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In this video I'm gonna show you guys my favorite Japanese bento. At Don Quijote
So what a lot of people don't know is that Don Quijote
Actually has some really good Japanese bentos. A lot of people go to convenience stores or department
stores, but people sleep on Don Quijote when in fact
They have really inexpensive and affordable bentos in my opinion
The value is a lot better than convenience stores because of just how much you get for the price
So when I'm really hungry then I go to Don Quijote
So Don Quijote is known for having all sorts of Japanese goods
Some of them are larger than the other so you need to be mindful
The one I went to is a mega donki
Which just means they have everything because it is a mega donki
Then they have a supermarket which means they do have a deli section, which is where I got all of these lunch bento's
Oh and one tip for you guys. If you go there in the evening, then they sell the Japanese bentos at a reduced price
So for today's video we were actually planning on going to another street food area, but it started to rain the typhoon is coming
So we had to do something inside and therefore like what better way than to show you guys some of like my favorite
Indoor bento foods at Don Quijote. So that's what we're doing here
So if you like this video then thank the weather
I guess if you don't like this video then blame the weather and if you like my Tokyo shirt
I'm gonna leave a link below for you guys to check it out. All right, let's check out my top foods
of Don Quijote! Number 7 beef kalbi yakiniku. I
Love how it just comes with an egg and it's an onsen tamago. Meaning that it's cooked halfway
So it gets like really really runny. Ah
It's really sweet and garlicky, dip it a little bit into the egg because that's how we roll (Aw yeah, that sounds good)
Mmm the meat is quite tender and when you dip it in the egg
You get the eggy flavor in there mixed in with a like BBQ tare sauce. It's quite sweet
Just like a really really gooey masterpiece. To be honest, like I actually prefer this then going to the gyudon shop
I find meat to be more tender and I just like the sauce better and kalbi in general
Is a good meat, right? It's like really tender. This isn't my go-to
Really? I usually go for fish over meat, but I can tell this
will taste good,
because it smells good.
It's like, look at how-
How's it glistening
I mean the meat isn't the best in the world, but for ¥398 and this much meat
comes with it, it's good. I really love the tare,
The sauce it's like really sweet and coats the rice really well. I could just eat the sauce and rice together.
Number 6 Makunouchi Nori Ben. Are you all ready for this?
So this is a nori bento and I recommend this one because it just has a lot of different foods in it
It has a different like menu items. It has like a tempura shrimp, shumai, which is nice
It has a chicken ball, fish tartar, and then Kim pita which is a gobo root
It has egg
And and again, it has a potato and then you have rice here
Which is laden with some nori. You get kind of like all of it. Like it's a very Japanese type bento and comes with everything.
Let's just start with like the main attraction because you know
I don't like to mess around with stuff. Fried fish, can't ever go wrong with fried fish
The fish is decent, it's not like the crispiest fried fish
you'll ever have. It's kind of like what you expect in a bento for like this kind of fish
but the sauce itself, that tartar sauce is really nice and it has kind of like a like a sourness to it. Look at that shumai.
Basically, this is more like a Chinese dish, but for some reason you find it a lot in Japanese dishes
Mmm very glutinous. Yeah, I mean standard, it's very standard.
This is like very on par with a Japanese bento. And this is like chicken balls and it's a little bit sweet I expect
It's soft
Sometimes the chicken balls is like grisly but this one is not so grisly, it's just like pure meat. There was actually some grilled fish
bentos, but I decided to stay away
I've had it a few times and I never really liked it because I find that the grilled fish is either like too fishy for
me, or like just like too soggy, or I don't know. I for some reason I've never had a good experience getting the grilled fish
so I like never have it myself.
Like, this is probably like the closest I'll get to like as a Japanese side bento's. And this is Paolo's Top Seven
so this is not what I usually buy and especially noriben is like a
How do you say it's like the type of bento that never like get the shine?
It's always like you're wacky alcohol smokey. (P: Absorbent?)
No, like if it was like a drama like there's like a main person this it's like a schoolteacher
Yeah, like super super supporting character that like never gets on the camera
Like once a week or something. (P: Like you) What? I'm a sidekick! I'm more like yakiniku bento
The Tempura's are really good. It has a hint of like a coconut shrimp
But still has sweet tempura sauce on the top, it's really good. Let's see the noriben part.
