm Coyote Peterson and I just took on
the pickle pop challenge.
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle pickle ♪
(intense music)
I can't find the pickles.
Found 'em!
- [Mario] Don't drop your pickles.
- Oh, don't worry, I won't drop 'em.
- [Mario] Do you need any help?
- No I got it, don't touch 'em.
All right, so we've got all of our pickles.
The only way to have pickles is start off
with a little bit of pickle juice.
- [Mario] Oh gosh.
(deep sigh)
Can you stop eating pickles and driving please?
- I'm probably gonna drink this entire jar.
- [Mario] There's an officer right there
that's like looking at you eating your pickles and driving.
That might be against the law here in Thermopolis.
- Well here's the thing about Thermopolis,
they're known for a couple of different things.
Dinosaurs, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center,
which is one of the top dinosaur museums
in the entire world.
They're also known for having
the world's largest mineral hot spring.
And last, but certainly not least,
is the fact that they're also the birthplace
of pickle popsicles and that's where we're headed today.
To a little ice cream shop that actually
serves these pickle popsicles.
I'm gonna go and I'm gonna buy every single one
of those pickle popsicles and I'm gonna eat them all
over the course of the next 30 minutes.
Now to get myself warmed up, I'm just gonna go ahead
and finish drinking this entire jar of pickle juice
and then I'm gonna eat all the pickles.
- [Mario] Oh god! (laughing)
- Ahh, delicious!
- What you guys don't know is that
every time we go on trips,
we have to get these pickles for Coyote.
And he goes through like, I don't know,
like two or three a day, he's got a problem.
Some might say he's got an addiction to pickles.
And you know, unfortunately, we have to provide him
these pickles in order for him to perform,
beause otherwise, sometimes he can't remember his lines,
he's just not really a good performer without his pickles.
- Hello, my name's Pickle, Pickle Peterson.
You wanna a pickle?
(gentle music)
You're doin' it, you're swinging?
(gentle music)
Swinging pickles.
(gentle music)
You did it!
(gentle music)
You want some? Okay.
(gentle music)
Here it is, Dairyland, the birthplace of pickle pops.
All right, let's park and head in there
to buy all of their pickle pops.
There's no question about it, this looks like the place.
Let's check the menu.
Boom, right there, Pickle Pop.
The most valuable thing on the menu.
Looks like it must be a popular place,
so we're gonna have to get in line.
Hi there, how are you?
- I'm good, how are you?
- You guys have pickle pops?
- Yes we do!
- I would actually like to order all of your pickle pops.
- So we have 10 right now.
- 10, okay, as I understand it, the current standing
world record is eight pickle pops eaten in 30 minutes.
So I'm gonna buy all 10 of these
and try to set a new world record, is that okay?
- Yeah, that's perfect.
- Now this is kinda crazy, but do you think
there's any way that we can see
where the pickle pops are actually made?
- Yes, if you just come back, I'll show you.
- For real? - Yeah.
- What is your name?
- Madeline. - Madeline.
I'm Coyote, you're serious, I can come back
and see where you guys make the pickle pops?
- Yes. - Sweet.
All right, we're gonna check out the factory, let's go.
This is amazing, we just got behind the scenes access
here at Dairyland to find out how they make pickle pops.
Whoa, look at that jar of pickles!
This is sanitary, right?
- Yes. - Yes.
- Okay, so you just need to cup and pour
the juice in like that.
- It's not as high tech as I would have thought,
but that is incredible.
So the pickle pops start their life journey
out here in the factory, and then they actually move
to the store front where you can purchase them.
So basically at this point, I think you can leave me here
with the pickle pops, you did an awesome job.
- Thank you.
- Showing me the process of making pickle pops
and this is where it all comes together, right here folks.
I'm about to eat 10 pickle pops.
And as you guys saw already,
the process is quite scientific.
You actually just pour the pickle juice
into this mold maker and then you freeze it.
Now I can't tell you exactly what the temperature is,
'cause then anybody would just be able to make pickle pops
and they wouldn't be as special.
