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You already know who the next Idol is
You would assume that this company would've took in all the top trainees in the country but...
Who's No.1 on today's list?
- JYP is probably crying right now - That video is just perfect
The No.1 Idol that broke his heart
- Oh my god.. - No...
A world class Idol who started the chicken noodle soup trend!
The No.1 Idol that was rejected by a company is, BTS J-Hope
(Shocked) - Oh no... - Wow!
Hi! I'm No.28 Jung Ho Seok from Gwangju!
Thank you!
When did you start using that phrase??
I started saying that when I was 13
So you did it first!
You're the original!
Tell everyone that you did it before J-Hope!
No that's okay ha ha
We approve!
In 2009 Jung Ho Seok(J-Hope) went to Seoul to participate in JYP's audition
He was already famous in Gwangju as 'Smile Hoya'
Everyone in Gwangju knew 'Smile Hoya'
Oh he was already famous
He even missed his middle school graduation ceremony to attend JYP's audition
And he received a popularity award
He was one step closer to his dream
(People kept asking me) When are you gonna debut?
But J-Hope had to practice everyday without knowing if he'll ever debut
And not much else happened when he was a trainee at JYP
One day, his dance teacher recommended an audition to J-Hope
And it was Bighit's audition to find future BTS members
A historic moment!
And of course, he passed the audition! But there was a special reason!
The audition manager told him to dance in the studio leaving nothing but a camera
But J-Hope kept dancing for 3 hours! And Bighit knew J-Hope was a special trainee
- 3 hours! Wow! - No one was even watching him!
With his talent and endless effort, the legend of J-Hope began
He was different from the start
He never stopped working hard even after becoming a member of BTS
(Dance battle)
His dance skills even shocked professional dancers
He approves!
He started rapping when he became a trainee, and he never stopped practicing
His first mixtape, was No.1 in over 70 different countries
And that's the highest score for a Korean solo artist!
This was all possible because of his talent, and effort
(You're the best!)
J-Hope once decided to leave BTS before their debut
Fellow member Jungkook tried to stop him and even burst into tears, but J-Hope still left the team
Leader RM tried to convince Bighit to make J-Hope return to the team
And thanks to the members and Bighit, J-Hope decided to come back
He said, "I came back, only because of you guys"
- What a relief! - I know!
Bighit almost lost J-Hope
But thanks to BTS's amazing friendship, J-Hope decided to stay.. isn't that amazing?
Until BTS became world wide stars, they've been through so much!
The incredible friendship between BTS members!
This award...
And J-Hope's endless efforts were behind their global success
If everything happened easily, they wouldn't have felt so proud
We hope that BTS shines together in the future
No.1 on today's list was world class Idol, BTS J-Hope


[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [19회] 노력의 아이콘! 월드와이드 전설의 시작, 'BTS 제이홉' 191023 EP.19

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