No, the bento is called 'noriben' which indicates it is the main part.
No, so between rice and nori, it has
Bonito flakes, like I think there's like a little bit of mayonnaise
Yeah, so like it does have flavor
I would actually buy this.
Tuna salmon Ni-shoku don. I really enjoy
Sashimi, but I also love
Fish bowls like this. One of my favorites is negitoro and it's negitoro is kind of like a mashed up
Tuna, but this one is nice because it comes with
Negitoro, sashimi salmon, the regular maguro; your tuna, and it also comes with
Salmon bits like like chopped up salmon. Think we're supposed to eat this with chopstick, but maybe a spoon is fine
I think I put way too much wasabi on there, but oh wells
Mm-hmm. The negitoro is quite buttery and soft and fluffy. For some reason
I feel like doesn't have a lot of taste that you get in like really like nice sushi restaurants
So you almost want to put a lot of like soy sauce on it to like get that taste, but I still like negitoro nonetheless
like the fish at
Convenience stores, the fish at Don Quijote, is like not gonna be the freshest fish in the world like to be honest with you
But still, if you want, just avoid all the fried food if you want to avoid all the meat and stuff
it's like this is a good alternative and
398 yen for all of this fish. It's quite, it's, again
It's as cheap as you know, some onigiris and you get all of this food
So this is actually what I buy on a daily basis
I know it's not the best but I love sushi
And if I go to a sushi restaurant then like if I have like one or two pieces, it goes up to this price
But this way you get like full sashimi pieces. They actually have different like fish combinations
This one's like salmon and tuna
they have
Only tuna or the only salmon so you can just go there and like choose the one that you like on the day. Itadakimasu
I Bought this so many times. I usually think their Salmon's a bit too oily
but their tuna is actually pretty good like not like super good, but like edible. Better than
The salmon. But I always end up buying this one...
Number 4
U-NA-GI, so unagi, in general
It's basically grilled freshwater eel. And the opposite of that is Anago, which is like kind of the
Well, the whole other one is like opposite water so oh it's like from the moon
Yeah, one is freshwater one saltwater. But check this out
This one was like only well, I wouldn't say only, but it's 690 yen. Usually when you get unagi
It costs like 1,200 yen, 1,500 yen. So this is quite a good value
If you've never had unagi and you want to try it it usually comes with a sweet sauce on top
But it comes with like a brown rice in this, sometimes
It comes with a white rice, but in this one it comes with a brown rice
It comes with a tamagoyaki and it has some pickles
I don't know like bentos, Japanese people really love their pickles and then it comes with like this
Sansho, which is like uh almost like a Chinese
Spice, kinda gives like a numbing effect and it's a little bit spicy but not too spicy like in this sense
This one is not like the spiciest sansho. Let's take like the first bite
it's cool how they like leave the
Skin still on the eel so you can see like if I were just like to pick this whole thing up
Which I'm gonna do, you can see on the back side here
You can still see the skin of the uhm unagi. Take the first bite
Mmm, the unagi is still moist, the sauce itself, as expected, is really sweet
But the sansho on top of it kind of gives it like it balances out the sweetness
And gives it a little bit of us like a spicy kick. Overall, this is like a good unagi meal
I think maybe someone that's not not super hungry. This would be perfect
But if you're really really hungry, maybe the rice will tide you over but there's not a lot of meat
I just like how they give you this option at donki
Whereas in like a lot of convenience stores, you'll never find unagi. ¥698
Good deal.
I'm surprised how big the unagi piece is. Oh wow, it's really thick
Tastes different. (P: The sauce?) No, the fish. You know how unagi is usually like in your mouth, really really soft and like really oily
This is like a really 'tanpaku' (How do I explain 'tanpaku'). Oh, it's like light. Not light, (P: Dense?) Dense. Another word. Not dry
But like less oily. Oh, wow. It's like you're eating completly like different thing. I'm usually used to like really fluffy
Unagi versus like crispy grilled
Unagis are all high-class and there are two different types, crispy and fluffy and I prefer fluffy some people prefer crispy, you know?
(P: Which one is that?) Neither.
