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  • [GREG] Hello, world! Where are the kids, you ask?

  • Well, they're at school. It's a snow day, but not enough of it is falling to prevent them from going.

  • So Aiko watched my rough draft of this video, and she said it needed some voice-over. O-kay, then, let's do this.

  • Here's the story: We live in Tokyo, which only gets snow a few days a year,

  • so when I woke up to snow on February 2nd, I packed up my gear and headed out.

  • You only get so many chances to catch the white fluffiness sent from the heavens

  • This is actually the second time it has snowed in Tokyo this season.

  • The first time was the biggest snowfall in four years.

  • Instead of filming though, we all went outside to play

  • because (besides my family) what I miss most about Canada is the snow.

  • Which is odd, because Japan is a snowy country.

  • In fact, the snowiest major city in the world is the Japanese city of Aomori.

  • But we don't live there. We live in Tokyo, and a fun place to see the snowfall is Asakusa.

  • So I've brought you all here with me.

  • Now Sensō-ji is a giant tourist trap. It really is, but it's a very scenic one, and on this day

  • I especially noticed that everyone was having a cheerful time delighting in this rare opportunity.

  • You might have noticed that there are school kids ALL over the place. What's up with that?

  • No, they're not skipping out. Rather, they come here on cultural excursions.

  • The Japanese culture of taking group photos is huge, and what better place to take them?

  • I've said this in a previous video, but hey! For you first-time viewers,

  • people are washing the incense smoke over their bodies as it is believed to have healing power.

  • Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Are those geisha?

  • Nah. They're just girls renting kimonos, which is easy to do in this area.

  • What's also easy to do is to find some good grab-and-go food.

  • Street vendors over here is actually new to me. Perhaps I just don't visit at the right times,

  • but usually vendors are located in permanent shops in the Nakamise, the main shopping street.

  • Something you must have noticed is all the umbrellas. Is it for the snow?

  • Nope. A very special tradition at Sensō-ji is to purify your spirit under the gate waterfalls.

  • Of course It's a bit inconvenient to get all wet while performing the ceremony, so the use of umbrellas is quite popular.

  • Okay, okay. I've made that all up. Kids, It's all a lie.

  • What is true, though, is that Tokyoites love to break out the umbrellas anytime precipitation falls from the sky.

  • And just as sudden as the snow came, it started to turn into rain.

  • It wasn't going to stick around long enough for the kids to play in it after school.

  • Who are these guys? I have no clue!

  • But I'm sure one of you knowledgeable viewers will let me know all about it in the comments

  • Thanks for watching! See you next time. Bye!

  • What's a snow day like where you're from?

[GREG] Hello, world! Where are the kids, you ask?


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浅草の雪の日(浅草寺 (Snow Day in Asakusa (Senso-ji))

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