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  • - So you mentioned on the red carpet you've been single for some time - Seven years.

    - レッドカーペットで言ってたよね。しばらく独り身なんだって?- 7 年ね。

  • - Seven years. - like I had a bad breakup.

    - 7 年。- 辛い別れ方をしたの。

  • We broke up because a family problem, and so it was hard to break it off knowing that it was a reason that had nothing to do with us.

    家族絡みの問題があって、別れた理由が、私たち 2 人とは何も関係ないことだって分かっていたから、別れるのは辛かったわ。

  • I got to the point where I was like you know I don't want you to leave your family for me, and I want my future husband's family to love me.


  • I know my family would have you know loved him and adored him regardless of whose and what he is or where he's from.


  • It just took me a while to let anyone else in, and I've always wondered you know why certain things didn't work out or certain people, and no I guess I know why now.


  • It's a really nice thing to be let in to something so intimate like that so early on upon meeting someone.


  • It felt like she was comfortable letting me see some of the past pain.


  • You're definitely someone that I haven't met in a very long time.


  • You're very genuine, and even though you're you're smart, you are good looking, you've got everything going for you, you still just a decent guy that you can have a chat with.


  • I was worried that you know how the date would go and if you actually feel a connection with me or it was on my head.


  • Not all in your head at all, no, not at all.


  • I think there was an immediate attraction and spark, and today's just been a really phenomenal day... yeah it's been a perfect first date.


  • - I have one more surprise actually. - Oh my god, why are you doing this to me!

    - もう 1 つ、君にサプライズがあるんだ。- え?どうしてまた、そんなことを!

  • Sogand, will you accept this rose?


  • I wanted a rose so bad, but what I got out of this date is way beyond a rose.

    バラがものすごく欲しかったけれど、今日このデートで私は、バラ 1 本をはるかに超える何かを得ることができたわ。

  • There's definitely feelings there.


  • If I feel like I've got something special with someone, and if they potentially could be the one, it doesn't take long for me to fall for them, and Matt's definitely someone I could fall for.


  • I'm definitely in trouble.


- So you mentioned on the red carpet you've been single for some time - Seven years.

- レッドカーペットで言ってたよね。しばらく独り身なんだって?- 7 年ね。

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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