(It's a mystery) it's like I'm eating grilled fish like regular grilled fish
number three
jumbo karaage
This presentation would not be complete without some fried chicken from donki
so the difference between this fried chicken karaage and the katsu is a
Katsu is breaded with panko and this is breaded with a flour, to be honest
I actually prefer when it's breaded with flour because you get like more of a crunch. They're both good but, damn fried chicken
We actually came with like two options at the store one was a daikon oroshi, but I chose this yuzu. Kosho. It's like mixing
wasabi and like citrus together
I guess that's how I would explain it. Drippy drip just like that
Like it's just kind of like wasabi, see how like thick it is
Since I have like microwaved it it doesn't have that crunch that I expected which is fine
The meat itself is still pretty tender and juicy
because I've added the Kosho like you get a lot of like savoriness and so I actually
Prefer that I kind of like the saltiness. I could just eat fried chicken all day
I like how it comes with a spaghetti, mashed potatoes and again the pickles. Definitely a full meal
You can tell though cuz you get so much meat
This is like something that Maiko wouldn't be able to finish, I could definitely finish this. Good fried chicken
But doesn't beat Maiko mom's fried chicken
Yeah this, I wouldn't...buy for a lunch. Let me try Paolo's lunch. Itadakimasu
It's a bit, dry for me. It's not my favorite
Number two
In fact, there's so many fried foods at Don Quijote
I like the menchi-katsu, the aji fry, and the fried chicken. Unfortunately I just can't eat all of them today
So I wanted to choose my favorite and I don't know, see the thing is I actually liked the fried chicken
I liked the aji fry probably is like my least favorite out of the three, but I would say depending on my mood
I'll go for the menchi-katsu or the fried chicken
But since we have other fried chicken already, then I decided to go with the menchi-katsu and check out this fried delight.
The crunch we wanted it's so krispity krunchity, have to do the ASMR shot again, like always
What's interesting about this like you'll get back that definitely like crunchy crunchy bits
The meat actually inside is very fluffy and airy that's not like a dense meat at all
Mm-hmm. There's bits of onions in here
If you've ever had turkey stuffing then the meat is almost kind of like that but a little more dense
But it's on the areas that some kinds could not like a really like some of the really menchi-katsus
I've had. Its almost eating like a meat potato chip. It's so good
It's crispy though
And number one chicken katsu curry I
Love this thing. Put it this way, If my go-to had a go-to, this would be its go-to
It's so good. And this is like what I always get what I'm really really super hungry. Just look at the volume and it's oh
So delicious for all of this meat it could feed like seven children one slice for each child
One, two, three, four, five, six. Oh only six children. Sorry
Well, the last child could get the pickles here
I personally, I like to like put some Tabasco sauce or some hot sauce in it today
We should put hot sauce. I don't know if we should put hot sauce. Do you want a hot sauce on it, Maiko? No
Maiko says no hot sauce.
Oh look at that. Let me just like bust out a piece. Look at that. That's like the biggest piece in the world
This is gonna go into this child's mouth and look at that drippy drip
Look at that drippy drip. All right, drip...drip... Look how thick that curry is!
Mmm, wow, that's so delicious. The curry is quite thick, the meat itself. I believe they're using breast milk
Did I say breast milk? I thought these breast...
So they use breast meat. It's not like the juiciest or the most tender part of the chicken
But it's just so volumey and the outside bits are still crispy and crunchy, if you look really closely
I don't know if you guys can see this but it's like a layer of like skin
So I don't think they've like completely taking off the skin. So like there's like a fatty Center
So once you bite into it, you get like that initial crunch and then you get like a gooey kind of layer
Which is probably the skin and the fat. The curry itself is your like standard Japanese curry, it's quite sweet
It goes well with a chicken katsu, the rice is pretty standard. You'll definitely not find this at any convenience store
At least I've never seen it. Definitely this is like the hungry man's go-to go-to go-to go-to
This is like what she did your boy
I thought this was gonna be more drier, it's pretty good. I actually don't think donki food is the best but uh
I don't hate this, it's crispy, quite juicy for
Chicken breast? Chicken breast!
So anyways guys, if you like this video help me out and hit that like button if you want to support the channel
I'll leave some links in the description for you guys to check out and if you want to see more adventures in Tokyo or Japan
Hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one


ドンキホーテのお弁当TOP7! (Top 7 Japanese Food Bento to buy at Don Quijote | Mega Chicken Katsu Curry)

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