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Caroline Aghajanian: On this episode of "Travel Dares":
Aj Caldwell: I'm taking Caroline to Battipaglia,
where we're gonna learn how to make
Italy's largest mozzarella ball.
Caroline: And I'm taking Aj on a water-bike tour
of the gorgeous Naples coastline.
Come join us on our adventures
on this episode of "Travel Dares."
This is "Travel Dares."
The show where we do daring activities all over Europe.
And in this episode, we're in Naples, Italy!
Aj, are you ready for your clue?
Aj: Give me that clue!
Oh, I'm always ready for some amazing views.
Caroline: Great, but first, you can't see anything.
'Cause you're going in the blindfold.
Aj: All right.
So, when I think of amazing views,
I think of beautiful beaches, beautiful buildings,
beautiful people.
So maybe we're looking in a mirror?
[both laughing]
Caroline: Good one.
The views in Naples are unlike anywhere else in the world.
And these water bikes are a fun, active way
to explore the breathtaking coastline.
Here, perfect. Aj: All right.
And your head is right there, great.
OK, Aj, take your blindfold off.
Aj: All right. Caroline: Because we are
biking through the water on these hydro bikes!
Aj: Oh, no way, this is so tight!
So, how do I get on this thing?
Instructor: Get on your bike.
[Aj laughs] Caroline: Oh, wow!
OK, whoo!
Can I dip my feet in the water?
OK, I'm going, bye! [Aj laughs]
Oh, my God, all the fishies!
Do you see them? They're so cute!
They're like, mi, mi, mi, mi, mi,
mi, mi, mi, mi, mi. Aj: It's a school of fish.
Oh, I can feel the waves coming in.
Caroline: I think we're doing pretty well,
but I wanna race, I wanna see if I can go faster
on the bike than you.
Aj: Oh, you know I love winning.
Caroline: You're about to compete with someone
who takes cycling every week.
Are you sure you can handle it?
Aj: Oh, I can handle it, Caroline.
Caroline: OK, Aj, this is
your five stars on the line, are you sure?
Aj: Oh, I will risk it all.
Caroline: OK, Aj, three, two, one, go!
[Aj laughs]
Whoo! Aj: All right,
I'm coming for you Caroline!
Caroline: Oh, no, no, I'm so much ahead! [laughs]
Aj: Oh, no, I'm coming up. Caroline: Whoo!
Aj: Why are you so good at this?
Caroline: Yes, that's what I thought, Aj.
Both Oh!
Caroline: Whoo-hoo-hoo! [Aj laughs]
Aj: Ah!
Caroline: There goes your star!
Aj: No, my five stars!
Caroline: I won.
I finally beat Aj. Aj: You earned it.
Caroline: I did it.
Aj: You paddled very hard.
Caroline: But you did very well.
Aj: That was a lot of fun. I enjoyed that race.
Wow, I cannot believe this view!
Caroline: What a way to enjoy this nice little town.
Aj: Caroline, that was so much fun!
Caroline: I know, I'm so glad you had a good time.
Aj: Oh, those bikes were so relaxing,
and the views were amazing.
Caroline: So good. Aj: But it's your turn.
Are you ready for your clue? Caroline: My clue!
I think I know what this is!
Oh, I'm sure you think you know, but you don't.
Caroline: We are gonna be making pizza today
because Naples is so famous for pizza.
Aj: If there's one thing Italy's known for, it's food.
Mozzarella was invented here in the 12th century,
and we're gonna learn how to make it the traditional way.
Caroline: So many noises. Aj: And you can step
right here.
Just take a bite of this.
Caroline: What is it? Aj: Just a small bite.
Producer: Relax!
Aj: Excellent, all right, now this way,
you can take your blindfold off
'cause we're gonna learn how to make a mozzarella.
Caroline: Oh, my God! That's huge!
Aj: We're about to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look
at how La Fattoria makes their famous zizzona cheese.
Aj: So, first they're gonna show us
how to braid it. Caroline: OK.
And then we're gonna give it a try.
Caroline: We get to do that?
Aj: We get to get hands-on.
Caroline: Yes! Ooh!
Ooh, it's hot! Ha, ha, ha! It's hot.
Aj: Make it a big, long... Caroline: Thing,
and then you fold like a pretzel.
Oh, it's my baby cheese. [Aj laughs]
It's hot, whoo, I am born to make mozzarella cheese.
OK it's a pretzel, and then...
Instructor: A pretzel, OK, then go in.
Caroline: In. Oh, perfect, I got it, I got it.
Whoo! [Aj laughs]
Perfetto! Bellissimo! Here, let me show you.
You can hold my, what did you do?
Aj: I did his steps up until
I couldn't follow any more. Caroline: No you didn't,
this is not his steps.
This is Aj's.
We're gonna bring this one over here,
and then you're gonna twist this guy.
Aj: I did it! [laughs] Caroline: Whoo, Aj!
Yay! Aj: I did it!
Caroline: Oh, my God, I can't wait,
when do we get to eat it?
Aj: Right now.
Caroline: Let's go. Oh, I'm so hungry.
Yes, these are the ones we folded.
Aj: Yeah, because here's your beautiful braid.
Caroline: Of course.
Aj: And here's my not-so-beautiful braid.
Caroline: Yes. Ooh, yes, OK.
Aj: All right, I think I got a little globby glob.
Oho! Caroline: Oh, my God.
Aj: That is good.
Caroline: This is like an explosion. This is so good.
I've had mozzarella cheese my whole life,
but nothing compares to this.
This cheese was so good, I can't wait
to take some back to the hotel.
Cashier: Grazie.
Caroline: Yay! Aj: Grazie. Bye.
Naples has been such a great time.
There's so much to do here, and there's so much to eat.
Caroline, I need to know my rating.
Caroline: So, you were so relaxed on the water bikes,
and I think you really took the time
to really take in those views.
But if you remember correctly,
you put your stars on the line
when we did our little race, and I won,
and for that I'm gonna have to give you a four out of five.
Aj: I expected that.
You did do really well on those bikes.
Caroline, as you know, you haven't done too well
with the food dares.
Your omelet was a little bit of a flop,
but you braided the mozzarella perfectly.
And you got it on your first try,
so for that I gotta give you five out of five stars.
Caroline: Whoo, that is right, yes!
Aj, I had such a blast traveling with you,
and you nailed all of your dares, so this is my treat.
Aj: Oh, thanks!
Caroline: And I'm about to go to Southern France
with my friend Nico!
Aj: Well, I think I set the bar pretty high,
so I'm curious to see if Nico can top it.
Caroline: Well, I'm excited for my next adventure.
Aj: Cheers! Caroline: Cheers!


Going On A Water Bike Tour + Making Large Mozzarella Balls In Italy | Travel Dares S2 Ep 4

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