But here in Thermopolis, this is one of the most popular
mid-afternoon treats, now the only thing that I feel
like these pickle pops are actually missing
are some real pickles, so the good news is
I brought another jar of pickles just for myself
because what washes down pickle pops better than water?
Pickle juice.
Now actually just to wet my whistle,
I'm gonna get started, oh yeah,
you don't want to eat the garlic ball.
Mm, that's so good right when it hits your lips.
Okay, let's see, I don't know where to start.
Do I start on the left, do I start on the right?
Do I try to eat them all at once?
Once you pop a pickle pop, you really can't stop.
So I'm just gonna start right here.
This one looks like it's starting to melt.
Look at that, look at the coloration.
Neon yellowish green, you know it's good when it's neon.
I'm gonna take my first bite,
completely unknowing what this is gonna be like.
Extremely salty, wow, that is a salty pickle pop.
Now it's probably a little bit better
if I actually dip it into the pickle juice, just like that.
Yeah, well, pickle pops here in Thermopolis
definitely are delicious.
Now the real question is, will I be able to eat
all 10 of these pickle pops?
That's the real question.
This might take a while.
After a long day out there searching for fossils
with the Wyoming Dinosaur Center,
I just felt like I needed something salty
and once I discovered the fact that Dairyland here
is the birthplace of this new phenomenon, pickle pops,
taking pickle juice and actually freezing it
so you can enjoy it as a salty, but cooling summer treat,
I said to myself, you know what?
We've got to make an episode about this.
I think the thing you guys are all asking yourselves
right now is, "Coyote, if you eat all these pickle pops,
"are you going to puke up pickles?"
Pickle puke would probably be the grossest puke
you could possibly puke.
- For a person that likes pickles, he's doin' horrible.
I really thought he was gonna
plow through those and enjoy them.
It seems like he's already at his weak stomach phase.
He always, you know, he's got a bit of a squeamish stomach.
So I can probably predict what's gonna happen.
- That's six. (crunching)
Mm. - Come on, do it!
- That's seven, seven and a half.
That's so cold!
Okay, I'm officially down
to the last two, partially melted
pickle pops here at Dairyland.
The birthplace of the pickle pop.
Honestly feeling a little sick at this point,
but I'm determined to finish the last two.
I think I'm gonna pass out.
Oh man, so many pickles.
- [Mario] They're melting, go, go, go, do it!
- Brain freeze, aah!
My brain is so cold! (munching)
Ahh, I don't know if I'll ever be able
to eat another pickle as long as I live.
Here we go.
It's just down to you and me, lone pickle pop.
Number 10,
gotta just kinda slush it
around (laughing) a little bit.
Really mix it in.
Helps it go down a little easier.
- [Mario] There you go, the last one, do it.
- I think we're (retching).
- [Mario] Oh no, no, no, keep it in.
Get the last piece in.
- [Mario] Swallow it, swallow it.
- I've done it, I've eaten
all 10 of the pickle pops.
Gotta hold it down and now I'm going to drink
what was left of the pickle juice.
And there you have it, Coyote Peterson
has set the record for the most pickle pops eaten
in a single setting here in the birthplace
of pickle pops, Thermopolis, Wyoming.
I'm Coyote Peterson, be brave,
stay wild, we'll see you on the next location.
Okay here come the pickles, oh boy.
I kept the pickles down for
a short period of time, but unfortunately
I puked up the pickles
and the pickle pops.
But I still set the world record.
It's definitely a world record, I think.
Probably, ow!
Man, you just hit me in the face with a pickle!
- [Mario] You sure you don't want another pickle?
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
♪ Pickle pa pickle ♪
♪ Pa pa pa pickle pickle ♪
- [Coyote] If you thought taking on the pickle pop challenge
seemed like a crazy way to cool off in the summer heat,
then make sure to go back and watch the episode
where I battle the brain freeze blizzard
of Hawaiian shaved ice.
And don't forget, subscribe and click the notification bell
so you can join me and the crew on our next location.
(jungle music)


Pickle Pop Challenge! New World Record?

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