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the whole city is gearing up to welcome participants of the ASEAN Korea summit
and also to be prepared for a surge in visitors so what kind of experience can
they expect in a southern port city chun-yin provides a sneak peek from
Busan situated in the southeast corner of South Korea Busan is a vibrant port
city which also has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the seaside landscape
for a peaceful morning by the sea visit head-on jung-geun temple built more than
600 years ago greeted by a row of twelve zodiac animals visitors can marvel at
one of the country's only temples that overlooks the ocean as most of the
temples are up in the mountains if you love walking along the sea round off
your day with some natural scenery and fresh sea air by tracking along Ikeda
Park to audit to skywalk built in an area between the east and southeast
toruk to skywalk offers stunning views of five different islets the 50 metre
long glass bridge also gives visitors the thrilling experiences of being able
to walk 35 meters above the cliffs and crashing waves
ponle beach rivals Hyundai in popularity but as more of a relaxed CD by the sea
vibe with a view of Poussin's landmark qualen Daegu bridge just a 15 minute
walk from the beach is Mila gras fish market where locals get the freshest and
cheapest raw fish fishermen bring fish directly from the sea and sell them here
with a simpler distribution process and running ocean water in the tank the fish
are cheap chewy and tasty it's no exaggeration to say some people come to
Busan for the food alone with local specialties abound lively markets offer
a chance to try some great street food at Tinkham market visitors can enjoy you
boo pocket a winter favorite with glass noodles and thinly sliced vegetables you
can also beat away the chills with Busan specialty all Mook or fish cakes along
with some spicy rice cake Buki as you bite into the sea a tooth dog or sea
pancake at the nearby beef square pumpkin sunflower and sesame seeds
covered in cinnamon sugar mousse all from the crispy dough we enjoyed a
sleepover la Verity and every other well is very
delicious nearby is cooked a market with vintage clothing and traditional items
as well as Tiger Chi fish market where you can try various types of grilled
fish as the Sun Goes Down the Bay 101 attracts tourists with its cafes and
restaurants which have unbelievable views of the skyscrapers across the
water inhaling the district the perfect place to relax at the end of the day
Jaejoong Hyun Arirang news Busan


活気があふれる港町韓国釜山を満喫しよう (Travel guide for Busan, the vibrant city with peaceful seaside attractions)

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